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  • Recent Posts

    • I started this project but I am unfortunately not going to finish it. Another project came up, stall mate of my car so going to start that one so I will have two of the exact same and no room for three cars. Its an 84 Reynard with most pieces but a motor and transmission. Frame has been check blasted and freshly powered coated. missing pieces found. Masters and calipers have new kits in them. Have one new windscreen plus mold to make more. Have nose mold. Two rear lower body pieces, need some love, missing only one flat front side panel. Complete bodywork but has needs some repairs here and there. Factory rear wing with spare side panels, fiberglass seat. All four corners have new wheel bearings, will be finishing hubs this week. 1 set of Kodiak billet aluminum light weight wheels.  Asking $6000 Canadian (appox. $4700 us).
    • I hope we can have spectators soon but it’s understandable that we restrict this for now. The drag strip is going to operate on the August Long Weekend but they are apparently not allowed spectators. The group running this part of the facility is trying to come up with a plan to allow it as venues like Victory Lane Speedway had spectators this past Thursday. However, Victory Lane only allowed spectators with “vaccine passports” and there was no spectator entry to the pits after the races (which is difficult to do at Gimli for either kind of event). See you all in August! Can’t wait for the first competition event of 2021!
    • Please register as soon as possible. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2021-wscc-race-event-1-championship-opener-gimli-motorsports-park-813896 See you all trackside   WSCC - August 6 - 8th 2021- Race Day Schedule.pdf
    • There will be no late registration penalties for this event. Please register as soon as possible. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2021-wscc-race-event-1-championship-opener-gimli-motorsports-park-813896 Supp Regs will be posted shortly. No significant edits to the supp regs. See you all trackside   WSCC - August 6 - 8th 2021- Race Day Schedule.pdf
    • The Manitoban government slipped in the increase in Ethanol last year, during the pandemic, without mentioning that it would make Ethanol-free fuel unobtainable.  It's a big deal for lawn mowers, older cars, snow throwers, skidoos, boat motors and older motorcycles, too.  It's time for some organized push-back, I think.   
    • Apologies folks for the late posting of the new COVID Policy and Practices directive. I was having technical issues but those have been resolved.  Attached is the newly revised 2021 WSCC COVID-19 Policy and Practices directive. This was passed unanimously by the Board at a special meeting convened on Tuesday, July 20th specifically to address concerns with the previous policy in light of the changes in the latest COVID-19 Public Health Orders issued by the Province on July 12th.  This document will remain effective and in force until further review by the Board, which will occur in the event there are changes in any subsequent Public Health Orders that impacts the operation of any WSCC sanctioned events.    2021 WSCC COVID-19 Policy and Practices (revised July 20 2021).pdf
    • The updated version I was emailed two days ago still has all the same strict restrictions. Not sure why it isn't posted here yet. I agree with you that the policies should be relaxed due to new info and trends.
    • These policies are from 3 months ago... mid-April. Restrictions have become quite relaxed since then. I don't think the strict policies in this document apply much anymore for our outdoor racing events.
    • How does the washroom rule apply to autoslalom at St.Andrews? Shouldn't that be in some supp regs somewhere and not applicable to all disciplines? That's not my only issue with the policy and practices but it's the most obvious one.    
    • The F Ford team of Shawn Wolk & Wayne Mather are are ready to go and entering  
    • I expect to be there Friday-Sunday…hopefully there’s a good turnout when the green flag drops.  #88
    • Just wondering who is ready or trying to get ready for the up coming road race event? I have some used tires if someone needs? 15’s post below
    • Thanks. Those are all close enough to me and by distance, make me agree with your theory on coop.   
    • I tested the one on Henderson north of peguis, the regent one across from the casino and the North mcphillips one. All of these don’t have ethanol in their premium confirmed. Prob others also but these are the ones I drive by 
    • If your willing to share the info of locations please do so,  or via pm. I avoid ethanol In my small equipment and bikes so this is disheartening. 
    • The DirtX event scheduled for July 24 & 25th has been postponed until August 14 & 15th.   The fire ban in St. Andrews prohibits these types of activities.   The DirtX team is committed to hosting multiple events in 2021. See you all next month.
    • Just wondering if spectators are still not allowed at the event.
    • Most Co Ops don’t have ethanol in their premium. At least the 3 I personally tested didn’t.  Shell, Esso and Costco have 10% in their premium. 
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