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  1. That’s why mine has a on board suppression system because it’s super slow
  2. What kind of extinguisher does Brian_Earl_Spilner have in his car ?
  3. Better than a 5 lb extinguisher I guess if you had a 10 gallon pail size candle soaked in gas maybe not
  4. No seat rail mount would have to be special ordered but have the roll bar mount and magnetic mount
  5. Ultra-Tech Fire and Safety 951 Thomas Ave and I will check on the seat bracket.
  6. I sell the element extinguishers for $95 each plus taxes
  7. Halotron is not harmful to the environment and can be recharged unlike Halon
  8. 2.5 lb Halotron fire extinguisher is perfect for racing applications and leaves no powder to clean up .
  9. Maybe they should be using Purple K extinguishers as they coat the fire and melts and forms a barrier so the fire cannot get any oxygen.
  10. We have this Crx for sale with tons of aftermarket goodies and guaranteed to be competitive 204-228-5115
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