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  1. Maybe they should be using Purple K extinguishers as they coat the fire and melts and forms a barrier so the fire cannot get any oxygen.
  2. We have this Crx for sale with tons of aftermarket goodies and guaranteed to be competitive 204-228-5115
  3. Honda Crx road race car , fire system , 4 corner adjustable suspension, anti roll suspension, 1.5l with amazing power have dyno sheets, racing seat , adjustable rev limiter, super nice car for someone starting out and handles like a dream 204-228-5115 10,000 way to much to list
  4. GForce Sfi race belts made for Hans style device with narrow shoulder webbing. These belts are dated Dec 2021 so you will actually get 3 yrs from the belts $150 please pm all questions
  5. If ext are needed please give me a count and sizes needed
  6. Please change #28 to Dean Smith also as Bill gave us the #
  7. Someone should tell that guy driving the 80 car that the outside of the oval is alot longer around than the inside !! :p
  8. If the poster was bigger they could have tagged Trevor Hudey (2018) Rookie of the year upside down on the previous corner :p
  9. Looking for 2 used 13" black rocket or other studded tires for ice racer please pm pic and prices.
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