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  3. Thanks for the kind words Dason. Yes I work at Connelly Signs doing the graphic design/printing. Most of our print material is 54" wide.
  4. Deadline for ordering studded tires has been moved up a couple days. If you haven't already done so, let me know what you need by the end of the day Monday - November 27th. Thanks. Mike
  5. The WCMA Basic Ice Race License is now posted on MSR for both renewal and new applications. ttps://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wcma-2024-basic-ice-race-license-licenses-western-canada-motorsport-assoc-637467 If you are renewing your Basic Ice Race license please do so soon - don't wait until last minute as there is a $35 extra charge if the renewal is applied for within a week of the required event. Ensure you have first purchased the 2024 WSCC Club membership! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-annual-membership-2024-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-915673 If you are applying for the Basic Ice Race License for the first time, the license approval will be held until successful completion of one of the Saturday morning Licensing Schools. Following successful completion of the school we will authorize WCMA to approve your license application so you can race the next day.
  6. I would talk to Bradly W, (Volvo from DirtX and IceX.) He also has that super nice black and gold wrapped Subaru Legacy, which he did himself. I don't have his info, but he's on Facebook. Dason
  7. Do we have club members that make large decals or wraps? I am talking potentially something as large as 4x6 ft, applied to a flat surface? Any and all info is appreciated!
  8. Meeting starts at 7:00 PM @Curtis Looks like you've already missed cocktails.
  9. What time do the meetings start? I checked back over some previous meeting posts and none of them have a time.
  10. Copied from the CT-114 Tutor group, on Facebook
  11. Finally a new Aficionado! If you were at the Banquet you could have picked up a printed copy of the latest issue. If not, here is the digital version! As always, send me your stories and ideas for future issues. Brad Aficionado 2023-2.pdf
  12. Sell both of our ice race cars and multiple tires ( black rockets and the wscc made tires) all on 4x100 rims . Both Hondas ( CRX and Civic ) have won championships. Please message for details.
  13. To help make understanding how easy it is to prepare a car and join the Street Safe class we have made a simple checklist to accompany the thicker rulebook. Check it out! (this is also downloadable from our club Ice Racing Homepage if you don't have a forum account to open attachments) https://www.wscc.mb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/SSClassChecklistV2.pdf Key updates: Snell 2010 helmets will still be allowed until end of 2025 (minimum "M" rating) If your car is caged (not required) an older 5pt harness in good shape is allowed (up to 5 yrs old regardless of "expiry" date) Removal or disabling of airbag is recommended only and at the discretion of the racer. Mount a rear light on your winter beater, grab some FR coveralls and your helmet, put your buddy or teammate in the passenger seat and come racing! SS Class Checklist v2.pdf
  14. Note: previous posted regulations document has been updated (Nov 15th) following formal approval from our WCMA Sanctioning body
  15. If you want to get involved and have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our club members on our WSCC forum or by emailing ice@wscc.mb.ca Winnipeg Sports Car Club Ice Racing – What is it? This action packed winter motorsport has 2 key components – the Fire on Ice Racing series and the Ice Drift action - whether you are looking for adrenalin packed door to door racing competition or the excitement of full on winter drifting in a streetcar with others on a frozen track the WSCC Ice Racing has it. The competitive ice racing group has 2 separate classes - "Studded" & "Street Safe". The studded class utilizes custom club built studded tires and the street safe class utilizes standard DOT winter tires. How do I start? Got an old car sitting in the backyard that can still spin the tires on ice? Maybe a winter beater that is just meant to slide sideways or you know of an autopac writeoff that’s not worth putting back on the road? Pretty much any streetcar works well for the ice assuming the steering, brakes and suspension are safe. Follow the info below to register online for an event and show up with your car to start drifting or racing on ice! How much does it cost? To start sliding sideways all you need to come up with is a club membership fee, entry fee for the event, a car and a helmet. Ice Racing is one of the cheapest forms of motorsports. The cost for Ice Drift on Saturday is $60 for the afternoon and $75 for the Sunday race day (discount of $25 is applied if registered for both days). The cost for entering the Fire on Ice racing (either Studded or Street Safe class) is $125 which covers both Saturday afternoon practice and Sunday race day. Club membership is required to participate and entrants have the option of a $75 annual club membership or a $15 temporary daily membership. Sanctioned regulations dictate all track participants utilize a minimum Snell "M" rated helmet (motorcycle) however the WSCC club provides helmet rentals for $25 a day. All newcomers are required to attend the Ice Race Rookie School ($40) that occurs on Saturday morning prior to the afternoon track day and Sunday race day. Is it hard on my car? Because you are mostly just tire spinning and sliding on frozen ice the wear on an engine is very minimal compared to any form of pavement racing. Bouncing off the rev limiter is so much safer when there is little torque on the drivetrain! An added bonus with this is the fact that minimal horsepower cars are just as competitive than high horsepower cars when sliding sideways and spinning rubber tires. It is worth noting the most typical “wear” on a car in Ice Drift Class is maybe the front plastic spoiler will sometimes not like plowing into a snowbank when you get it wrong trying to perfect that awesome sweeping drift. No worries however as the complementary tow truck is there pull you out! Do I need special tires? Good standard winter tires are perfectly fine. You also have the option of running tractionized rubber tires or DOT street studded tires. If your looking for more speed and g-force, an experienced Ice Drifter can run custom studded studded tires like the Black Rocket race tires or similar bolted tires. For the Fire on Ice Racing Series the Street Safe Class utilizes standard non-studded DOT winter tires and the Studded Class utilizes a “spec” studded tire that are hand-built by Club Members utilizing specific bolts installed into a shaved tire for crazy studded grip. How do I start door-to-door ice racing? The new Street Safe Race Class could not be easier to join. You basically need a small cheap car with a good pair of winter tires on its drive wheels along with a rear facing fog light and race numbers on the door. Personal safety equipment includes a helmet and a pair of fire resistant coveralls. A WCMA Ice Race license (available on Saturday mornings) is also required. All the requirements and details are in the 2024 WSCC Ice Race Rules/Regulations document which can be found on our club ice racing website: https://www.wscc.mb.ca/ice-racing/ Are passengers allowed? Yes! For the Ice Drift Class and the Street Safe Class a single passenger is both allowed and encouraged. Team up with a buddy and go door-to-door racing or drifting with your buddy in the passenger seat. How do I step it up a notch? Joining the door-to-door studded tire action requires a bit more commitment however is also fairly easy to jump into. The cars require additional key safety equipment like a rollcage and seatbelt harness along with the ice race license. Almost anyone can build an ice racer if they know how to do it properly, however it is definitely easier and almost always cheaper just buying a used ice racer. There is often one for sale within our club on the forum or sometimes other race clubs in Ontario (CASC) or Alberta (NASSC) have used racecars for sale. If you are thinking of building an ice racer, contact our club at ice@wscc.mb.ca to discuss and review it and we will assist in any way we can. What’s a typical race weekend look like? Aside from the final race weekend held in Gimli (which is a special double header race weekend) the typical race weekends will include a Saturday morning Rookie Orientation & Licensing School (from 10am till noon) followed by an afternoon of practice and ice drifting. In the afternoon all the cars will be assigned into specific groups (based on skill levels and approximate lap times) and alternate throughout the afternoon with each track session lasting approximately 10-15 minutes. You can typically expect 6-8 sessions per group depending on number of groups. On Sunday there is a brief morning practice session followed by a lunch break and at 12 Noon the racing begins! The 2 groups of Fire and Ice Race Classes along with 2 groups of Ice Drift cars will alternate throughout the afternoon until approximately 4:30pm. The racing generates lots of spectators and the action is typically broadcasted locally at the track on a FM radio station. If you are showing up with a car to either race or drift, come early and pull in and find a place to park in the pit parking lot and then check-in with the Race Registrar. (typically at or near one of the enclosed race trailers). Please see the WSCC Forum for the specific daily schedule details/times as an event approaches. How do I sign up? Online registration will be with our online partners MotorsportsReg.com (a.k.a MSR). You need to create an account on MSR to register (free). Simply go to wscc.motorsportreg.com to get the full list of WSCC events, click the link to the event you are interested in and follow the instructions from there. Events will typically be posted at least 14 days before the event date and direct links to the registration will also be posted on our club forum (under Ice Announcements) as well as on other social media sites. If you still have questions.... don’t hesitate to reach out to our club members on our WSCC forum or by emailing ice@wscc.mb.ca
  16. We will be offering a Rookie Orientation and Ice Race Licensing School every Saturday morning for each of our Ice Race Weekend events (except for the final double header race weekend on March 2nd & 3rd in Gimli). All the schedule details/info can be found on this forum under Ice Race Announcements in the pinned post "2024 WSCC Ice Racing Schedule" This school is mandatory for any newcomers and/or those people looking at obtaining a WCMA Ice Race License which is required for the Street Safe or Studded class of racing. For the Ice Drifting Class a race license is not required however the Rookie Orientation/Race Licensing School is still mandatory for all newcomers that want to participate on either Saturday afternoon or Sunday. The Rookie Orientation/Race Licensing School will be from 10am till Noon on the Saturday of an event weekend and will focus on the basics of track rules and etiquette (all the flags and procedures utilized by corner marshals and how the event runs and safety requirements). Our experienced ice race instructors will inspect your vehicle and answer any questions you may have as well as provide in-car coaching during the morning practice/training sessions on the ice track. Having an instructor drive your vehicle with you in the passenger seat is also an option available for anyone who chooses it. The driving skill component of the course will focus on winter driving and ice race techniques as well as car setup tips. Whether you want to go door-to-door racing in one of our competitive ice race classes, join the exciting ice drifting group or you just want to come out and practice your ice driving skills in a safe environment...it is as easy as signing up for our Saturday morning Rookie Orientation & Ice Race Licensing School. The cost of the school is only $40 and once registered a brief information package will be provided. A daily club membership ($15) is also required in order to participate (annual club membership also available if preferred) How to Register: All our event registrations are done through our online partner MSR (Motorsport Reg). https://www.motorsportreg.com/ You will need to create an account with MSR in order to register (free) Each event weekend with have its own registration. Links directly to each of our MSR event registrations will be posted on this forum (under Ice Race Announcements) as the event becomes finalized - typically a couple weeks before the planned weekend. (or they can be searched through the MSR website) Within the MSR event registration select the option required for your club membership, select the "Ice School & Race Licensing" as well as any other options you would also like to participate in (Saturday afternoon track session and/or Sunday session). All you need is a Helmet (minimum 2010 Snell motorcycle) or select the option for a helmet rental Show up with a good set of winter tires and be ready for some fun! If you want a WCMA Ice Race License (required for racing in the Street Safe Class and Studded Class) If you are just renewing your ice license, the school is not required. Just renew your license on MSR (link will be posted once registration is open by WCMA and it becomes available) If you applying for the first time - you will need to apply for the license on MSR (link will be posted once registration is open by WCMA and it becomes available) ideally prior to the licensing school. This includes submitting a photo, a medical self-declaration form and an annual waiver (all this info and documents are provided on the MSR registration page). The cost is currently $45 for this license. Upon successful completion of the Licensing School we will notify WCMA on Saturday night that you qualify for your Ice Race license and you will be eligible to race on Sunday. This license will be granted as a "novice license" until such time as the status is upgraded as deemed by the race stewards following several successful race events without incident If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask by sending us an email ice@wscc.mb.ca
  17. July 2018 manufacture date. there black, cleaned up so they look like new and round. 5x120 bolt pattern, mdx / pilot / bmw….. turns out these are a 67mm hub bore and are a gm 5x120 fitting impala, Malibu, Cadillacs, gmc terrain… etc family member bought them thinking they would fit but didn’t know how to measure bolt patterns guy who came for them had 18” winters and mixed up everything in his head. $40
  18. I am happy to pick up any prizes to get the silent auction set up in time for the opening of the reception. Please text me directly to make arrangements 204 7813674
  19. I’ve got a prize pack of Kleen Flow Products plus some other smaller items (digital tire pressure gauges, a couple of other things). I’ll have everything this Friday and I’ll be at the hotel as soon as I can unless Murray you’d like to get them before Friday.
  20. Honestly…World Of Wheels worked very well last year. And I had a great time volunteering for it. I’m hoping we’ll do WOW again in 2024.
  21. For all those that are looking for some studded race tires for the Fire on Ice season please let me know what you need. The order deadline is Nov 27th. At that time I will be placing a bulk order of stud hardware and tires and will build them in time for the 2024 season. The tires and hardware are the same as the previous year utilizing GoodRide RP26 tires of either 14" or 15" (13" tires have been discontinued). Many of us are running the same tires for a 3rd race season! Having said that, especially for the drive tires the stud "sharpness" has rounded off a bit and safe to say may not be considered 100% compared to a new built tire. I have heard from one club member that successfully swapped out the bolts in a used tire for new hardware however with this process I cannot guarantee that the seal of each interior washer is not compromised. Try this if you want but buyer beware. If you choose to re-stud your tires yourself be aware that they will be tech inspected to ensure compliance with the maximum stud length requirement. If you want to run new studs my recommendation is to run your used tires in the back with new built tires up front and then have a couple used spares. The used tires seem to remain very competitive so the choice is yours. Due to the tire shaving process I strongly recommend the proven GoodRide tires that we have been buying however if you have different tires (new only) that you want shaved and built please contact me to discuss getting them built. Costs: Fully built, shaved and studded tire = $200 per tire Fully built, shaved and studded (tire purchase excluded) = $125 per tire DIY studded tire hardware package (sealant & lock-tight excluded) = $75 per tire Contact me direct or email ice@wscc.mb.ca Hope to see ya on the ice!
  22. Thanks, I can certainly appreciate that. I'm so grateful for all the time and service committed by the volunteers. WSSC and Gimli Motorsport Track is a rare jewel. As my current community volunteer involvements wind down, I hope to ramp up my WSSC involvments. In the meantime, I'm willing to engage MPI in some exploratory discussion. I've got good repore and partnership with them through Safety Services Manitoba. By the way I met Gimli Mayor, Kevin Chudd, at a recent launch event for Operation Red Nose. I put in a plug for how much I appreciate the track and how it promotes and supports safety in motorsport for the province. It was a good discussion. Cheers.
  23. This is precisely the issue Ron. Our leadership and volunteers already give so much time and energy to the Club, I'm not prepared to ask them to do more. If there is a commitment from Club members to staff and support an initiative like this, we'd certainly be prepared to consider it. But it's not something I would ask someone to take on, not on top of all the other responsibilities and duties our Directors, committee chairs and volunteers already have.
  24. I am landing in Winnipeg at 8:15pm on the 10th - the soonest I could get back to town from an out of country trip. I'll head straight to the banquet and have Chris G bring clothes for me and my guest. I'd like to see the award presentations if at all possible. If I miss it...well that's racing - snooze ya loose. Enjoy the dinner! Chris
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