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  2. KMiller

    711m block

    I have a 711m block that I no longer need. Stock bore, three heads, crank, rods and pistons from this motor. Consider to be a core. $750cnd.
  3. Be sure to drag your brakes during a warm-up lap. They need a ton of heat to work properly. Good luck!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Unfortunately with yesterday's health order announcements all May Autoslalom events have been cancelled! While we could have run today's event, the Autoslalom leadership team decided unanimously to cancel the May 8th event and issue refunds to all registered competitors after the 6pm health orders announcement by Dr. Roussin yesterday. This was done for a few reasons, but mainly to give our friends, colleagues and other racers time to close their shops and do what they had to do today to prepare for another lockdown. To those that were registered, if you do not see your refund in t
  6. I had a blast volunteering this year and meeting all the new faces. The wide array of driving experience and caliber of cars makes this event unique. I love the enthusiasm from all of the volunteers always cheering on the new drivers and letting them know they are doing great! It was a pleasure chatting with all the drivers, reassuring them of their capabilities and getting them excited for race weekends! I really hope to see some new drivers out enjoying themselves and their cars at Gimli this year. Great event everyone! Looking forward to some racing!.. If we are allowed.
  7. Last week
  8. Consider me an outreached and engaged newbie. Awesome school and thanks to all.
  9. grail

    Fun Race

    Location: Gimli
  10. Ryan Thomson, member 5997, would like to reserve #20 please! Thanks
  11. Next fun race will have the Formula Student Evo cars on the Gimli track. Date: Wed, May 12th @ 7:30pm
  12. Good question. The wcma time attack regulations list non production cars as "Non-production vehicles, which include: formula, sports racing, open-wheel, tube frame, nonproduction drive configuration, more than one engine". While production vehicles are list as " Production vehicle is defined as a single, specific, make, model and year, entered in any class (excluding Open Modified) and must meet all of the following "production vehicle" requirements: 4.2.1. Have been series produced; 4.2.2. Have been federalized for legal public road use in Canada; 4.2.3. Have b
  13. I have a pretty good understanding of the Time Attack Classification, and I am also willing to help anybody to get their car in the right class. Two things to remember: 1) If you don't tell me all the modifications you have done, I can't help you to classify properrly. That means I show you your class based on the info I have...there is no guarantee that it is right if you give me the wrong information to start with! 2) I have zero tolerance for people trying to cheat by intentionally giving wrong information about their car. We are at a clubsport level, and you won't make it into the bi
  14. My question regarding 4.1.3: What is a production car? I understand that the Honda Civic, the Subaru WRX and the BMW 325i are all production cars. But what about an Ariel Atom or a KTM X-Bow? Not that I will be coming around with one of those anytime soon, but are they production cars? They are built in a factory in small numbers and come with optional fenders, so they are not open-wheel cars... And that leads us to Kit Cars, such as a Factory Five, or Goblin or others...home-built sort of implies that it is not a production car, but where do we draw the line? Is Chris' car forbidden
  15. Hello Time Attackers! As most of you are probably aware, Brooke & Ian will have their hands full (literally) this month. I’ve volunteered to help on the administrative side of things for Time Attack. Same as last year, we need to class our cars using the CASC Ontario Time Attack (OTA) website http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/. If you’re not familiar with the process, Ian has put together a video tutorial that will guide you through the process The beginners guide to Time Attack - Time Attack Discussions - Winnipeg Sports Car Club (wscc.mb.ca). In addition, Ian & Brooke have
  16. Hey Everyone, I've been working with Ian and Brooke to reformat the look of our Time Attack Supplementary Regulations. The latest Version 2.0 is mostly about formatting but also includes some changes from Version 1.3 that was posted on 12 Mar 2021. These additional changes include: COVID-19 compliance with health orders Event liability waiver now required to be completed online, via MSR SpeedWaiver, prior to the event. No paper copies. Mandatory requirement to have car classed and PDF copy submitted (see separate post on car classification requirements) Clarif
  17. Great summary Roland. I couldn't agree more. But a special thanks to you and Darin and Jordan. As always, this event is the highlight of our year. It is the single most important event for our Club in terms of outreach and engaging new members, new entrants, and hopefully new racers as well. It showcases the best our club has to offer, from the professionalism of our organizers, marshals and event staff, to the caliber of our curriculum and instructors, and ultimately, the quality of our overall competition programs. All of that is delivered in a way that makes it all look so smoot
  18. Thanks to everyone for making this past weekend a reality. Awesome job keeping everyone safe both on and off the track. Hope we can continue to adapt to meet the challenges as they come. Really another blast that we won't soon forget.
  19. @David KlassenThanks for keeping on top of things and keeping the website calendar up to date. Weebly Boss needs to keep track (pun intended) of where I am on weekends.
  20. This excellent article appeared in the Gimli Express Weekly News today, describing the WSCC's role in the history of GMP and our recent efforts to engage with the RM and CDC over the future of the track. A huge note of thanks to our Road Race and Publicity Director Mat Léveillé for his hard work in setting this up and his deft handling of what is an extremely sensitive issue. This is something we on the Executive have been working on for quite some time, long before even the RFP announcement in the April edition of the Express Weekly News. It is important that the Club's perspectiv
  21. Awesome!!! I'll keep an aye out for sure and hopefully see you all there!
  22. You are correct, the start/finish line is only about 30m down the straight from corner 9. But that line is also where you get the green flag at the start of the race, and the checkered flag at the end of a competitive event. During non-competition events there is really no Start and no Finish line, as there is no timing. Therefore it is sufficient to utilize the worker at corner 1 to control start and finish of a session. During competition you will see an additional flag person right at the Start/Finish line.
  23. Hi, I was reviewing the Track map on Motorsports.reg and noticed the Start/Finish area is near the start of the Front straight, a bit after Corner 8. Is this correct placement for timing ? I noticed flag station 1 is quite a ways back from this start line. How does this factor in when doing Time Attack. You get the Green at Corner 8 , and start up on the straight ?
  24. LastV8: Registration will be available closer to the event date. You are correct on Road Race vs Time Attack. Track day is the Friday, the 11th, no timing, restricted passing.
  25. Is the event for June 12th and 13th open to sign up for? Difference again please between Road Race and Time Attack? My guess/current understanding is Road Race is multiple cars, passing. Time Attack is multiple cars, staggered (so that passing won't be an issue). Track day is? Cheers! Can't wait and will try to make it out early on Friday to Volunteer!
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