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  2. it is but he first asked last Saturday. #90 is all yours I am not too sure, time attack should have a different permanent number listing than Autocross, please check with time attack event organizer just to be sure.
  3. Today
  4. Hopefully it didn't go to the gentleman who asked for it 2 hours after I did, how about #90? That was the best chance I had at being #1 in Time Attack!
  5. Ben Van der Zaag, #5953 Renewing #3 please. Thanks!
  6. It is reserved for you, but need renewed membership status.
  7. Sorry, someone else took #1 already, what's your second pick?
  8. Max Ialivciuc, #2017, renewing number 5. Thanks Helix!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Rob Rurak, #6258, renewing number 44. Thanks Helix!
  11. Dale Kemp member #6582 I will renew number 15 please. thanks Helix
  12. Looking for me old #72 Membership # 1610 Karl Schnablegger
  13. I'd like to keep my 37 please Bradly Wohlgemuth Member number #7243
  14. Apparently I have a new membership number now, it's 7367. #1 for me please. Jairus David
  15. I'll be keeping my #95 Peter Muangxong, Member #1700 Thanks!
  16. Am I reading this right that #1 is open and available? If so, I will take #1. Dason Wowk, #6735. Thank you.
  17. Kosta F. Member #1622 Alas, I didn't get to use #1 last year to match my FTD in every event that I would have attended, so I'll go back to my original #68 please.
  18. Last week
  19. Please note that those dates are tentative and are subject to change.
  20. Thanks Helix, appreciate you taking care of this. I would like to keep #14 Tim Robinson #1654
  21. And how many kilometers do they last? If I'm planning to attend most of the autocross and open lapping events plus 300 KMs a week? Would they last the entire season?
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