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  1. This is what I like so much about our Club - you don't have to do any research on the Internet - just rely on our panel of experts. Thanks @donrolandofurioso, great explanation.
  2. Just a little more clarification on the "save & download" process.PIP Schedule Save & Download.pdf
  3. Just a reminder to everyone when you’re classing your car. In order to class your car you’ll need to go to http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/ and sign up for an account. When registering, please use the format “name.WSCC” for your username (e.g. John Smith.WSCC). Using that format allows us to identify our club members apart from the Ontario Time Attack (OTA) racers. From there just follow the instructions to get a class for your car. For a video tutorial check out the “Beginner’s Guide to Time Attack”, posted on the Forums, under “Time Attack Discussions”. Also, please don’t’ forget download a PDF copy and forward to secretary@wscc.mb.ca I don’t know why Ian said it would be difficult to get people to send in a copy. Heck, it’s only May and I’ve already received one classing form.
  4. Hello Time Attackers! As most of you are probably aware, Brooke & Ian will have their hands full (literally) this month. I’ve volunteered to help on the administrative side of things for Time Attack. Same as last year, we need to class our cars using the CASC Ontario Time Attack (OTA) website http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/. If you’re not familiar with the process, Ian has put together a video tutorial that will guide you through the process The beginners guide to Time Attack - Time Attack Discussions - Winnipeg Sports Car Club (wscc.mb.ca). In addition, Ian & Brooke have provided a link to just about everything you need to know about Time Attack in their infamous “Almighty List”. The Almighty list of Time Attack links for 2020 - Time Attack Discussions - Winnipeg Sports Car Club (wscc.mb.ca) Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me at secretary@wscc.mb.ca if you have any non-technical questions. If you need to know whether adding another piston to your transmission will put you into a higher class, I’m probably not your guy. Once you have your car classed (mandatory requirement) you can send me a PDF copy of your Car Classification and we will keep it on file. Considering COVID-19 will be with us for most of the season, we don’t want to exchange paper copies this year. If you have questions or comments of a general nature that would be helpful to others, please post here. Otherwise, please direct information to me at secretary@wscc.mb.ca Thanks, Brian (aka Weebly)
  5. Hey Everyone, I've been working with Ian and Brooke to reformat the look of our Time Attack Supplementary Regulations. The latest Version 2.0 is mostly about formatting but also includes some changes from Version 1.3 that was posted on 12 Mar 2021. These additional changes include: COVID-19 compliance with health orders Event liability waiver now required to be completed online, via MSR SpeedWaiver, prior to the event. No paper copies. Mandatory requirement to have car classed and PDF copy submitted (see separate post on car classification requirements) Clarification to Restraint Systems/Seat Belts & Seats Clarification to Rollover Protection - Roll Bars and Cages. This affects primarily the definitions. Clarification to Flags regarding inconsistency in the definition of the red flag between different disciplines. Any questions? You're welcome to direct your inquires to "secretary@wscc.mb.ca" and I'll answer what I can, and direct technical questions to Ian and Brooke. 2021 Time Attack Supplementary Regulations.pdf
  6. @David KlassenThanks for keeping on top of things and keeping the website calendar up to date. Weebly Boss needs to keep track (pun intended) of where I am on weekends.
  7. Any chance someone found my hearing aid that was lost on Friday, Apr 30th? Probably lost in the area of my pit stall, which was the fourth stall, just north of the access road. If you tripped over it, please PM me. Reward!
  8. I think I can speak for @Corey Allegory Montessori as well, because we both run Hankook Ventus RS-4 at Autoslalom and they hold up very well. I also use them for Lapping and Time Attack and could never get the same life out of the RE-71RS as I could the Hankooks. Check out the link below for additional tire choices. Thanks @Magner Time to Retire - Technical Motorsports Discussions - Winnipeg Sports Car Club (wscc.mb.ca)
  9. Weebly

    Live Stream

    Thanks for providing the live stream Peter! This definitely wasn't "love" streamed, based on the tight racing, especially Spencer and Scott in the last race. Obviously these "virtual" cars are easily repaired. Otherwise, why the demolition derby at the end of the session? That was crazy; but fun! How do I get involved?
  10. Hey Greg ... thanks for your comments. As per your suggestion, the policy has been revised to be more clear on the issues you addressed. The first and fourth bullets under the heading Conflict of Interest Definition have been reworded.
  11. As discussed in our Regular Club Meeting of Feb 18, 2021, we have drafted the first of our proposed bylaws and are providing a copy here for your review. We will vote to accept the Conflict of Interest Policy at our next Regular Club Meeting, scheduled for Mar 18, 2021. Please direct any comments or concerns on this matter to "secretary@wscc.mb.ca". Thanks, Brian WSCC Conflict of Interest Draft_Rev C.pdf
  12. It's incredible the effort you guys are putting into this project. Good to hear that you've got the bugs worked out on the tire shaving process. Sounds like you might need a work party to get the drilling, bolting, and sealing done. Where do we sign-up? I've only been with the Club a few years, but some of the things I've witnessed or experienced in that short period of time is nothing short of amazing. There appears to be many people willing to give up their personal time to help others and the Club overall. I think that's why we have such a strong Club.
  13. Thank-you Mike, for staying on top of Ice Race and HPDE schedule situation and keeping us updated as changes happen. Now, let's be honest, which is more work - dealing with the administrative side of things? - or shaving 25mm of tread off a tire at 1mm per pass? They say you should have lots of lubricant when shaving tires. They meant the tires, right?
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