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  1. @Ron Janzen, I hope you don't mind me editing the title of this discussion. I removed "classing" from the title so we don't duplicate information with an existing sub-forum dedicated to Time Attack classing issues. Getting back to your difficulty selecting your number from the MSR registration page, I think this is the same problem we had last year. Apparently the WCMA reserved number database is not properly sync'd with MSR reserved number pool. It's not an easy fix from what I understand. I suppose we'll have to live with this gremlin for another year, not unlike registering for Time Attack Saturday only and not being able to rent a transponder or even select Time Attack as your group. That's why you will see the Saturday-only entries shown as Closed Wheel.
  2. Yeah, looks like you were dealing with this issue back in March, but it appears that you are assigned #64. Not unless there is another Ron J.
  3. Here is standard STD-001 that covers rules for GMP and St. Andrews venues. This information was formerly part of Road Race and Time Attack supplementary regulations. The supplementary regulation focus on race regulations while as the standard provides rules that are applicable to all attendees, and not just competitors. If you have any questions regarding this standard, please contact secretary@wscc.mb.ca STD-005 Venue Rules for GMP & St. Andrews_2024_03_30.pdf
  4. Here are the 2024 Time Attack Supplementary Regulations. Please contact timeattack@wscc.mb.ca if you have any questions. Time Attack Supplementary Regulations V 4.0.pdf
  5. Basically, same rules for Lapping (Track Days) at GMP:
  6. And then there is this from the WCMA Sporting Regulations. It's all about using common sense and being safe.
  7. Working on it as we speak. Still some wrinkles to iron out regarding reserved number being locked in. As far as the schedule for HPDE/Track Day events, they will coincide with the race weekend dates as shown on our Website Calendar:
  8. I've had 3 sets of Hankook Ventus RS-4 and have always removed them before winter and stored in a heated area. Check out the Hankook Motorsports website: https://hankookmotorsports.com/ Also, refer to page 5 on the attached Hankook tire guide. Takes the mystery out of tire track temperatures and storage temperatures. Brian Hankook 2021_Tire_Guide.pdf
  9. On the flip side ... I just checked the regs and you can shave off -2.0 PIPs if you run on biosolids.
  10. Although I never received a reply from OTA, the problem of downloading the PIP schedule appears to be resolved. Like me, you may get a warning that the file is insecure, but if you choose to continue, a PDF version of your schedule will be downloaded. Please submit your PDF schedule to secretary@wscc.mb.ca As Roland mentioned earlier in this post, everyone must submit a new schedule for 2024. Thanks, Brian
  11. No, I’m not talking about the Jets. It was our Club that scored another successful ice race weekend and, yep, it was all because of teamwork. Can’t say enough about the effort put in by our ice race event organizers and all the planning that has to be done. Kudos to Mike, Steve, Tim and others for making these events happen. Thanks also to Dason and Al for making these events fun for the volunteers. I never realized there was so much behind the scenes work that has to happen before we can come out and have fun. I had the opportunity to work alongside some of these awesome people this weekend at Beausejour and help set up and teardown the course. There is so-o-o much to be done and that’s where the teamwork comes in. Also wanted to give a shoutout to the Schellekens (and Tow Mater), who don’t normally get recognized for their hard work all weekend. You might think they just sit in heated truck all day, but no, there’s much more that goes on before and after the event. And, talk about doing the heavy lifting, guess who was dragging and setting up the heavy strings of chicane tires and heaving hay bales? No, not Wayne; it was Nicole! So much for child labour laws (ha-ha just kidding). Nicole, you’re definitely getting my vote for the hardest working person award. Weebly
  12. @Rare Snake Just heard the great news about Princess Auto Stadium. Does that mean you will be providing volunteers with free season tickets?
  13. Meeting starts at 7:00 PM @Curtis Looks like you've already missed cocktails.
  14. Regrettably, we are forced to cancel our Saturday, Oct 28th event due to wet grounds. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  15. Just a heads-up to all those who are in possession of a 2022 engraved trophy. These trophies need to be returned well in advance of the 2023 Banquet so that we have time to engrave the name of the winner for 2023. Please contact @Al Marcoux to arrange a convenient time and location to drop off your trophy.
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