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    • To add to our discussion during tonight's meeting, here is an article I did, originally for a police magazine, but I got a request from Canadian Firefighter Magazine to reprint it for them because the science behind fire suppression was still so new. I am not going to comment on allowing electric vehicles onto the track, other to say that in the very very rare event a battery box is compromised and a cell starts burning, NOTHING will put it out. It has to burn itself out, and firefighters can only pour water on the battery box for hours, if not days, only to try to prevent adjacent cells from catching fire. Basically, if it happens on the road race track, it will sit there until the cells are all burned out, and the possibility of burning a huge hole through the asphalt is likely. That being said, battery boxes are built to survive tremendous crashes, so I would surmise the possibility of one being compromised would be akin to a well-constructed fuel cell breaking apart. By the way, if we ever allow electric vehicles on the track, the F500 fire extinguishers are about five times the cost of regular extinguishers. Safety Risks in Electric Vehicle Crashes.pdf
    • Event 11 photos are now added.
    • I can register in Mixed category but the site will not let me pick CAM-T for the PAX. I can shoose STX for PAX (which is close to CAM-T PAX) but not CAM-T. Any way of fixing this?
    • As depressing as it is selling this car, it’s more depressing having it sit here and not being driven. Not sure when my body will be up to getting back on the track, so here it goes… Car is an mpi write off and irreparable status, so track only. Interior mostly gutted, still has dash, heater, door glass and panels. Will be sold with stock seats.  Drivetrain is NOT the same as when I’ve had the car at the track in the past. Engine: k20 from an 07 CSX, cams and valvetrain from 07 TSX.  Trans: TSX gearset in civic case, still with the factory LSD Suspension: Koni yellows with about 1200km on them, springs 500f/530r, adjustable rear upper control arms, camber bolts in front. Spherical front lower control arm bushings. 20mm rear sway bar.  Abs delete, sunroof delete, TSX front brakes with power stop track day spec pads, 3” exhaust, Injen hot air intake, unknown front strut bar. Maybe more I’m forgetting. $3500 on rollers, $4000 with the 5zigen wheels. The wheels are straight but some have rash, one is gold, and the tires are worn and old but have another dry lapping day or 2 left. I am kind of partial to these wheels though and wouldn’t mind keeping them.  Car is super easy and fun to drive, ran in the 1:07’s with the k24 on really old tires and limited driver skill, and mid 1:08’s back at my first time attack when it had a completely stock drivetrain. Would like to see this gone soon before I change my mind and store it away. Dm me if interested.       
    • Event #11 results are in, season leaderboard is now updated. Is "The Final Countdown" to 2023 season finale, now just a little over 3 days to go.... 2023 AX Leaderboard 2023.9.19.pdf
    • Event #11 results are here, thank you all for joining! At a record breaking 56 participants in our 2nd last event of the season, I look forward seeing you all this Saturday 9/23 for our 2023 Season Finale!!  "PAX"   - Overall results across all classes ranked with PAX index adjustments "Class"   - Class results ranked with PAX index adjustments "Raw"   - Overall results across all classes ranked by Raw times PAX_AXti.me Event Results_ 2023 WSCC #11.pdfClass_AXti.me Event Results_ 2023 WSCC #11.pdfRaw_AXti.me Event Results_ 2023 WSCC #11.pdf
    • Well this means summer is officially over. We’re back to our regular schedule of WSCC monthly meetings.  Please join us this Thursday to get caught up on everything that’s been happening this summer with the WSCC and for a discussion of what is planned for this winter, including arrangements for our upcoming annual banquet and an update on the continuing saga at GMP with the RM of Gimli.  Hope to see you all on Thursday. Winnipeg Sports Car Club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83886859208?pwd=bU1IcXdMaGVDbElmOUI4VWd1NHI4QT09 Meeting ID: 838 8685 9208 Passcode: 326980 --- One tap mobile +15873281099,,83886859208#,,,,*326980# Canada +16473744685,,83886859208#,,,,*326980# Canada --- Dial by your location • +1 587 328 1099 Canada • +1 647 374 4685 Canada • +1 647 558 0588 Canada • +1 778 907 2071 Canada • +1 780 666 0144 Canada • +1 204 272 7920 Canada • +1 438 809 7799 Canada Meeting ID: 838 8685 9208 Passcode: 326980 Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kd5GxelLGN  
    • DirtX #2 is alive and well after a two-month hiatus. MSR is open, so get signed up now and don't miss out on the fun. 2023 WSCC Dirt-X #2 info on Sep 23, 2023 (176074) | MotorsportReg.com Never been to DirtX?  Not sure what it's all about? Check out this video from Gary Cummins of That Track Channel:  
    • I was more than pleasantly surprised to find 55 other entrants when I showed up at yesterday’s autocross. That’s right, 55 which must be some kind of a record for St. Andrews. Just wanted to thank the organizers for getting the A, B, C run groups set up and managing to get all of us through the day, albeit a long one, without incident. A special thanks to Helix for being able to juggle several balls at once, while still managing to get in some racing. Incredible guy! Speaking of “didn’t see it coming” I also didn’t see the wall of cones coming as I drove towards the pinch. Oh well, now I’ve got my little buddy to remind me of this super fun day.
    • Photos from Event 10 are now live. See you all tomorrow at Event 11. Cheers,
    • Hey, want to get up close and dirty at our next event on Saturday, September 23rd? If you have some basic track marshalling experience, and would like to see grassroots racing (literally) this would be an opportunity to participate in the action. Just show up at the track and we'll look after the rest. Details of the track location, start times, and other information can be found on the MSR registration page. 2023 WSCC Dirt-X #2 info on Sep 23, 2023 (176074) | MotorsportReg.com Hope to see you out there!    
    • GT3 is incorrect. Guy (car #7), your points for event 4(August) should be a total of 8, not 28. This difference is due to most of the GT4 class being included in GT3 class competitor total, making it appear that car #7 had 3 in-class competitors, when car #7 was actually alone in GT3. Regardless, Guy Dobson in car #7 has the most points in GT3. Chris  
    • First of all, my apologies for the delay in getting these scores posted here. They've been on speedhive for a couple days, but I completely forgot to put them here. I appreciate everyone's patience as I learned how to do the Timing and Scoring job. I've taken more detailed notes of each process, so we wont have this delay again. Speedhive link to WSCC Championship: https://beta.speedhive.com/organizations/82738/championships Championship point charts per class are attached for your review. The only 'weird' thing is the order in which the events are listed for GT3. If anyone spots an error, please don't hesitate to point it out, loudly.     Cheers, Chris 
    • My apologies for the delay in the publishing of last weekends Time Attack times and scores. Please focus your frustration at me and my inability to take complete notes - not Doug, he explained all the processes well. Rest assured, I've written a 'how-to' document to ensure that we don't have this same problem in 8 months when the race against the clock resumes.  Thanks to Doug for answering my novice questions, and to Brian for spotting details to ensure the TA fight is as accurate as possible.  Hope to see you at the banquet, Chris
    • Posting for a friend but this is a minty ND1.  https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1671683291&siteLocale=en_CA Please contact the owner for further details.  Happy racing!
    • I had another opportunity this weekend to witness some great racing in the Road Race and Time Attack groups. Lots of close door-to-door racing throughout the pack in every race session. I haven’t seen the championship report yet, but can’t wait to see how the Road Race standings turn out. Meanwhile, on the Time Attack side of the fence, there were some fierce battles being fought in the GT and T classes. Again, can’t wait to see the results. We had a great weekend turnout of Open Lappers who are quickly developing their skills. You guys really need to consider joining Time Attack next year. Something to think about over the winter. The fun season is not over yet and we are still hoping to have another HPDE/Track Day event on October 6-8th, weather permitting. We also have a DirtX event quickly approaching on September 23rd, so get yourself registered for that. And if you’re a spectator, come take in the friendly and unique atmosphere of grass-roots racing at its best. Autocross is also having a great season with some close battles taking place in the various classes, especially Street and Novice. The drops format of the points championship will have a significant impact on the points standings, so be sure to register for the two remaining events on September 17th and 23rd. Hoping to see you all at our remaining events for the season.
    • Now that I've opened my eyes and found the potluck conversation... I'm an idiot some days ... Seems to me we need dinner buns and butter to accent these dishes! I'll run to town and get fresh after we stop
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