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  1. This may be true of the fuel shipping from the CO-OP refinery in Regina.
  2. Hope to be there at least one of the days (if not both) but my car will not be.
  3. Could be just old stock (in underground tanks) as all fuel in Winnipeg comes from one of two hoses (Shell and Esso).
  4. Is there a pressure sensor of hall effect sensor connected to the steering system in conjuction with the speed sensor that outputs to the ECU that would "suspend" traction control (within certain parameters)? Logic would dictate that in tight parking lot manuvering or slow open lot manuvering, the traction control would be suspended.
  5. Or ... 2021 WSCC COVID-19 Policy and Practices Directive (1).pdf
  6. Once you have read the posts you wish to read, you can clear the other posts you do not wish to read by selecting the "Mark site read" in the upper right corner on the desktop veiw. On the mobile view, select the drop down menu pop up by clicking the three horizintal bars in the top right corner. The drop down menu contains the "Mark site read" option. This won't dlete the posts just remove them from your list of unread posts.
  7. You could try Wallin Machine. If I understand correctly you want to machine a bearing component? Not sure if that is possible/advised but give them a call.
  8. The fact that at least someone on council has the cranium capacity to realize the municipality has a gem that they need to dust off and promote. And that council has an obligation to consult with members of the community and different users of the property in the future of GMP. A fire sale tactic should definitely not be considered. The property, as many other assets, has more value than just a fixed dollar amount. History, heritage and a source of draw for the town of Gimli are definite concerns that need to be considered. I think the more interested groups that learn about what was going on the better chance it remains as status quo. Perhaps it could be considered a "Heritage Site" with all the rich history. Any consultant worth their salt is going to inform the CDC to not lose an asset with such a past, present and future value. One thing you can't make more of... land.
  9. So I was reading the Express Weekly News ... and found some good news.
  10. On the upside, we have even more celebrities in our group. https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/mobile/video?clipId=2144821 Lead story no less. Nice job guys.
  11. Yup. Now, is there a chemist in the house?
  12. Funny, they are still advertising up 94 octane ... https://www.myhusky.ca/products-and-services/fuel A selection of octane levels to suit your needs Octane 87. Regular with ethanol (available in all provinces) Octane 87. Regular with no ethanol (Calgary area) Octane 89. Mid-grade (regular blended with premium, available in all provinces excluding SK, may contain ethanol in some areas) Octane 91. Premium - no ethanol (available in all provinces excluding SK) Octane 92. Premium with ethanol (SK & MB) Octane 94. Premium Plus with ethanol, the highest octane fuel available (AB, SK & MB) But then again there is no date stamp on this page. Ticket sent to Husky for confirmation.
  13. On James Teitsma's (MLA for Radisson) Facebook page today https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4327086547304813&id=822987914381378
  14. Target date to allow outdoor sports is Feb 13, 2021 No team sports! Let's hope ...!
  15. CBS reality series Going Pro is a pretty big leap for Nomad digital. Should be able to retire "ol' blue" and buy a real ice car. LOL Good luck on the new venture. Remember ... keep changing those tires. Going Pro
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