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  1. Looking for a cheap reliable safetied car for Ukrainian family to buy, living in Transcona area. They are not looking for a handout but only being in Winnipeg for 2 weeks, obviously do not know where to look or buy. Four door preferred as they have 2 young girls here with them. Son is back home in the military. Also if anyone is updrading furniture please consider passing on to these nice people. They have a lot on their plate so I hope to help them out where I can.
  2. Cast scrap is usually worth slightly more than mild steel. It is paid out ... by the ton. Lately that has been close to 300.00 If you accumulate enough, it is worth it to take it in. Gerdeau on Dawson seems to be pretty fair unlike others that "put their thumb on the scale" when weighing your empty weight.
  3. They would not be matched (as seen in the pic) but for A/X some may work. Might not give you the best time but would definately be better than all seasons. come have a look.
  4. 8 Nexen 225 45 R/15 tires with varying tread left (mismatched wear for road course use) with no punctures or bead rash. Open to offers, great tires for drifting.
  5. LOL, very similiar to the amount of effluent coming out of Ottawa. I have never heard of summer vs winter gas let alone any mandates. There is a switch from #1 and #2 diesel at the formentioned times of the year but that is simply because diesels will NOT run here in the middle of winter on #2 diesel. And last chart I saw taxes equalled 68% the total cost of gasoline.
  6. Fantastic work everyone. Totally professional. Sent Brian a suggestion.
  7. Position Name Forum Name President Jay Funke funkejay Vice President Jennifer Bell Jen Secretary Brian Wiebe Weebly Treasurer Ron Dallmeire ron Road Race Director Deputy Road Race Director Mat Leveille Scott McDonald Mat ScottMcD Track Day Director Mat Leveille Mat Ice Race Director Deputy Ice Race Director Mike Demchenko Stephen Leiding Mike SVOXRSTi Time Attack Director Deputy Time Attack Director Ian Stecyk Brooke Stecyk Ianfromduff sciontist_ Autoslalom Director Chris Deacon Apex Rally Director Al Marcoux Al Marcoux Drift Director Tyler Sawchuk Tysawch HPDE Director Roland Hufgard donrolandofurisio Social Director Shawn Wolk Shawn Wolk Publicity Director Brad Epp beppca Membership Director/ Chief Registrar Josh Peters Nhil Steward Vacant Vacant Sanctioning Body (WCMA) Rep Dino Calvert dino Quarter Master Roland Hufgard donrolandofurisio Webmaster David Klassen David Klassen Aficionado Editor Brad Epp Mia Schellekens beppca Mia Past President Darin Wach nopistons Volunteer Director Dason Wowk Rare Snake
  8. What is the plan to handle sound limits with visitors from other tracks that may not have sound limits?
  9. First off, I fully understand the need and process for noise abaitment by modification of exhaust there are many other sources produced by our cars. Tires, intake, turbos, driveline, etc. Even stock daily drivers can produce sound levels above your 96 db target. I am not saying we should scrap the effort but I believe the level is a bit of a pipe dream. There are also other methods we have not discussed. Berms, vegitation, panel fencing even billboards can be strategically placed to reduce noise travel in certain directions. It may not be enough nor the only way we can become "good neighbours". If this is a true effort we should think about modifications to GMP as well to help reduce sound travel from ALL users. We should also do distance and direction noise level testing to find out exactly what our issues are and whom they affect. Look at what the direction of the wind has on sound travel. We are after all operating beside an airport that does not live within these guidlines. Yes, I already hear the people saying but ..... and I agree, an effort, any and all efforts, are signs to the minucipality that we are being proactive. Natural barriers are signs of long term commitments.
  10. Nnnnnnascarice. LOL. lots of time in fitting.
  11. This may be true of the fuel shipping from the CO-OP refinery in Regina.
  12. Hope to be there at least one of the days (if not both) but my car will not be.
  13. Could be just old stock (in underground tanks) as all fuel in Winnipeg comes from one of two hoses (Shell and Esso).
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