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  1. Great offer @Weebly. While I’m quite “AX Challenged” (if there was such a term) I’m reminded of Wayne S’s statement a few years ago where he stated that he became a better race driver due to his time in AX. Because of this, I have wanted to try AX (again, it’s been a while) and with a different perspective. I have the Camaro re-assembled and running (I’m rather pleased about this!) and was hoping to shake it down a bit with the new set up before taking it back to the track…where it belongs. AX time would be a decent opportunity, if it wasn’t for the kids. I’m up at the south end of the track this weekend - both days…and will try to be at the other end the following weekend. thanks again!
  2. Hi - Pi data system with dash, data logger w/2 axis accelerometer and lap timer, trackside beacon, USB download cable, Tach lead and more. would need wheel speed sensor (simple flying mag, easily available) for speed read out. Has 11 channels. comes with manuals and software. It all worked when removed, small scratch on dash display. More pics upon request. After years of looking at it and really no time to work with it, I can’t see that changing in the near future. $300
  3. Congrats to our competitors. Great job, hope you all return for the next event!!
  4. Thanks Keith. I appreciate your transparency. It’s a bit too much of project for me, GLWS.
  5. Hi - is there a transaxle? Clutch? A motor? Is it wired or will need to be wired? a seat? Fuel Cell? thanks matt
  6. I use the lever type. I have it in the car within reach while strapped in. The Lever provides a visual reference where the dial does not, I have it set up so the lever points more to where I need it. IE: if it’s pointed straight to the front, it’s all front braking. Further, it has 6 positions that you can quickly and easily set, from these detents, you may or may not be able to tell the difference in “one click” but you will in 2, in 5 years on on-track use, I have never found a need for further refinement between those detents. I have definitely changed brake pads to further aid brake balance (when the valve isn’t enough) and also calipers and rotor diameter, but the fine tuning has never been more than a couple clicks on the lever - and it’s a dynamic situation, so you want it at the drivers reach. You don’t want to be on your 3rd or 4th lap and have to end the session, pull in and make the change when you can do it on the fly and know the immediate result. If you change tires, brake pads, shocks, springs, sway bars - these all have an effect on how the car stops. I have done all these mods and have had to dial the rears out completely and bring them back in 80%. ive also ran the valve with and without the OEM prop valve, which will likely yield different results with different vehicles.
  7. Thanks @Jim Eh. What I find to be the most Interesting statement is when Counsellor Palson uses the daycare reference where she questions why there’s been no discussion around the sale of the race track – just a vote. A possible lack of transparency is evident.
  8. ^^ @kmiller is correct. In addition, I can add from my own research that adding minimum 20% straight toluene will allow 20 Lbs boost or 12:1 static comp is ok. I have added up to 40 % toluene with 13:1 static comp and 25lbs boost, but anything over 30% was negligible. note that I started with regular gas, 87 octane. Toluene is available over the counter from any paint supply shop in 5 gal containers. every octane “booster” has a high percentage of toluene and/or benzene, then Alky and other fillers. But toluene is the aromatic hydrocarbon that makes it happen, benzene had been blacklisted as a carcinogen in specific quantities a few years ago. Note that in the 80’s during the “turbo era” in F1, the fuel of choice was 97-98% toluene and 2-3% methanol to stabilize. also note that bore size has a direct effect on octane requirement, much like normally aspirated vs forced induction. With a larger bore, the flame front must travel further, therefore selecting fuel based on burn rate or flame speed becomes a consideration. Using pure Toluene has been a simple compromise with regards to octane requirements and induction style; high boost (requires slower burn rate) and high comp, natural aspiration (requires faster burn rate).
  9. Here is my lap in a stock RS Focus last august. No commentary, maybe it will help. NoPistons will share informative content. Hope to see you at the track.
  10. Right on Mat. I have been coming up to this track since 1976. Ive watched my Dad (and my mom!) race here and watched his return, the first time back in over 20 years. My cousin (also raced karts here early 80’s!) came up and was energized to the point he bought a race car and will be joining us next year (Dason will be happy lol). I have raced myself at all ends of this wonderful place, drag raced, kart raced (when the kart track was was at the north end and it’s current south locale) and road raced, and even made some laps on the MX track. I’ve got vivid memories from the early days of the Atlantic races, Players 100 and IKF championships ...and even a couple pit-passes and a T-shirt. like others here, I can say your words echo our thoughts. It’s a super weird year, but the People made it great. This facility is the only one in Canada like it - and it’s because of the people - so thank you!
  11. Many moons ago I AX’d at a couple venues in town (used to be MAXA before AX was under the WSCC banner, but I digress...) I went to the Downs event because a very good driver I raced with in Karts was trying it for the first time and I was quite interested to see what he did. His results were rather anti-climactic; very similar to @Dnfwm - if he wasn’t dead-last, he was next to dead last. 3 weeks later he had another first, actually 3: his first ever Formula Ford race, his first time racing on Isle Notre Dame, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. His first FF1600 Pole position and his first FF1600 race win....ok, thats 4, but who’s counting...He went on to win the Skip Barber FF2000 Scholarship and more AX, as Corey mentioned, is a special skill set. It really is. I gave up because I just couldn’t do it, it takes time and a level of dedication I just couldn’t connect with. It’s going to take a different approach to succeed in AX. What I’m saying is the point system has zero influence on your ability to drive, failing to win at your first attempt at AX has zero to do with your ability to drive OR your cars competitiveness, and re-classing your car is not going to change your raw lap times. Let the rule makers make the rules and let the drivers drive the cars.
  12. Unreal. I hope this gets resolved. Sorry Roland.
  13. The points have been address well and I won’t beat a dead horse, but I will say that when I go to work every single day, first thing I do is put on a face mask, sanitize my work area and fill out a 5 question Covid-19 Status Reporting form, question #1 asks “if I or someone in my household in the last 14 days has been in contact with someone who has travelled outside Manitoba”. its just how it is right now - nothing more, nothing less. Keith - you’re always welcome here, you always have been.
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