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  1. I use the lever type. I have it in the car within reach while strapped in. The Lever provides a visual reference where the dial does not, I have it set up so the lever points more to where I need it. IE: if it’s pointed straight to the front, it’s all front braking. Further, it has 6 positions that you can quickly and easily set, from these detents, you may or may not be able to tell the difference in “one click” but you will in 2, in 5 years on on-track use, I have never found a need for further refinement between those detents. I have definitely changed brake pads to further aid brake
  2. Thanks @Jim Eh. What I find to be the most Interesting statement is when Counsellor Palson uses the daycare reference where she questions why there’s been no discussion around the sale of the race track – just a vote. A possible lack of transparency is evident.
  3. ^^ @kmiller is correct. In addition, I can add from my own research that adding minimum 20% straight toluene will allow 20 Lbs boost or 12:1 static comp is ok. I have added up to 40 % toluene with 13:1 static comp and 25lbs boost, but anything over 30% was negligible. note that I started with regular gas, 87 octane. Toluene is available over the counter from any paint supply shop in 5 gal containers. every octane “booster” has a high percentage of toluene and/or benzene, then Alky and other fillers. But toluene is the aromatic hydrocarbon that makes it happen, benzene had been blacklisted
  4. Here is my lap in a stock RS Focus last august. No commentary, maybe it will help. NoPistons will share informative content. Hope to see you at the track.
  5. Right on Mat. I have been coming up to this track since 1976. Ive watched my Dad (and my mom!) race here and watched his return, the first time back in over 20 years. My cousin (also raced karts here early 80’s!) came up and was energized to the point he bought a race car and will be joining us next year (Dason will be happy lol). I have raced myself at all ends of this wonderful place, drag raced, kart raced (when the kart track was was at the north end and it’s current south locale) and road raced, and even made some laps on the MX track. I’ve got vivid memories from the early days of the At
  6. Many moons ago I AX’d at a couple venues in town (used to be MAXA before AX was under the WSCC banner, but I digress...) I went to the Downs event because a very good driver I raced with in Karts was trying it for the first time and I was quite interested to see what he did. His results were rather anti-climactic; very similar to @Dnfwm - if he wasn’t dead-last, he was next to dead last. 3 weeks later he had another first, actually 3: his first ever Formula Ford race, his first time racing on Isle Notre Dame, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. His first FF1600 Pole position and his first FF1600 rac
  7. Unreal. I hope this gets resolved. Sorry Roland.
  8. The points have been address well and I won’t beat a dead horse, but I will say that when I go to work every single day, first thing I do is put on a face mask, sanitize my work area and fill out a 5 question Covid-19 Status Reporting form, question #1 asks “if I or someone in my household in the last 14 days has been in contact with someone who has travelled outside Manitoba”. its just how it is right now - nothing more, nothing less. Keith - you’re always welcome here, you always have been.
  9. @Dnfwm for a real world explanation gimme a call (dm) and i’ll be glad to let you know what I know. The short version is that nothing is perfect and they know it. Not long ago I was in YYZ and had lunch with one of the OTA directors. They’re good guys and know it’s not perfect and they try to make the corrections to keep it close as possible and fair. In fact I had to laugh as they made the Vette and Camaro “less dominant” with HI changes, this is the opposite to the Nissan GTR, they had to make the GTR more competitive because the Vette was kicking it’s ass - Detroit is doing it right! m
  10. Yes - as @donrolandofurioso mentioned, brakes are a safety item and are a free mod, so go ahead and put the big brakes on. I did the same.
  11. @Jim Eh. That’s actually ludicrous. Autopac told me to wait a month and if nothing, then they will cover the loss...less my deductible of course, because it’s my fault some morally bankrupt sub-human multi-celled organism stole my new, never used trailer that was Locked up and insured on private property. don’t get me started on autopac. I love Manitoba, in fact I am a 5th generation Manitoban, with my great grandparents coming here in the 1880’s, but if there was 1 reason to leave it, MPIC would be that reason...unfortunately every other province has a similar deficiency. So I will stay...
  12. @MRS Joe That’s more than Likely what’s happening - we went through the area over the weekend and looked at the areas that would make sense. The hitch/ball lock wasn’t anywhere around, so I assume they pushed it out by hand, rested the locked tongue on the towing vehicle and pulled it with the chains until they got clear and then cut the lock off. it’s probably already a cheap coat of black and long gone. What goes around, comes around.
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