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  1. The kit (Performance AutoWerks) comes with an integrated or open waste gate dump. I believe the open option us a separate pipe that routes the dump straight out of the engine bay towards the road. I'm guessing this is a racing option if you run the car only the track? Anyways, switched it to integrated.
  2. Thanks fellas, I've contacted the supplier to see if i can still change the order to an integrated waste dump.
  3. Hi, I've bought a turbo kit for my car and I'm wondering if it is street legal to have open waste dump on the turbo or if it has to be integrated to the exhaust?
  4. Hi, thanks. Yes, I was charged for both events. I think by accepting the wait list for both it automatically charged me for both. I assumed that going on the waitlist would give a notification and then a request to confirm payment, but it didn't. Luke and me attend Event 6 and then left, before the start of 7.
  5. HI All, My son and I attended event 6. We were registered for both but only because the registration system put me on a waitlist so I registered for both, even though I intended to only attend one event. Then the system took my payment for both. So, there went $50 (me and the co-driver). Anyways, my son and I both had four straight DNF's. Partly because we got to the track too late for more than 2 walks, partly because it was a very complex setup for a rookie. I have a thought that will probably get filed under "dumb-rookie-ideas" but I am wondering if it wouldn't work to use two co
  6. I think the first point is probably true, but if you tend to be to low on the RPM's (like I am) it seems to help. The second point doesn't seem to be a problem. Although I'm such a rookie maybe I've got a lot to learn about finesse. .
  7. Hasn't been my experience. Gas mileage is not noticeably different on my Solstice.
  8. Nice run magner! I need about 5 more seasons to get to your level - lol!
  9. Yup, that's pretty much how I've experienced it too.
  10. Hi folks, I'm a novice doing slalom. I recently installed "Sprint Booster" on my 2006 Solstice 2.4L N/A. I know it's not more power or torque but I've really noticed how much quicker the RPM's come up and it's nearly eliminated any "bogging" on acceleration. I'm looking forward to trying it out on the slalom course this Sunday. Anyone else using it and have a comment? https://www.sprintboostercanada.com
  11. Hi, I'm a new WSCC member and just planning to autoslalom this year. I have a '06 Pontiac Solstice. In the future, I know I can't do any track events unless I have roll protection. I'm kind of adverse to adding a roll cage because it's a daily driver and I do some touring, etc. I'm wondering if there any any after market hardtops that would allow me to do time attack? For example, this company has a hardtop with a 'club racer' version. Would that meet regulation requirements for time attack? https://www.smoothline.com/solstice-removable-hardp
  12. Hi, Newbie question! Where can I find a schedule for the day on May 3rd? I registered but can't find a schedule anywhere. I won't be doing track laps, just slalom. Also, on May 3rd we pay $100 even if we're not doing laps on open track? Thanks!
  13. What Grant (David) said! Member number (new) 7415 Number 59 please.
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