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  1. The last two posts actually prove my point... "I don't know which gas station you went to, but those guys must have been new to town! Every time I go out there, the pumps are absolutely flooded with fast cars before and after every event. It causes chaos every single time." It was the Mohawk, and no, they were not new in town. They mentioned (and so did I in my post) that they used to go and watch the races, so they were definitely not new in town. Should we really expect the town to do all the advertising for us? "Not sure how the townsfolk wouldn't know racing is happen
  2. I do, however, need to point out something that disturbs me a little bit: many of the people who use GMP do not spend much money in town. I take the liberty to exempt myself from this statement. I have always had the attitude that I should leave money wherever I go. And even to this day, when I don't earn too much money anymore in outlying communities, I still abide by the rule of leaving money where I am, as the communities have spent money to make me feel welcome there. And I know that there are a few others who think like that...a few! Yet, many people do not have this attitude.
  3. Thank you for making a recording of the race available. Perfect for me as I was not able to watch live. I appreciate the effort!
  4. Motorsport has lost one of its most famous persons. I was fortunate enough to have had her in my team three times; her driving skills and intimate knowledge of the Ring were just phenomenal. Many more times I raced against her, and it was just mesmerizing to see how she danced her car around the Nordschleife. But most of all, she impressed with her humour and charm - I cannot recall seeing her not smiling. She was a great person. She was a highly acomplished racer and inspired numerous males and females to become like her. She truly left a legacy. Unfortunately, during the last
  5. Another tidbit to consider: Many racing categories forbid an increase of octane. Sometimes it is spelled out exactly like that, sometimes it is worded as "must use publicly available fuel". Often it is worded as "octane boosters are not allowed". Mixing your own fuel is technically not using an octane booster, But all protests that I have ever seen against someone trying to utilize this loophole in technicality have been judged in favour of the protester, since the actions of the offender clearly tried to establish an advantage that the rules did not want the offender to have.
  6. Question: At the beginning there was the consensus that the e-races would be shared for viewing (even if delayed). That worked for two races, and now we are back to the previous winter's status...whoever doesn't play, doesn't get to watch? I know that our previous commentator Ian probably has his hands full right now, but is there not somebody who could take over? This is an official race category within WSCC now; people should have access to viewing!
  7. Speed Factor Racing on Pembina Hwy is one of our sponsors and a large supporter of our club. They usually carry Motul. I would be able to give you a price, but if you tell them that you are a club member and are preparing your car for the HPDE, I am ceratin they will give you a good price.
  8. If you are talking racing in Gimli, then I have to say it is very rare. If you keep your car in good repair (meaning tires,brakes and steering won't fail on you) there is very little worry you run into something. Generally speaking, people are quite considerate of each other, therefore two cars touching each other is also a rarity. If you have a car that has a decent stance, and tires that are large enough in diameter to climb from the grass back onto the pavement, then roll-overs are also not a concern. Of course, my words are not a guarantee. The odd time somebody has some damage, but t
  9. Hagerty might also offer something like that. The question will always be the cost. But it never hurts to ask...
  10. This is not great news, although deep down inside most of us had probabaly prepared ourselves for such an outcome. I was looking forward to run GMP on winter tires! Thank you Mike, for trying your best to salvage the season, and thank you to everybody else who put all the effort in! Let's just hope that our life can get back to normal soon....
  11. Five weeks after opening up the registration, there are only 10 spots left in the regular participation list. The course is filling up fast! If you are not sure whether you will be taking the HPDE, but you are fairly certain you will, sign up now! If you -against all odds- decide you can't make it, you will not be charged the course fee as long as we have somebody from the waiting list to fill your spot! Likewise, if the course is filling up, don't fret! Sign up anyways! If you end up on the waiting list, there is still a chance you can make it into the course. There is always a smal
  12. Well...., I guess I am going to get myself another bowl of popcorn....seems that interruption in the program is going to be a bit longer yet....
  13. Further to Jim's point: Go and visit the following website: engagemb.ca It is Manitoba's government website to inform people. You will find as third box "Restart MB Pandemic Response System" (exactly, right after Budget 2021, and Recycling). There you can voice your opinion as to how the province should continue with its re-opening plan. You will have to sign up if you have not already, but they don't ask for any personal information beyond your email address. The vast majority of questions is about how you feel about opening certain areas of our lives, including sports. You even ge
  14. Mat, is your car repaired? Somehow I had the impression that there was a danger that it would be written off? It would be great to see the Yellow Hornet on the track again this summer!
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