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  1. This year's Race & Licensing School will be on April 27 and April 28. We will be opening up registration very soon, so keep checking in here!
  2. For sale is a set of Black Rockets, mounted on 16" wheels with a Subaru bolt pattern. The four tires are in various conditions, from quite good to missing quite a few studs. Pictures show the best and the worst tire. Would like to get $200 for the set.
  3. Do we have club members that make large decals or wraps? I am talking potentially something as large as 4x6 ft, applied to a flat surface? Any and all info is appreciated!
  4. After much entering and tabulating, calculating and double checking, we have our winners of the 2023 Time Attack Championship! Please remember that only the seven best races are counting; therefore, the highest tally one could achieve was 700 points. Nobody raced in the MOD classes. Congratulations to all the winners ... and thank you to Brian for having done all the tabulating and calculating! 2023 Championship Points Final.pdf
  5. Allan, there is a place in the forum for your post. When you scroll down, you will find "cars for sale". You should move your post into that forum chapter.
  6. I have no idea what meat tarts are, and I most certainly don't know how tbd taste like, but I am looking forward to a nice evening of comradery!
  7. There are a lot of people signed up for Time Attack - it looks very promising! But where are the Camaros, Mustangs et al? Fire up your race car and put a mark on the last event of the year!
  8. Roland will be providing cheese platters and crackers.
  9. Our last two Time Attack events will be held on September 9 and 10. We would love to see a jam-packed grid both on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, we have established a sizable discount if you enroll by August 31st to participate in event #9 and #10. There are some classes where the final Championship results will be decided on that very last weekend of the year - as a matter of fact, even if you have not really raced at all this year, you still can affect the final standing in many classes... heck, you can even still win a class! Come and bring out your race car or your daily driver! We can help you classify it properly, or you can run in the Extreme class where classing is not necessary. Also remember we have a Rookie class! If you qualify to run in that class, you can also make a big impact on that championship! So take advantage of the rebate offered until August 31st and sign up! Get your car onto the track for a low price and get one more great weekend of racing under your belt before the season is over! Head over to wsccracing.com to sign up by August 31st!
  10. I just ran the PIP schedule for you. I agree with Brian, your PCV system won't get you any additional PIP. The Competition version of your IAG AOS does change air flow and intake air quality of your engine; however, you already claim a PCM tune which accounts for that. Therefore, in my mind you already did take the penalty that comes with installation of the Competition (as opposed to the Street) version of that component. I also come up with GT2 as your correct class based on what modifications you mentioned. I ran the schedule with your own weight as 150lbs, 200lbs and 250lbs - the result is always GT2. Your final PI is 73.2 PIP. This means you have only 1.7 PIP left before you slide into the next class - always something to be mindful of when doing further modifications to the car. Time Attack is as much about being a good driver as being a good strategist, with the constant need to evaluate the benefits of a modification with the attached penalty in classification.
  11. Brian, something is wrong in the schedule. Please have a look at Saturday after lunch break; there seems to be missing a road race slot, and a TA slot has been added.
  12. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can only see the results from Event 1.
  13. Since it is HPDE/ Hotlapping only, I would think that yellow wristbands are allowed and welcome... If so, we need to change the wording on MSR. Scott?
  14. Just a quick reminder: The schedule has been changed, and the next race weekend is coming up. July 8th and 9th is event #5 and #6 for Time Attack, as well as event #3 for Road Racing. And in addition to HPDE/Hotlapping on Friday, there will also be a limited number of spots available to green-wristband drivers for Hotlapping on Saturday and Sunday. Regardless which category you want to participate in, please head over to wsccracing.com and sign up. The weekend is coming up fast!
  15. Here are the results from June 24: WSCC-DirtX-Timing-2023-1.xlsx
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