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  1. I have a pretty good understanding of the Time Attack Classification, and I am also willing to help anybody to get their car in the right class. Two things to remember: 1) If you don't tell me all the modifications you have done, I can't help you to classify properrly. That means I show you your class based on the info I have...there is no guarantee that it is right if you give me the wrong information to start with! 2) I have zero tolerance for people trying to cheat by intentionally giving wrong information about their car. We are at a clubsport level, and you won't make it into the bi
  2. My question regarding 4.1.3: What is a production car? I understand that the Honda Civic, the Subaru WRX and the BMW 325i are all production cars. But what about an Ariel Atom or a KTM X-Bow? Not that I will be coming around with one of those anytime soon, but are they production cars? They are built in a factory in small numbers and come with optional fenders, so they are not open-wheel cars... And that leads us to Kit Cars, such as a Factory Five, or Goblin or others...home-built sort of implies that it is not a production car, but where do we draw the line? Is Chris' car forbidden
  3. You are correct, the start/finish line is only about 30m down the straight from corner 9. But that line is also where you get the green flag at the start of the race, and the checkered flag at the end of a competitive event. During non-competition events there is really no Start and no Finish line, as there is no timing. Therefore it is sufficient to utilize the worker at corner 1 to control start and finish of a session. During competition you will see an additional flag person right at the Start/Finish line.
  4. That was not a misprint. Typically, in amateur motorsport electric cars are not allowed due to the battery they utilize to operate the car. While NiNH batteries are already a major safety concern, the Li-Ion batteries (and derivatives) that modern BEVs and PHEVs utilize are a real problem. After any major mishap the rescue personnel does not only have to deal with lethal electricity, but there is a real danger of fire. And we are not talking a fire like we see because engine oil dripped onto an exhaust manifold and ignited. We are talking a seriously hot, ongoing fire that is nearly impos
  5. I am just stirring the pot a little bit here... Does anybody know whether it was actually the brake fluid that burnt? Brake fluid needs extreme high temperatures to burn...temperatures brakes don't ever reach during 15 min lapping sessions. How many thousands of cars have done faster laps in hotter conditions without inflaming their brake fluid, regardless of the wheel type? Furthermore, to have a fire you need oxygen - how did the brake fluid start on fire if it was contained in its system? Did you run metal to metal? Even then you would have to be noticing your reduced brake perfor
  6. we could never do it without you guys and gals....Thank You!
  7. I am sitting here, processing the past weekend in my head. My involvement into this event started when Scott asked me whether I would take the position of HPDE Director, as help was needed. Accepting it, I had no clue what was awaiting me... I was paired with two masters in their field, and my position was almost that of a puppet - and I say this in the most complimenting sense. Darin and Jordan know what they are doing, and I was priviledged to experience how much planning, work and effort goes into making this event happen...especially during CoVid19! And there were so many more people
  8. Rusoman, I don't think anybody can tell you how hot your brakes will get during Autoslalom. The temperature completely depends on ambient temperature, weather (including rain), track layout, the weight of your car and your agressivness. Since you need your car for everyday driving in traffic, and there is no guarantee that careful driving prevents you from having to demand shortest stopping distance based on an emergency, I would suggest that you do what most people do: buy a street/track pad. And then watch how it meets your needs. City driving requires different pads than Autoslalom. An
  9. I am selling my Kar Kaddy car dolly that I have been using for the past two seasons. This is not a home-built unit, but manufactured to do its one job...hauling cars behind the towing rig. It has a 2" ball hitch and a flat four connector. It also features caster steering for great tracking behind the tow vehicle, and integrated ramps with a tilting mechanism for easy loading and unloading. LED marker lights, new tail lights and tires in great shape make this dolly safe and immediately usable. The folding license plate bracket with its new light can be folded down and facilitates the trans
  10. The Aficionado is rapidly becoming my most favourite read! Outstanding idea to interview Damon Surzyzchyn...does that make the Aficionado now an international publication? Great work, Mia and Brad!
  11. Please disregard my request. We have enough coolers available. Thanks!
  12. Thank you, Mat. I will look into the seacan on the weekend, but it is great to know that beforehand!
  13. Hello everybody! For our May1/2 weekend we need 3 or 4 coolers. I will bring my only one. Is any of our helpers or instructors willing to bring a cooler for the duration of the weekend? Please let me know... Thanks, Roland
  14. Hello! Can you assign me number 32 again? Roland Hufgard #7156
  15. The last two posts actually prove my point... "I don't know which gas station you went to, but those guys must have been new to town! Every time I go out there, the pumps are absolutely flooded with fast cars before and after every event. It causes chaos every single time." It was the Mohawk, and no, they were not new in town. They mentioned (and so did I in my post) that they used to go and watch the races, so they were definitely not new in town. Should we really expect the town to do all the advertising for us? "Not sure how the townsfolk wouldn't know racing is happen
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