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  1. can only view a tiny little square.
  2. Wow, we are porting championship points now? They must be some really fast points!
  3. Bringing the new wrecker just to be prepared for anything.
  4. Smart says that the system will work with up to a 3% change to the tire diameter either plus or minus. Otherwise the car tries to apply the brakes.
  5. Relevant as they sense rotation at all corners and rely on tire diameter with a staggered set up.
  6. Smart cars are very sensitive to tire diameter.
  7. On the smart car forums, if the circumference is not to spec, the traction control will be trying to put the brakes on all the time for the affected wheel. May not be an issue without traction control.
  8. It was nice and dry in the pace truck
  9. Very well done, thanks for putting this all together.
  10. All the best to his family in these trying times.
  11. Mark and Bridget driving separate cars? Not registered as the same year or model.
  12. Get well soon, see you back at the track when you are able. HSC rehab staff did really good by me.
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