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  1. ok so still a street car. The issue I'm seeing with the harnesses you linked is that they don't have a Fia certification. harnesses get tricky as some things they will do to make a "street legal" harness also make them un acceptable for the track. you would have to get a 4 point ASM style harness to be able to run a harness without rollover protection. if your looking to stick with schroth racing this would be the harness you need https://www.schrothracing.com/item/profi-ii-asm/fia-4-point-asm
  2. I'm not familiar with the style harness you are referencing. something to note tho is all harness's have to be FIA approved and up to date. I have ran a stock seat belt with a bucket. it takes a bit to make sure everything works as intended and holds you correctly. I will have to look over our rules on the harnesses again but i don't actually see a way to run them without a cage. previously you could run a "ASM" style harness when we didn't require a neck restraint with the harness. Now that we do tho you would need the cage. From what I'm seeing tho you are more so just after seating position and some extra hold from the seat. i would say just make the stock belts work unless its a caged racecar, if so definitely would point you in the direction of adding the harness's and neck restraint also note we also require the anti submarine strap (5 or 6 point belts) more info on the car/ set up and what your end goal is and we can make sure your 100% for when you get out to GMP
  3. Sup regs for drift. if you have any questions please send me a message or post here. regulations are open to change at any point Winnipeg Sports Car Club DRIFT sup regs.pdf
  4. I think its so low on pips because of all the other pips you take along the way to get it working. all the tuning pips, hit for gear ratio's ect. Its defiantly crossed my mind before haha. I'm already taking all of the pips but the sequential
  5. You don’t always want the base model. For example let’s say a 350z. The base trim has a open diff. All trims are the same class but you can put a aftermarket diff in the performance pack cars since they have a factory vlsd and not get any pips vs taking pips with a base model. This happens a lot in the rule book. Wrx vs sti has similar effects. Modding the wrx is pax suicide vs just buying the sti.
  6. I say it’s a mod car. This whole extreme class thing feels like making 2 classes out of one with no real split points of what puts you into extreme. Honestly seems odd that if we are going to split a class to try help out classing it be mod of all things. I could see a argument for wanting more splits between t and gt but splitting mod is just handing out participation trophy’s and the viper is still mod 3. We can’t make more classes because the rest of mod be lacking.
  7. lets use this thread to help class cars. something i came across trying to get a car to class lower when using dyno and weight is MEG. (minimum expected gain) the pax calculator is going to want to automatically use this when it feels your dyno number is low for the pips. the meg is flawed as it wont let you lower your class regardless of hp entered. if you look at the chart in review and submit you may find the actual race weight and dyno class for the car to be lower. if anyone feels there car cant be competitive lets try figure it out. i don't think this classing is great but i am here to give it a fair shot of working
  8. I think something we all need to keep in mind is that with new a new rule set it won’t be perfect for everyone’s car to immediately slot into the class they would like. It might take some work/time to get competitive regardless of if we are trying to attract new comers from near or far one of our current rules sets big flaws is how much it penalizes cars the average enthusiast would be bringing out. I always feel bad for the new people that show up with cars capable of the 1:05 range that get put into mod and told they need to target sub minute to be competitive. It’s turns people off and that group of people is the most likely group to be attracted out by time attack
  9. Page 47 seems to be unrelated. But from what I see the 4 classes mentioned would be enthusiast - street - limited -unlimited. I don’t hate it haha. I was very much under the impression ota raw time was the current rules minus the pax factor. These rules essentially feel like 4 year old Gridlife rules with some small variations. Nice to see it open up some aero options even in enthusiast.
  10. I think ota raw is referring to using everything we currently do. But then just letting all the classes compete amongst themselves instead of applying the pax to create the overall
  11. How impossible it is to class a modified car. Today reading over ota rules I discover I have never classed a car with a dyno sheet correct. We have always imputed whp #’s. There a fun chart of a factor to apply to the dyno number to obtain crank hp. It has a variable for fwd,rwd and awd. And another factor for every type of dyno. Everything about classing our cars in the pax book is a painful over complicated system. It is a massive buzz kill to anyone that actually wants to build a car to a class because it’s very hard to see what a class limit is. What a competitive time per each class will be. And then when you get it all figured out they adjust the base pi on your car and you bump a class anyways in all honesty if cars ever got contested with our current rule book it would be a absolute nightmare to scrutinize them properly since I don’t believe anyone actually has a handle on our rule book unless the car is stock. also just straight up the massive discrepancy in pax modifiers. We penalize a sequential transmission at 1.5 pip and a carbon hood at 2 pips. We over penalize basic modifications the average person does and pretty much give a pass to somebody willing to drop 15k on a transmission. This is why pax is so unattractive to anyone new to it.
  12. I have hated this rule for a long time but can also say it is fair. There is still a lot of competition from awd cars for podiums (wins) with 255’s. on the cars requiring to be registered I feel that is similar to the spec tire thing. I get the spirit of the rule wanting to keep cars a little tamer for the class but in reality mpi rules make it very tricky to keep a racecar registered. I know lots of people are buying salvage title cars to race with to keep the cost down. Think this could be another thing we could flex the rule on to keep racing accessible at a lower price point. If the car is fitting the class in all the other aspects we shouldn’t let a piece of paper keep a competitor out
  13. hey Ron I think you missed the tire width/tw limits for the street mod class. Street mod limits to 295 width 200tw for fwd and rwd, 255 200tw for awd cars. the zl1’s would end up in track modern same with the gt3-rs and acr. kaycee’s vette is actually the only one that as it ran would end up in unlimited, and that is purely due to running slicks. His car on a 60tw or higher would fit into track modern also
  14. Something just to note. The Global time attack/ super lap and Gridlife are widely overlapping of each other. Couple small key differences on the classes but largely you can build a car for one and likely attend either of there events in the same class. WTAC is the summit of time attack. It’s the highest level the craziest cars and professional drivers in the top class. Because its focused so primarily on the top pointy end of the sport there really isn’t much in way of a entry level class. There “ clubsport” class cars are honestly likely faster then anything that’s got a licence plate at gmp. a step back from the pure insanity on wtac in my eyes would be GTA/SLB. This is the closest rule set to wtac in North America. Although there is the benefits of some more entry level classes that really help inclusion of the everyday enthusiasts. They still carry over spec tires. I still see lots of gaps at the bottom end of there rule sets that would leave many cars ultimately non competitive even in the lowest class. Gridlife rules set. The top classes essentially overlap gta (unlimited/track mod / streetmod) without a spec tire. The lower classes / near stock car classes is what make them interesting vs the others. Street gt is essentially the fast modern v8 turbo 6cyl class that have limited modifications. This class would be big at gmp. The other class is club tr. 2.5l n/a or smaller or 1.6l turbo and smaller class with some aero modifications aloud. Motor swaps are also fair play if they meet the rules. I personally love this class as it opens people up to building fast and cost effective cars. It is the missing link I see in every other rule set. SCCA is to many classes to cover quickly. With lots of technical information needed for the modification end. My worry would be not having enough cars to fill classes. Might become a participation trophy rule set for our car count and just as much complexity as we currently have explaining rules to new participants. OTA- raw time classes. Could work pretty good. We use the classing already so I won’t go in depth on it. The big draw back I see with the OTA (and scca) rule sets is the absolute lack of competition you have to accept if you want to modify your car in a logical way to what actually nets a faster lap time for your car. Vs what the rule book lets you do fairly penalty free. witch ever rule set we go with I would say we don’t stray to far from it to the point it would be considered a custom rule set. The only thing I would say should be changed to some of the rules sets would be the removal of any spec tire in a class. Spec tires are great in a competition side but they can also make the sport a lot more expensive. I think keeping it open for people to shop around for a better price on there consumables is something I wouldn’t want to see taken away. It wouldn’t limit people from coming to race with us and at max would mean a change of tires if anyone from gmp wanted to race another track with that rule set This is just my view on kinda a overall of the rule sets and my takes on what works and doesn’t work with them. I really like gridlife as a overall of competition and accessibility of the sport
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