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  1. I have done a similar modification 30 years ago. If you need the OD of the bearing larger. And a bearing didn't exist. I had a sleeve machined that was pressed onto the outside of the smaller bearing. In my case it was a roller bearing. In your case it looks like a sleeve bearing. So you would also have to make matching lubrication holes in the sleeve to match the bearing. I had it done at Canada Auto. This really isn't that high tech. Drilling the matching hole on the shaft shouldn't be tough either.
  2. .The race schedule of the Gimli glider weekend wasn't impacted at all. Since the aircraft landed on Saturday evening. After the days race schedule was run. The club secured all the entrances to the property with volunteers. In those days there were more roads and accesses to the track than there is today. Air Canada hired security guards that arrived Sunday morning to secure the perimeter of the aircraft. We ran a regular Sunday race schedule. With the help of the additional workers blocking the additional entrances. And the Kart Racers ran there regular Sunday schedule as w
  3. The Michelin class was a special version of a Honda Civic. Under the name 'Honda Michelin class'. A very base model with a 1300cc engine. (most road models were 1500cc at the time). You bought the car through a Honda dealer. Signed papers that it was being used for racing. And there was a lot with the car that included an exhaust bypass pipe. A bolt in roll cage, and a set of 390mm in diameter alloy wheels with Michelin TRX tires. The Michelin TRX tires were available in 365mm. & 390 mm. diameters rather than the conventional 13",14",15", etc. tire and wheel dimensions. Some might say Mich
  4. With big thanks to Wayne S. Both videos are now on YouTube. 1982 Canadian Road Race of Champions, Gimli Motorsport Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8zkE9LBlZk Or you can skip directly to the Full grid .mFormula Ford Race with this link.: https://youtu.be/O8zkE9LBlZk?t=1038 1982 National Autoslalom Day https://youtu.be/AEjhdKst8bM
  5. I've had this video in beta format for almost 30 years. And I had it converted to a modern playable format. These two events are a blast from the past of the WSCC. I will bring to the next meeting. Or contact me if you would like to see this earlier.
  6. I see the date is set. Does it look like the club will want to use the facilities at Lyncrest Airport for lunches or briefings. I want to confirm this earlier than years past to make sure the clubhouse Flight Centre is available. Whomever is in charge this year. Please call me, Shawn Wolk at 204-223-4805. PS: Thinking of going with Chili this year.
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