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  1. It's really amazing how many friends and coworkers have showed this to me today. Watching that car fill with water so fast is pretty darn scary. Makes me wonder if I could get out of a caged car and a race seat fast enough. Other than going through the ice, has anyone actually watched the full video of this race? Door to door racing with a passenger/navigator in an old rwd tank... that is awesome!!
  2. 335s in the front would be absolutely nuts. I would imagine you'd only be able to turn straight with those on! lol
  3. Did I hear somebody say in the meeting yesterday that there's a list somewhere of the max PI for each class? I may need to beef up a bit to take on the big AWD bullies, and then all I would have to do is pray for good weather. lol
  4. I'm somewhat on the other side of the spectrum with a lot of these rule sets. My hope was for something that would be closer to fair for everyone. Although I don't plan on racing it a whole lot, it disturbs me that my Viper, or any modern high HP car with wide tires from factory, automatically gets thrown in the highest class. This may seem fair to most people, but I look at my competition in that class... ACRs, GT3RS and so on. Anyone who really knows those cars, knows I wouldn't stand a chance against them in a GTS. The sad part is (I know I sound like a broken record) our last 2 PAX systems were so close, it just needed some more minor tinkering to bring the high end cars back into the actual competition. It was strong on one side, and then it was strong on the other side, you would think there would be a "middle" in there somewhere that would even it out. We were so close to having everyone on the same page. I don't pretend to know what kind of witchcraft goes into those numbers, but I feel like the people who did, knew what they were doing. The only major downside to that, is that if we stayed with a PAX system, we would still not be on the same page as every other race event "near" us. That's the only reason I would choose Gridlife or SCCA over OTA. Short story long, this is a super hard decision for me, and I can't seem to get off the fence. I apologize for being zero help on this! :/
  5. Just poking through that SCCA stuff for the last little bit, I'm very impressed with how well put together it is, and it's quite user friendly too. Thanks Jeremy, for posting that up. The biggest thing I see as a benefit, is that it seems like we could be on the same page as any other location. It's nice to know that the classing would all be the same, whether we race in Gimli, BC, or even in the U.S. It wouldn't really matter if everyone likes it or not, it would be a uniform set of guidelines to follow, and that would be nice. This would definitely help bring in any newcomers who may already be used to that setup. Looking at car models and where they fit, for the most part the lists match what I have personally experienced, but as always there are a few that would raise questions for sure. I admit though, I got a bit lost between the Sport and Tuner classes, and I think it would only get more confusing once a bunch of modifications get thrown in too. These two classes cover most of the TA cars we see at GMP. It could also get a bit hard between the top classes of Sport and Tuner, with cars in the Max and Unlimited class. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not great with this technical stuff, and I get confused very easily. I just want everyone to have a fair shot and then we can go back to just getting out there and having fun. Dason
  6. Did we lose 19 people somewhere? Your other post says we have 58 signed up.
  7. Wow Jeremy, those are some really amazing shots!! If I had any of these cars, these are worthy of framing! Thanks so much for sharing these, and it was great to meet you. Dason
  8. I managed to catch a few pics of the workers for this event, best seats in the house for the action!
  9. Let me know if you want another car when you go to the dyno, I'd love to see what my new one makes. Plus... I really want to see what yours puts down, that thing was flying out there! haha Dason
  10. One of the biggest issues on lapping days is seeing numerous cars with the same numbers. If you don't check the list, there is a likely chance that you will be hastily changing it at Grid before you go out again. Last event, I saw 3 cars with the same number.
  11. David, I noticed you were looking a bit quicker out there on Sunday. I didn't even have to see the lap times to know you were finding more. Way to go!
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