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  1. Maybe I just drank the Koolaid for a bit too long, but here is my 2 cents. As a Parts guy in my previous life, I was always the bad guy when it came to this with customers. I was taught that while you can do it, and maybe never have problems, it is strongly suggested to do all 4 tires at once on any AWD/4x4. The biggest reason I ever heard was that it can cause issues with the drivetrain somehow by having different tires, because a "new" tire is not going to be exactly the same diameter as whatever is already on the car, due to previous wear. I honestly don't know if they are that sensitive, and I have been there too, where I only needed one tire. Some places will straight up refuse to do it. My personal recommendation... that's a nice car, and I would go with a whole new, matching set, especially if you are taking it out on the track. New tires are always a great feeling on any ride. Unless you are really hurting, buy the entire set. Dason
  2. To all of the Volunteers from this past weekend, I want to say a huge thank you, and if I were allowed within 2 meters I would offer each and every one of you a very well deserved pat on the back. I think that was by far our best Volunteer turnout, I could barely keep track of all the names in my trusty book! To those of you who have been out there before, that experience is really starting to show. Other than a few radio mishaps, you all did an excellent job of keeping everything flowing smoothly, and I am super proud of the job you all did. The instructors did a really great job this year too, adapting to all the crazy changes could not have been easy. In my opinion, something in the way it all worked out created a completely different caliber of drivers out there, so we didn't have any really crazy stuff to deal with on track, and that was awesome to see. But for the very few issues we had, they were all taken care of very well. I always look around at the start of the events, and I see everyone is eager to get out there and do our part. When I looked around again at the end, I saw some wear and tear and some sunburns, but I still saw sharp eyes and wits and I know that you might even come back next time and do it all over again, no matter how crazy it gets. We absolutely could not be out there if it wasn't for the time you all put in out there, and for everything you do, I cannot say it enough, thank you!! I look forward to working with you again, and congrats on a great weekend well done. My eyes are red, my voice is shot, I'm a little burnt and my legs are tired, and I imagine many of you probably feel exactly the same. This is the price we pay, but I hope some of you were smart enough to take today off from work... I forgot to book it off. See you at the next one, much respect! Dason
  3. Hopefully it didn't go to the gentleman who asked for it 2 hours after I did, how about #90? That was the best chance I had at being #1 in Time Attack!
  4. Am I reading this right that #1 is open and available? If so, I will take #1. Dason Wowk, #6735. Thank you.
  5. Conceited??? That's quite the stretch. When you pull up anywhere in Gimli in a pack of cars, trucks and car haulers (I'll take some pics for you next time), there is no need to cry out to every little old lady walking her dog that we are there for a reason. IMO, That would come off as conceited, and maybe even a little bit obnoxious. Gimli is like any other small town with a track, the car/race fans don't miss a thing, and the rest don't care even remotely. If the town itself is wanting to save it and protect it, it should not just be up to one grassroots club to do all of their local advertising for them. Every community has special committees for stuff like this, and I don't think I have ever seen one poster or heard one local radio ad even mention "their" park, with the exception of the Winter festivals and ice racing on the lake. Personally, I love being in town on race weekends! You absolutely cannot walk into a restaurant, hotel, or store without running into a familiar face from the track or spotting a WSCC shirt. I actually find it weird to be up there when nothing is going on, I don't recognize anyone! lol
  6. I don't know which gas station you went to, but those guys must have been new to town! Every time I go out there, the pumps are absolutely flooded with fast cars before and after every event. It causes chaos every single time. Sounds to me like maybe more people from the city know about the racing than people two miles away in town. They should really advertise their local attractions a bit better. Obviously again this year, hands will be tied with Covid rules. But it would sure be nice to see some more spectators, and possible future racers/volunteers once the World gets back on its axis.
  7. I haven't been able to get this link to open all day. What am I missing?
  8. Hey Dave. Glad to see you're interested in helping out with this, it is actually one of my favorite events to volunteer for. I'll talk to Darin and post up a couple of weeks before the event to try and get an idea of how many volunteers will come out. It is nice to have a at least a few bodies at every section of the training as well as the usual stations once the track goes hot. I know the slalom is usually a busy place to reset cones that can get moved around on the first morning. Dason
  9. One of my favorite cars out there!!
  10. I am super happy to see that this one is still in the works! You guys are doing awesome, and I cannot wait to see the finished products. Kudos to you for taking on such insanity, I could never. I don't have the talent, imagination or patience. Much Respect!!! Dason
  11. The only thing better than a cool car being saved, is a cool car with a story. I look forward to seeing this little beast when it`s done.
  12. This sucks, but it may be for the best. I heard on the radio this morning that they are warning people to stay off the ice still. We haven`t had cold enough weather, and people are breaking through all over the place.
  13. I can't wait to see this in action, it's going to be awesome!
  14. WOW. Those are pretty nuts. Pardon the pun. Curious though, why does all the tread have to be shaved off, is that just so they seat flat when they're put on? You would think a little bit of tread would be better than just nothing out on the ice.
  15. That's pretty cool, looks expensive though! I've been very seriously researching these little beasts lately. DF Kit Car: Modern mid-engine kit cars
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