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  1. I like this idea! We all have an idea in our heads of who's done what, just by watching along. But it's nice to see all on one list, and it gives me something to aim for! haha Good job, Tyler!
  2. Maybe we could be the Winnipeg Sport Boat Club? I'm sad to see this, but glad I don't have to pack my snorkel and water-wings!
  3. hahaha keep on dreaming, good Sir! Pretty exciting time to be here, for sure. But I will promise this: If I ever somehow find myself with free tickets in my hand, I now know who could use them. lol
  4. If you go into MSR (where you sign up for events) go into the top right corner and click on your picture, or click on "My Account". Click on "My Accounts" and then click on your profile. Scroll down to " Organizations".
  5. I guess winter is here now. I can tell it's time to go ice racing, it got cold outside finally! I'll make this quick today, like a studded Honda sliding sideways. If you love standing outside for hours on end, wondering if you should buy better gloves because your fingers are starting to tingle... I've got the perfect job for you. If it makes you smile when you can't talk properly because your face is frozen, this is the place for you. The ice is thick, and we finally have snow too, with more on order, so we're good to go. If you've come out and helped in the past, the club would gladly have you back again this year. And I look forward to seeing you again! If you would like to be known as one of the "crazy people" but you don't know how to get involved, let me know. And I look forward to meeting you! It's pretty simple, dress like you would for Fall at GMP (bring all your warmest gear) and be ready to get up close to the action. No experience necessary if you're a new frozen face, we will pair you up with experienced marshals and get you in the groove of things. If you know it all, let's put it to the test. Check out the Ice Racing section of the forum for dates and details, and I hope to see you soon! Reach out if you have any questions. Let's go freeze! I mean... let's go racing! Dason Wowk Volunteer Director
  6. Yeah, Mustangs aren't typically known as good winter cars. I did it with a Camaro and it was a handful. Are you asking about studding 6 year old tires? I believe no shop will touch that, they only stud them when they're new. 100KG is a LOT of weight in the back of that thing, but I get what you're trying to do. I run studded tires all winter (Veloster N) and it is a massive help for another car that's probably not a great winter car. Drive nice, and they will last many years. Spend the money, get good tires. Studding is 100% up to you, but you can live without it. I do a lot of icy highway driving, so it's just an easy choice to me. Plus, it's really fun around an ice racing track too. Dason
  7. I would talk to Bradly W, (Volvo from DirtX and IceX.) He also has that super nice black and gold wrapped Subaru Legacy, which he did himself. I don't have his info, but he's on Facebook. Dason
  8. @MurrayB @rocknrollron Can we somehow help Jason out to be able to buy a couple more tickets? Dason
  9. There are a few members who are there religiously every Sunday, and we have wondered and talked amongst ourselves about this before. The only reason I haven't jumped on it and made it a bigger thing is because of the uncertainty around the future between the RM and the track at GMP. That is my honest answer. Dason
  10. Heads up! Did you copy/paste this from the MSR event? I made that mistake too. Date is FRIDAY, November 10th. See you there!
  11. Am I the only one curiously awaiting official lap times from this past Saturday? It was a ton of fun, and I would love to see how everyone did. Huge thanks to everyone who helped out to make this event happen!
  12. I'll see if I can get my better half out for her annual visit!
  13. Hey All, As some of you may know, I have been trying to get a book finished that I have written, so that I can be ready to send it to the publisher this Fall. It started on Facebook in 2021, I decided to tell some car stories, basically any cars that stood out to me in my life and my experiences with them. I posted every single day for the entire year, and it actually gained a fair amount of popularity with my limited audience. The trick is, I posted a picture of the car every day too. Many were my own, many were borrowed from friends, and way too many were ripped straight from Google images, for the closest examples I could find. Now that publishing is a possibility, those Google ones had to go, and I've been chasing cars like the neighborhood mutt all summer so far. I'm happy to say, I am down to just FOUR cars I need! But they're practically extinct today. So this is where I need your help! I'll post them at the bottom, and be warned, they are all oddballs. But if you had one, have one, crashed one, raced one, whatever your story, I'd love to see if you have any pictures of it! Even if it was a friend of a friend, let me know, I'm interested! 1988ish Pontiac LeMans 1987ish Nissan Pulsar NX 1987ish Pontiac Grand Am 1979ish Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon Fastback These things are insanely hard to find these days! Just figured I'd take the chance here and give it one more try. Let me know! Dason
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