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  1. Here is the April 2021 Aficionado. Enjoy. WSCC Aficionado 2021-2 online.pdf
  2. Those CR-1s look a lot like Yok A052s (what I'm running this year). The Nan AR-1s are great tires so these should be too. Let us know how they do...I'm sure they are cheaper than the competition. Thanks
  3. Here is the first Aficionado of 2021. Enjoy! WSCC Aficionado 2021-1 Jan 18.pdf
  4. Marshals, officials, and medical staff were honored this weekend by the FIA, celebrating "Volunteers Weekend" https://www.fia.com/news/marshals-officials-and-medical-staff-honoured-over-fia-volunteers-weekend The FIA know and we all know that we couldn't go racing without all the volunteers! Thank you! PS The volunteers, medical staff, marshals, and official were amazing today when Grosjean's F1 car exploded in Bahrain! He can thank all of them (and the car designers) that he walked away with minor injures!
  5. Here is the latest Aficionado, August 2020. Thank you to everyone that contributed pictures, stories and content. Please keep it coming! Aficionado 2020-08.pdf
  6. I just received the Tire Vote Email asking me to vote on changing the 2020 Time Attack rules due July 30th. What isn't clear in the email is whether this is will take effect next year or going forward this year or retroactively to the previous event. I want to ensure everyone voting understands how the tires they purchased under the current rules will be affected in the remaining season. Brooke and Ian can you confirm when the results of the vote will be enacted? Thank you
  7. Another Great Weekend! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  8. Brad Epp TA Hopefully both days! Thanks
  9. Thanks to all volunteers for hanging out in the cold and rain all weekend! Had a great time getting back out on the track finally. Looking forward to many more track days this year!
  10. Thanks. Great website! The results are so easy to review by Overall, Class, and PAX. I wonder if this software is just for AutoX or can other discipline use this system?
  11. The VIRTUAL 24 HOURS OF LE MANS 2020 is live now!. Its only a few hours in but there have been some crashes, pit delays and some cool racing! Porsches, Corvettes, Ferraris and Toyota prototypes. There are F1 drivers vs 24 hour racers vs Sim-racers. If I had 24 hours to watch TV I'd watch it all! The coverage and quality is really good. you can watch is on youtube, Discovery Veloctiy or at the Le Mans website: https://www.lemans.org/en/news/watch-the-virtual-24-hours-of-le-mans-live-now/53899
  12. I'm new to the club but even after one year of HPDE, Time Attack, and hot lapping I'm hooked! And I'm always thinking what I can do to my car to improve performance (i know: improving the driver is the most important upgrade to do). Nevertheless its fun to dream of upgrading my car. The I start wondering if I should save my money and buy a more capable car. Its a vicious circle! I found this video of a guy with a bit of experience buying and racing different cars in the pursuit of finding the perfect ride for the track. It seems it may be difficult to find the perfect car but more important to know what experience you want to get from the track, in your budget and realize that each car has pros and cons.
  13. If you find any pics please send them my way too so we can include them in next months Aficionado. Thanks
  14. That’s sucks! Those 18x9 were your new ones for this season? Everything needs to be double locked down these days!
  15. You must be getting busy now that the Texas race has been announced for June 6? Getting the car ready will be challenging with social distancing. Good luck.
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