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  1. Hey! Along with previous years I'll be available to corner marshal/pit help during the race weekends. Let me know if you need any other help with setup or planning! Can't wait to get back on the ice, hope to see everyone soon
  2. If anyone needs a computer (or an upgrade), I have my old setup for sale on Kijiji right now. More than ready to play in 1080P, High-max Graphic settings. Intel core i5-3470 Gigabyte 4GB GTX1050Ti 8GB GSkill Ripjaws DDR3 @ 1600Mhz 1TB Samsung HDD 120 GB Team Group SSD Message for more info!
  3. Can also come with a GTX950 2GB for $60 extra, Would be much more capable for gaming.
  4. Price drop to $150 OBO, Just finished cleaning it today!
  5. Everything will obviously be cleaned thoroughly, inside and out (It's just dust at the bottom of the case). Comes with a free jets sticker and vintage SpeedFactor decal from circa 2012ish
  6. Hey guys, the unofficial online race last night went great and had a good turnout! With browsing through the comment sections, i've noticed that some are interested but either don't have the budget or any hardware to get going with any sim racing or PC gaming, or simply where to start. With some spare parts sitting around i've thrown together a PC capable of light gaming, which is also excellent for video streaming, web browsing, and ect. Some specs to follow: AMD A8-3850 CPU (Quad core @ 2.9 Ghz) 8GB DDR3 @ 1336 Mhz (2 - 4GB sticks) HD 6670 1GB Video Card 300W Power Supply
  7. Just signed onto the server to check it out, here's a video on how to access it if anyone had questions. All under the "Drive" section on the left, press "online" at the top, search "Wscc" in the search bar, enter password "wscc" just under the map picture, select car, press "join".
  8. @justkickin If you run slightly lower setting you can get the game running fairly well. Anything newer than a AMD a6/a8 or older i3 can run the game paired with anything better than a HD5770. And those are well over +14 years old. If anyone needs a hand with some computer talk, Shoot me a message. Would like to see the whole e-sports thing take off!
  9. Older video on some dumbed down in game setting, I'll try to post a new one soon.
  10. Currently playing Assetto corsa and Dirt Rally on PC with a Logitech Driving force GT wheel
  11. Little late to the post. This weekend i'm only available on Sunday, Cya then! Now for the list: 1. Scott 2. Dason 3. Llew 4. Aaron (Sunday)
  12. Favorite shots have to be DSC_0928 - DSC_0930, Page 2. #36 sneaking on the inside of #55, But also partially taking out the bank. Looking good!
  13. Not from the HPDE but was shot while everyone was playing in the lot course. Hope to see a bunch of people out for lapping this weekend on lake shirley!
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