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  1. I'm installing a roll center correction kit to my Legacy GT. The kit replaces the ball joints and outer tie rod end and is designed to bring the suspension back to OEM spec on a lowered car. I've been digging in the rules but don't see anything regarding replacing those specific components. Currently the car is classed Street Touring Hatch and has the following mods Coilovers Catless uppipe Catted downpipe Bypass valve Short throw shifter ECU Tune Roll center correction kit 200 UTQG tires Edit - I think I figured it out as Street Modified (SM) though noticed according to our local signup it might be Street Modified on street tires?
  2. Awesome shots! Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the one you got of my car with the nice dusting of snow flying behind the car
  3. Hi Ian, I know I'm really late to this party but do you still have this track available for download? The link doesn't work anymore. Just started getting used to assetto corsa and also ordered a wheel + pedals. Thanks
  4. I've got some video I took from the gate. If anybody has any photos/videos of either myself or Lucas in my Volvo I'd love to see em! Loved the course, good combination of some tighter/more technical areas and some big sweepers where you could just let the rear hang out and throttle through. The event was a ton of fun and really happy it was able to happen. Thanks for putting it together! Finally gave me something to use that old car for. We'll be fixing everything we broke and bringing it back to the next one.
  5. How much are you selling them for?
  6. Thanks! @Magner I'm currently running a 205. It's likely that other mods will push me out of STS before tires do. But that will probably be next year.
  7. Is this looking like a go for the July 24-25? I'm just curious if I should be doing Autocross or fixing my Dirt car lol
  8. Hi Magner, I've added a second car to the collection and since we can't run for a while I figure it's a good time to get this figured out. I've got a 1990 Volvo 240 DL (naturally aspirated) It's about 114 crank hp, around 2900 lbs, RWD Modifications: Lowering springs Bilstein Shocks Front + Rear Sway Bar 200 Treadwear tires From what I can tell that puts me into Street Touring Sport with mods. The "light/older RWD, emphasis on momentum and handling over power" in the rule book seems to fit
  9. Thanks Magner! I checked the cats and my current pipe has the same position as one of the old ones (original pipe had two). So as long as I run 200+ UTQG I'll stay in STH. Just noticed the lists of makes/models in the pdf, somehow I've been missing that this whole time. I checked and the Legacy 2.5 GT listed under ESP is 2005-12 so it is the turbo model since all GTs in that generation were turbocharged. So if I go with tire rated below 200 UTQG I'll be ESP and run with the modified group. Thankfully I think I'm finishing up with mods on this car so shouldn't need to worry about this anymore. At least until the new project starts looking ready to hit autocross haha.
  10. So winter is seeing some changes to my Legacy. I ended up going with the catless downpipe. But talking to my tuner and now I'm also changing the intake tube, and boost control solenoid. Does this push me into A Street Prepared? I'm not sure what the boost control solenoid is categorized in. It's a performance mod but I'm mainly getting it because my tuner says it allows a better tune. I'm also talking to a buddy who has a set of 100 UTQG tires for my car. From what I can see that's not allowed in a lot of the categories. Full mod list: Coilovers Catless uppipe Catted downpipe Bypass valve Boost control solenoid Intake tube Short throw shifter Tune
  11. Thanks Mike! Likely ice racing will be my first exposure to wheel to wheel racing so I don't know how competitive I'll be. It'll be great to just get out and start doing it. That said the car is still my daily driver haha (It now gets threatened with getting gutted and caged every time it breaks on me). So I'll have to think about what I want to use for daily and what for racing. I'll keep an eye on the forums/online ads for viable cars or built race cars too. What's the general weight people look for before doing weight reduction? I know a lot of the cars are small hatchbacks but those are getting harder and harder to find, especially in manual. Strange question but has anybody ever raced a "street legal" plated car? Or is it pretty much required to trailer/dolly it around. That's been the biggest hangup for me, transportation and storage of an unregistered car.
  12. Hmm, maybe. Not sure I'm ready at the moment. No trailer/space for a not street legal vehicle. Since the ice racing is all FWD how would my 05 Lancer Ralliart be as a dedicated ice racer? 162 hp/162 ft/lb torque, very slick 5 speed, responsive throttle, 2800 lbs. Fairly common for parts and shares many with the base Lancer. I did ice lapping in it last winter and was a blast. It's currently my daily driver but it's starting to rust out so thinking what to do when it's ready to retire.
  13. I hadn't thought about that. I was at the open hot laps last winter with my Lancer (was so much fun!), this year I'll be attending with a recently purchased Subaru, the Volvo didn't quite get ready for safety this winter so maybe I'll get that out next winter. Thanks for the advice, looks like one day I'll have to consider adding a cheap FWD car to the lineup. Or buying one of the used racecars that pop up on the forum here.
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