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  1. Kosta F. Member #1622 Alas, I didn't get to use #1 last year to match my FTD in every event that I would have attended, so I'll go back to my original #68 please.
  2. Everyone who lives in Gimli knows there's a racetrack nearby. Do they really need an explanation for what that noise is that they're hearing? I'm sure they can put two-and-two together. It's likely more a case of "who cares" for most of them. I imagine a large majority of the town find the noise obnoxious, if the recent kaiboshing of St. Andrews' drag racing is anything to go by. Us racers and racing car fanatics are a niche crowd. I don't disagree that we need to focus on the track's strengths and the people that it brings into town, but I wouldn't hold my breath for magic to happen
  3. Not sure how the townsfolk wouldn't know racing is happening. You can hear the track in action all the way in town.
  4. Racing driver and Top Gear star Sabine Schmitz has died aged 51. The German, widely known as the "Queen of the Nürburgring", had suffered a long illness with cancer. https://news.sky.com/story/sabine-schmitz-dead-top-gear-star-and-queen-of-the-nurburgring-racing-driver-dies-aged-51-12248488 Sad news. She was pretty awesome.
  5. Did the dealership compensate you anything since it happened on their lot/property? Or was it solely through MPI?
  6. Nah, you weren't that far behind. Not bad for a first-timer.
  7. Haha actually we didn't take any. It was pretty cloudy, drizzly and cold so we kept the stops to a minimum. We were going to stop at the generating station/falls at Seven Sisters, but the road leading in was messy mud road, so we skipped it. And at West Hawk, we all parked all over the place.
  8. Pffffft. Cameras can still be a deterrent in a residential settings. They'll just head off to the next house without them. Plus, even if they do still steal stuff, I'd rather see the dickhead doing it than not knowing.
  9. Awesome drive, guys. Lots of fun. Ingolf is always a riot. Nice meal in West Hawk too. Thanks again Jim for the route. Sitting in a restaurant again for the first time after months and months was very strange. So glad things are becoming somewhat normal now.
  10. I wouldn't necessarily say there's a set time that we make it to West Hawk... Probably a couple of hours after we set off. But West Hawk is pretty much the end of the line though. It's a straight shot back to Wpg on the #1 after that. Unless people decide to drive the back roads some more. I myself will have to head home at that point.
  11. Southwest corner of the parking lot, 10:30am. I'll be in a white BMW. We'll eat at West Hawk.
  12. Since we'll be hitting Lagimodiere right away, how about we meet up Sunday at 10:30am in the Kildonan Place parking lot. Hit the road around 11:00am. Everybody welcome, of course. Tell your friends! The more the merrier.
  13. That looks like a fantastic route. Might as well do that one to change it up a bit. Tim, we can sneak into Ingolf.
  14. Haha a Pete Special... Whenever Pete leads these spring/fall drives, he usually takes us on this route because it's fantastic. Tim, Ingolf is in ON... I don't really remember how to get there myself. If you want to lead the way after West Hawk, go for it.
  15. So I figure this Sunday June 7th, we'll do a Pete Special and do a rip over to West Hawk Lake via #44. That's always a fun one. We can stop for a late lunch at the Nite Hawk. Depending on time, either head back via #1, or do the #44 in reverse. Not sure I can commit to heading all the way to Kenora and back... Have to come home to the kids. But you're all welcome to continue on of course. Who's in? -Kosta -Tim -Spencer
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