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  1. GridLife released there rules updates and most of it is for GLTC with some minor clarifications for other classes. I think if GridLife is the way we go it needs to be all the classes not just a selection of them. As Gridlife has seen certain classes will attract people that may not have thought about time attack before in there car before(Sunday cup).
  2. I think having seen what shows up for TA at GMP these classes best cover the majority of competitors. The other GridLife classes would easily hold the outlying entrants. ClubTR could be a big class hosing most the 4cyl engine swaps out there, kswap Miatas, FRS, Hondas etc. I agree dropping the spec tire thing locally is a good idea and just stick to the TW ratings. I would be stoked to make my car a ClubTR class car. EDIT: Gridlife is releasing a new/updated rule book in a few weeks so should keep an eye on that too.
  3. I’m planing on doing all 3 next summer if I can swing it too in one trip. I also want to go to a few track down south. A track worth the trip for is Area27 and the Ridge both incredible tracks.
  4. I don’t think that is unique to this group. I just had to ask to better understand.
  5. Im all for alignment of rules so we don’t have all these small groups with different rules and classes. Maybe this is better brought up later as it’s not totally relevant but has anyone spoken with the other TA directors in BC and AB to see if there is any interest in a Western Championship? It’s been brought up enough in here I feel it’s worth asking. If the above answer is yes then I would ask who would be willing to go to an event in BC or AB if they host one? I suspect it would be a very small number if any with the cost of fuel for a trip like that. I don’t want to be a downer but I just don’t see the return on investment for them to come here or us go there. I'm my case being from BC I don’t think even I could justify the $3200ish alone in fuel.
  6. Good idea. The document was read only for me. Gridlife -ClubTR (or if that’s not an option Street Mod I’ll be a Rock in a gun fight) SCCA -Max 4 Ian’s classing - Limited (Enthusiast with some minor changes (wheel/tire size).
  7. Yes, it was. I can look at a printed time sheet and be happy I had the 2nd fastest time of the weekend but that means nothing with PAX. So I was left wondering if I need to push harder or not. I had no idea how I actually finished the event until days later to find I finished so far out of the top it was not even worth trying.
  8. I see where your coming from, yes a PAX system is more of a run what ya brung class. I have only run one event here on the WSCC PAX system and ultimately I don’t know enough about it to say it’s good or bad. I will say as an outsider it was a bit frustrating not knowing how I was doing compared to others out there. I had no idea if I was fast or slow and I just found it difficult to judge my performance. I use to love being in close competition to people and us mixing it up back and forth for podium. It pushed us all to do better and push a bit more. PAX IMO removes that. I’m already thinking about ways to change my car for next year to maximize PIP’s that actually improve my PAX rating while sacrificing no overall pace. The other option is just to run in RAW time class. Again, I don’t really have a bone in this game here. In my experience big rule changes never make everyone happy and if it would be a detriment to the club I would be against it. My earlier posts were also not an effort to make WSCC go with SCCA TT classes and rules. It’s just an option from an organization that has been doing racing for a long time. It’s not perfect and has some frustrating issues.
  9. The whole ASN thing was brought up by a CACC Stewart when we where going from the legacy CACC Time Attack (solo1) rules to SCCA Time Trial rules. The irony is the CACC legacy rules did not follow ASN as well so it was ultimately a sword he died on. I suspect the WCMA will not care what classing structure we use as long as we follow the GCR’s and run safe events. Based off the math above and number of classes per Gridlife is 1/2 the number of classes what we currently have. I’m not sure if less classes is the goal or not? SCCA TT does have a lot of classes and is by no means are they perfect, nothing will be.
  10. I’ll go out on a limb and say that 99.95% of people don’t want spec classes.
  11. It looks good. I think the main concern with it is it’s again a unique rule book and class structure. This would then make it difficult to get competitors visiting from elsewhere.
  12. @A_Revs can’t agree more. In the home of Time Attack they have like two classes and that’s just a recent thing. All they are after is PB’s and lap records. I like the GridLife rules, they have put a lot of work into making them good. Not a big fan of spec tire classes (ClubTR) but rest of it looks good and clearly has been a huge success in the US.
  13. @Mat I also sent a message to a contact I have in AB that is involved in Time Attack there to see what they run. I believe the only group doing Time Attack in AB is Speed Freaks?
  14. CACC switched over from there own class structure to SCCA Time Trials in 2020. https://timetrials.scca.com/pages/classmycar The reason we went that way was to try and align with some of the larger Time Attack/Time Trial groups in the US. The thought was this would allow people from the US to come up and compete and also allow us to go down to the US and participate in SCCA events without having to re-class or change the setup on our cars. We did go back and forth a lot between Global Time Attack rules, SCCA and Gridlife. SCCA seemed (at the time) to be less of a “the person with the biggest pocket book wins” then we had 3 Porsche GT3rs’s show up and cleaned house lol They where classed with the rest of us K swap Honda guys (my car is quick but not that quick). One very big advantage to doing SCCA Time Trials is if you go to the events south of the border we have medical insurance. SCCA provides medical insurance for all competitors. It may not seem like much but I shopped around and medical insurance that covers competition in the US for us Canadians is over $1000 a year. Most (99%) extended health and travel insurance does not cover high risk activities (like Motorsport). Just like all classing systems it’s not with out it’s issues but it seemed to provide the large majority of our competitors a class that was competitive.
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