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  1. I can see my lawn for the first time in 6 months so it has me thinking it’s probably time to start the cars winter projects haha. Anyone else procrastinated all winter? Crunch Time.
  2. Just finished watching most the pink panther build and the Camaro. Fantastic job so far. I have been wanting to start making dry carbon parts for my car to dump weight off and loved seeing you progress as you went. Looking forward to seeing it done and on track.
  3. So I have spent a bunch of time as of late on the OTA site. I see in your post that you comment about Dyno vs weight and how that will set your class. But I believe even with a Dyno and Weight you still need to go threw and select all your PIPs to get to your class. For my Civic if I just do pips and Dyno/weight I’m in GT2. Now if I add in the engine swap and stock power of that (that should not really have any effect as my Power to weight) PIPS are all the same I immediately bump to SGT2. I have probably spent more than 10 hours on there in the last couple weeks trying to make heads or tails of it. I want to maximize what I can do while avoiding being bumped to MOD. Side note a properly driven GT3rs will be a SGT killer.
  4. What is the reason behind it? Why not just have Extreme as it’s own deal?
  5. I’m trying to boost my car but I’m having a hard time fitting it into SGT, I think I have it sorted out but could use a double check before I spend $10k on it. Also is a Sequential transmission only worth 1.5 PIP’s?
  6. My main issue is sorting out the classing and PIPs. I thought I had a grip on it but now I’m not sure. Since nothing is changing on the car this season I have time to figure it out for 2024.
  7. Good call tonight and glad to see a solid direction that should help grow the sport at GMP. Thank you very much to everyone involved in all the behind the scenes work. Already looking at what direction to take the car in 2023. Jeremy
  8. Will we get a preview before Thursday? Are we voting on these this week or just discussion and vote later?
  9. That’s probably what 90% of competitors will do. When we switched from CACC (ASN) to SCCA TT rules I think one person changed their car. The rest of us just ran where we fit and we’re happy it was no longer a 25-30 year old rule and classes.
  10. Yeah it does feel like an early Gridlife, I think the refinements in the last 5 years are evident. I don’t like that I’m in limited due to my added safety (8 point cage) I had the same issue with GTA. You should not be class bumped due to a safety device above and beyond the requirement. I think OTA RAW with current OTA classing we use with out the PAX would be the easy button. As Mat said and I agree with him, we should not expect to attract out of town competitors given the physical and condition barriers in place. I have spoken to my TA buddies in BC and AB and coming to Manitoba is a non starter for them. The cost of travel (was $3200 last summer BC to MB and back in fuel) and condition of the track currently would prevent most from running. I’m personally torn what way to go. I have not competed here enough to feel I know what would work best.
  11. https://ontariotimeattack.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/2022-Ontario-Time-Attack-Rules-v1.31.pdf Page 47-54 maybe?
  12. Correct, you can’t get a car safetied or registered with a cage ( I tried).
  13. Hmm that’s a good point. My car although titled in BC and able to get insurance will not pass a MPI so I cannot get insurance here (nor would I want too).
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