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  1. LastV8: Registration will be available closer to the event date. You are correct on Road Race vs Time Attack. Track day is the Friday, the 11th, no timing, restricted passing.
  2. rusoman said "...brake fluid everywhere..." Sound like either the caliper seals blew or the brake hose blew. The natural response when the brakes fail is to press harder, and if the seals or hoses were overly hot, that'd increase fluid pressures and something blew. So . . . stainless steel braid hoses are called for too.
  3. David Klassen

    Track Days #11*

    See the 2021 Track Day Schedule Register @ MotorSportsReg Open Track sessions running between Time Attack sessions. * experienced (green wristband) drivers only
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    Road Race Event #1

    See the 2021 Road Race Schedule Register @ MotorSportsReg
  5. until
    See the 2021 Time Attack Schedule Registration @ MotorSportReg
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    Track Day #6

    See the 2021 Track Day Schedule Register @ MotorSportsReg
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    Track Day #4

    See the 2021 Track Day Schedule Register @ MotorSportsReg
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    Track Day #5

    See the 2021 Track Day Schedule Register @ MotorSportsReg
  9. Others would have to chime in here. I haven’t measured, I’m guessing here: Since it’s only one lap, done in about a minute, with no heavy braking from high speeds, I can’t see that it would be very high. I was mostly addressing your brake fire on track day.
  10. It’s difficult to get a temperature at the point of friction of pad/rotor. In 2019 with stock rotors and performance street pads I’ve measured 600+ degrees F on the rotor, after 10 minutes of hard running track time, and a cool down lap. At that point my wheels had also soaked up some of the heat and were too hot to handle. On a warm day I’d have to limit my run time, my RBF600 brake fluid would boil and I’d loose braking In 2020 I installed a ‘big brake kit’; larger, 2 piece, slotted, well ventilated rotors; Carbotech XP10 pads on the front, XP8 on the back; titanium brake pad shims (t
  11. Changing your brake fluid won’t improve the fireproofing, but using something like MOTUL RBF660 reduces the possibility of your brake fluid boiling at elevated temperatures Boiling produces vapor, which compresses easily resulting in loss of braking, liquid brake fluid doesn’t compress. Get stainless steel brake hoses, when they get hot, they don’t expand like ordinary rubber ones do. If you’re using your brakes hard, regular street pads will wear very quickly when you operate above the designed temperature range. So you need pads that will operate at elevated temperatures. Even street p
  12. Yeah, the yellow was bad, dark blue is better . . . I’ve changed it.
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