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  1. Current health orders preclude hosting autoslalom events this weekend, sorry folks. We, the autox leadership team, are continuing to monitor the situation and are hopeful we can return to racing in July. For the remaining schedule please see this post. We will continue to post updates here as they happen.
  2. Some of you may be wondering why the WSCC Autoslalom program suspended operations in May and the Leadership Team wants to clarify their position. There are two key elements to Autoslalom that are not part of other motorsports activities where clarification was required. The course walk is integral as our courses change every event and this is how our participants learn the course before they drive it. Also, when not driving, our participants marshal (i.e., pickup downed cones) to keep the track safe, consistent, and running. Unfortunately, current health orders at the time mandate
  3. Sorry, I do not get here often. To clarify things, the decision to ban EV's from autoslalom was purely an insurance problem. As much as I like to watch EV's run, and yes, I witnessed the Tesla winning BS a couple years ago in Lincoln, those things are fun to watch, the cost vs benefit simply did not come out in the favor of the EV's.
  4. Unfortunately with yesterday's health order announcements all May Autoslalom events have been cancelled! While we could have run today's event, the Autoslalom leadership team decided unanimously to cancel the May 8th event and issue refunds to all registered competitors after the 6pm health orders announcement by Dr. Roussin yesterday. This was done for a few reasons, but mainly to give our friends, colleagues and other racers time to close their shops and do what they had to do today to prepare for another lockdown. To those that were registered, if you do not see your refund in t
  5. Those are track pads, you will not get them nearly hot enough to be fully effective at autox. The preferred Hawk pad for autox would be the HPS or HP+ depending on what your priorities and what you drive. For the Carbotech, you are looking more along the lines of an AX6. I run EBC Blues at autox, and would swap in RP's or the DTC for track days. On National level courses, you are only touching the brakes to change balance and rotate the car. At St Andrews you have big stops at the pivots, kind of like turn 3 in Gimli, but from half, or lower, the velocity. And like others have ment
  6. See this thread for updated schedule and regulations.
  7. Here is the 2021 WSCC Autox Schedule. All events are at St Andrews and will be subject to the current health orders at the time of the event. May 8, 15/16, 29/30 June 12/13 July 17/18, 24/25 Aug 14/15 Sep 11/12, 25/26 Event supplemental regulations and COVID supplemental regulations are attached. Please note that any updates to the COVID regulations will be posted here and will be available on the MSR event registration pages. WA-SuplementalRegulations-2021-COVIDADDENDUM-V1.pdf WA-SuplementalRegulations-2021-V1.pdf
  8. Please note that those dates are tentative and are subject to change.
  9. Thanks Helix, appreciate you taking care of this. I would like to keep #14 Tim Robinson #1654
  10. As we all know, 2020 was a hugely challenging year. Due to the changing rules surrounding COVID, our volunteers and racers had no idea what to expect from week to week. In 2020, our initial meeting after group sizes were increased to 50 people occurred on a Sunday and the volunteer team committed to launching the season the next Saturday! This is unprecedented! It usually takes a month or more to plan, test and confirm all systems are good to go. The team this year did all of that preparation work in 6 days! I have no words for that other than WOW, and thank you! As the season progressed
  11. Undecided yet, but trophies will either be mailed/couriered or available for pickup at next year's events. Since 2020 was week-by-week, why should trophies be any different. Congrats to all the class victors this year! It was an odd season and you all prepared well in the face of unknown complexities.
  12. You are correct @Magner, no need to review (or apologize), unless we want to as it is a rule that makes sense for the reasons you mentioned. Let us know when you get the update done @babyfod
  13. Rumor has it results will be available soon...maybe this weekend. Stay tuned folks.
  14. Correct, both events this weekend were cancelled. As much as we wanted to end the season this weekend it just did not happen. We will be back in the Spring!
  15. Brenna did awesome! Was great to see you both out! And that smile is easily visible under the helmet. And yes, this club is awesome in how they welcome all and just want to see everyone have fun!
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