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  1. Although I can't help you with your question, I can tell you that you brought back one of my earliest memories of being awestruck by the beauty of the cars in the dealership window, as I would be driven by with my parents as a child. There was an e type sitting in the showroom and I thought it was so alien looking compared to the drab North American cars that surrounded me. Thanks for the eminder and good luck on your search.
  2. Thanks Mat and your team for pursuing this. The track was always one of the safest in North America, and now it is even safer. The improvements to the track surface, corner marshal stations, bathrooms, roofs and berm are a testament to the commitment our club has to our home away from home at GMP.
  3. Congrats to the Club and organizers for pulling off this event during this pandemic. I'm sorry I couldn't participate as my schedule has been changed since this crazy s**t went down. Kudos to the group from SK who outnumbered us MB racers. Just like when Gord Leach was racing, I'm not sure racing at Gimli would be possible without you guys and gals. I had a good time breaking in my motor on Friday and hope to be at the next race.
  4. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    I'm mostly available during weekday evenings these days if anyone wants to line something up.
  5. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    It would be nice to know who is racing form the club. If anyone was racing on the group Xbox race yesterday, please let us know.
  6. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    Sorry I didn't think it was on today. How long do you usually wait for people when server becomes live? Did anyone else end up joining today?
  7. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    Sorry about the confusion. I still only have the Xbox console running. I think there was some confusion when I referred to project cars as "pc" lol.
  8. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    Sunday afternoon is fine for me any time.
  9. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    I'll try to get Project Cars 2 set up. I know Laguna, so that would be fun. When is your pc race?
  10. PeteL

    Racing Games

    Assetto Corsa, X-Box, Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 version. Good wheel and pedals so far. Thinking of getting F1 2016 as it was recommended by another club member.
  11. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    I would be interested in joining the next race if there is one. I'll spread the word to other xbox gamers.
  12. Nvidia GeForce gt 320. Version 342.01 I'm hoping to use a 4K monitor. Probably not gonna work right.
  13. Ok thanks for trying. I just dug up an old PC and I’ll try to get it up and running with my wheel. Would this system work for AC? Running Windows 10 Home. version 1703 Intel R core TM i7 CPU. 860 @2.80 GHz RAM 8.00 GB 64 bit operating system
  14. I just looked for it on the server and it wasn’t there. Sunday 7:30 PM.
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