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  1. grail

    Fun Race

    Location: Gimli
  2. Next fun race will have the Formula Student Evo cars on the Gimli track. Date: Wed, May 12th @ 7:30pm
  3. Location: Gimli
  4. Location: Road Atlanta
  5. Location: Laguna Seca
  6. Location: Road America
  7. Location: Mosport
  8. Location: Mid Ohio
  9. Location: Sebring
  10. Location: Daytona Road Course
  11. Here is the schedule for the MX-5 Cup series. Qualifying starts at 7:30pm. May 5th - Daytona May 26th - Sebring June 16th - Mid Ohio July 7th - Mosport July 28th - Road America August 18th - Laguna Seca September 8th - Road Atlanta September 29th - Gimli Sign up page for those who wish to choose their car skin. https://wscc.emperorservers.com/championship/df4cf5ba-a445-431b-8363-74595d62af1a/sign-up
  12. grail

    Summer Series

    Summer MX-5 Cup series will start May 5th.
  13. I have put up a drift track with a few drift cars. Just for something different.
  14. I know.. lol. I don't drive it much so it wasn't such a priority.
  15. They are priced roughly the same as the RE-71R. Figured I'll try them out.
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