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  1. Hey Rob: Is your mustang equipped with the handling/performance package?
  2. Good question. The wcma time attack regulations list non production cars as "Non-production vehicles, which include: formula, sports racing, open-wheel, tube frame, nonproduction drive configuration, more than one engine". While production vehicles are list as " Production vehicle is defined as a single, specific, make, model and year, entered in any class (excluding Open Modified) and must meet all of the following "production vehicle" requirements: 4.2.1. Have been series produced; 4.2.2. Have been federalized for legal public road use in Canada; 4.2.3. Have b
  3. Time attack 2021 supp regs.docx Changes are outlined in red. You guys all know the drill. Thanks again! Ian & Brooke
  4. Sorry Roland. Your absolutely right with me having my hands full. I was fully expecting back in September for this to be a very slow winter for me. Haha boy was i wrong. This next year is looking even more busy as well! Sorry for the lack of videos! I would like no note this is not an official race category within the WSCC. It is not sanctioned by the WSCC in any means.
  5. Hey all, Hope everyone has been busy in the garage this winter staying happy, healthy, and warm! Don't let all the white stuff on the ground fool you. We are not too far away from having it melt and the 2021 time attack season starting! We have decided to make some much needed changes to our Pax classing index. Looking over the data from the past couple of years our pax index (That we use from Ontario time attack) has heavily favoured high HP cars. While this index may work for Ontario i think its obvious to see we are not having the same success. Lower
  6. Check out the Replay of last nights amazing Second round of the WSCC Grassroots E-race series staring the AE-86 at GMP!
  7. Hey David. We do post races the next day with voiceover. Check out my other post in the forums
  8. Thanks! Next video should be better as i had no idea the game volume was so high.
  9. Check out the Replay of last nights amazing first round of the WSCC Grassroots E-race series staring the AE-86 at limerock park!
  10. Hey all, Here is the giant list of links for everything you will need for WSCC E-racing. -Link to the Youtube setup video(A comprehensive walkthru video on how to get all setup for racing on the WSCC server) https://youtu.be/vnWzMPCFdU4 -Asetto Corsa ultimate edition steam download (if you already have the base game i suggest downloading all the DLC's for it which will cost approx $14. The link below includes the game with all the DLC's already installed) https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/6998/Assetto_Corsa_Ultimate_Edition/
  11. Hey all. We are opening up the WSCC Asetto Corsa Sever for beta testing. You can find it under the name wsccracing. Even tho we are in the testing phase, Our WSCC eracing rulebook is in full effect. (NO HARRASMENT OF ANY KIND).RulebookQuick.pdf.docx Any bugs/issues/concerns should be reported to our mods. The easiest way to report issues is in our Discord Server "WSCC eRacing Official". Enjoy!
  12. Sneak peak... Coming soon! RulebookQuick.pdf.docx
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