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  1. Hey all, Let me know if their are any discrepencies you find. Cars highlighted in yellow have not submitted a classing sheet and are therefore not counted for championship standings. Championship standings 2022 Time Attack - Championship (2).pdf Event 1 2022 Time Attack - Event 1.pdf Event 2 2022 Time Attack - Event 2 (1).pdf Event 3 ( TA western Championship and double points weekend) 2022 Time Attack - Event 3.pdf I have to apologize to Brad Epp and Russell Friesen. I messed up rushing to get the points finished after the event and made an error inputting the times. Brad Epp has such placed 3rd place. Sorry all!!!
  2. Hmmmm i see Brooke Stecyk has reserved 71... Id like to file a grievance...
  3. 71 for the FRS please Id reserve 777 for the STI but that wont see the light of day this year
  4. Your downpipe should be stainless. I have the exact same setup as you on my sti and will be recirculating the ewg into the downpipe. Let's face it, the ewg pulse setup on the subarus just sounds weird lol. Lots of cars should have no issues with the 96 dB limit. It will just affect the top 10 % of cars out there that are overly loud.
  5. Here are the supplementary regs for the 2022 season. Thanks all. Version 2.4 has GMP park rules as well as Clarification that competitors must submit their classing to secretary@wscc.mb.ca to be elegible for points. Also double points for Western Championship event. Time Attack Supplementary Regulations V 2.4.docx
  6. Although this will be covered in the upcoming supp regs for 2022, I wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible. We are enforcing a 96db @ 50’ limit for ALL of our upcoming events for this year. This rule has already been set in stone and will be followed by the other disciplines under the wscc that utilize GMP.
  7. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AFksPxns16Q-BS8&cid=8DCBB36CCA2EE12E&id=8DCBB36CCA2EE12E!6065&parId=8DCBB36CCA2EE12E!4960&action=locate
  8. The ota classing website actually uses the driver's weight and adds it to the car weight to adjust for classing. However, a lightweight battery is listed as it's own mod so points must be taken with it. Also, you have to be careful with weight reduction as there are 2 ways of taking points for it. The first way is taking points for every specific item taken out of the car. This is good if your only removing a couple of things or don't have access to scales. The 2nd way is to submit an official race weight of the car. This bypasses the taking points for each item removed or modified and just goes by the overall weight of the car. An important thing to note here is that the weight submitted is the absolute minimum the car is aloud to weigh. So make sure it's on an empty tank of gas.
  9. Hey all, We've happy to announce that we are adding a new championship line up to our time attack organization. The raw time championship. This championship will focus on our most extreme cars battling out for the fastest raw times achievable. Competitors will receive points based on their finishing position on the their fastest lap vs competitors with no PAX factors applied. Because we are bringing this in mid season, every competitor will receive points based on our first two events but going forward a competitor will have to choose which championship they want to compete in when they register for an event. Thanks all!
  10. Event 4 is over and done. When i find the free time to collect my thoughts on the year ill update you all with a much better write up (Maybe a nice aficionado article?) but for the meantime. Huge congratulations to our top 3 Finishers: 3rd place Russ Friesen 2nd place Roland Hufgard 1st Place Dason Wowk. Its was an absolute joy watching Dason and Roland battle it out so closely. Heres hoping next year brings us even closer racing. Thanks everyone for making this year the huge success that it was. See you all out in 2022! 2021 Time Attack - EVENT 4 WET (1).pdf2021 Time Attack - EVENT 4 DRY (1).pdf2021 Time Attack - EVENT 4 OVERALL.pdf2021 Time Attack - Championship (2).pdf _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here you all go for event 3! Sorry about the wait on this one! ___________________2021 Time Attack - Event 3 (1).pdf___________________________________________________________________________________________ Event 2 is in the books. Super bummed we missed this one as the weather looked awesome and everyones lap times reflect that! The Championship get even closer with Dason Wowk just squeezing out Roland for first place. Russell Friesen takes third place while also shattering the production car record at GMP in his 2017 Dodge Viper acr running 58.962 lap. Thanks Everyone! See you soon! 2021 Time Attack - Event 2.pdf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Classing updated Aug 30 You all know the drill! Huge congratulations to our event 1 first place driver Roland Hufgard, 2nd place Dason Wowk, and 3rd place finisher Rob Rurak. This is the first time all these drivers have been on a podium (for time attack anyways)! 2021 Time Attack - Event 1.pdf
  11. Hey Rob: Is your mustang equipped with the handling/performance package?
  12. Sorry Roland. Your absolutely right with me having my hands full. I was fully expecting back in September for this to be a very slow winter for me. Haha boy was i wrong. This next year is looking even more busy as well! Sorry for the lack of videos! I would like no note this is not an official race category within the WSCC. It is not sanctioned by the WSCC in any means.
  13. Hey all, Hope everyone has been busy in the garage this winter staying happy, healthy, and warm! Don't let all the white stuff on the ground fool you. We are not too far away from having it melt and the 2021 time attack season starting! We have decided to make some much needed changes to our Pax classing index. Looking over the data from the past couple of years our pax index (That we use from Ontario time attack) has heavily favoured high HP cars. While this index may work for Ontario i think its obvious to see we are not having the same success. Lowered PAX cars are at a huge disadvantage and are simply unable to compete with higher tier cars. I believe this is due to the 2 massive straight-aways gimli has. The low HP cars just lose too much time down them. As such, The pax index has been updated to the following: Old PAX index New Pax index CLASS PAX FACTOR CLASS PAX FACTOR Open Mod 1.062 Open Mod 1.062 Mod 1 1.052 Mod 1 1.052 Mod 2 1.012 Mod 2 1.012 Mod 3 1 Mod 3 1 SGT1 0.988 SGT1 0.98 SGT2 0.976 SGT2 0.962 SGT3 0.964 SGT3 0.943 GT1 0.952 GT1 0.926 GT2 0.94 GT2 0.91 GT3 0.928 GT3 0.894 GT4 0.916 GT4 0.878 T1 0.904 T1 0.862 T2 0.892 T2 0.846 T3 0.88 T3 0.83 As you can see the change is minimal to none for the higher tier cars but lowered tier cars are given a much needed boost in order to compete. I've ran a couple of pretend events using some of our top drivers in assorted classes ranging from T3 all the way up to Mod 1 and I can say without a doubt that this will definitely close the massive gap. The original point of the pax index was to provide a fair and neutral playing ground where cars of all different classes can compete against each other fairly. We believe this new index classing will finally prove that statement true the WSCC time attack championship. As we believe this is a needed change to our championship this will not be voted upon. We are however open to any feedback or other changes you have to provide a more fair and equal playing ground. As always, If you have any other changes you would like to propose , please reach out to Brooke or I. See you all in a couple of months! Ian & Brooke ( & baby soon!)
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