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  1. Hey all, Just wanna throw my two cents into the ring. I don’t disagree with Roland that people should shop local to the track when they’re there. We never bring food or fuel with us, it doesn’t make sense to transport stuff 700 km when we can just buy it there, and we always have breakfast at Robins, and try to make it to the Ship & Plough or one of the other fantastic restaurants in town for supper. But I will say people really don’t know about the track as much as others are making it seem. Last time I was out there (that was 2019 already!) we went to the Pizza Hus, and when the waitress asked what brought us to town and I told her that we were racing at GMP she genuinely had no idea there was a track at all. I do also want to say that I have never been to an event run by the town of Gimli! I didn’t realize they hosted events at GMP. /s It is absolutely the various clubs responsibility to advertise their own events. Don’t get me wrong Gimli is missing out on promoting the heritage that they have with GMP, but they also don’t host the events so they shouldn’t be responsible for promoting them. I was involved with the drifting scene in Saskatchewan and Alberta for a number of years including having a part in some of the administrative work, and it took a huge amount of time and effort from our organization and others to get people to fill the stands. In Canada these days there is just a complete lack of motorsports culture to get people excited about it, and the people in the sport have to make the effort to bring that back. If you look in Europe that culture is still present, towns with tracks buzz with excitement on race weekends, and everyone is excited about it. I don’t know how we can start building that culture again personally, but I feel like the vintage weekend might have the potential to help. Cool old racing vehicles are exotic and special to more than just the automotive junkie. Perhaps working with the community it could become more of a festival for the whole town, and not just some cars parked at the track for a weekend? I don’t know, I’m just rambling at this point. Anyways, I hope we can keep on racing at Gimli for the foreseeable future, and I look forward to seeing everyone this year (hopefully).
  2. Good luck, I've been trying to get a vehicle logbook since I started racing 4 years ago and still haven't gotten one.
  3. I set it up with a full hour practice. In the end there was 16 people in the race, but I don't know if there was anyone's from the club
  4. Server is live on AC, just search WSCC to find it
  5. We'll start at three on Assetto Corsa if that works, since I can't get PC2 to launch now
  6. Out of curiosity what track are we going to run on? I wouldn't mind getting a handle on it before the race
  7. If people are having difficulties with PC2 I can always run it on Assetto Corsa again. We'll run Laguna Seca either way. Does Sunday afternoon work for everybody?
  8. I just picked up a PC and Assetto Corsa on steam so I'll be joining in this time too!
  9. Thanks for posting this!
  10. We'll see about setting another one up this weekend then, let me know if any specific time/day works best. I will be doing the PC race on Saturday evening. Project Cars 2 is still available for free to any Xbox Gold members and it has a really simple UI for setting up scheduled races so I'm thinking that might be the preferred game this time. Probably the Formula Rookie cars on Laguna Seca or any other track really, I'm open to suggestions.
  11. Lobby is live on Xbox now.
  12. Considering you're the only person to be interested I'll just do it on AC. It'll be GT3 cars, and the lobby will be named something like RingGPGT3 WSCC. It'll be an open lobby. I can't really remember what I have mine set up like in AC, but unless you use a Thrustmaster it likely won't help as the TMs are a fair amount stronger than most other wheels on the market. I usually just Google my wheel and game combo and try all the various settings people suggest. PC2 was a real pain to get right.
  13. If anyone who uses Xbox is interested, I'll be setting up a race on either Assetto Corsa or Project Cars 2 this weekend. Feel free to let me know which you prefer, and add my gamertag - Keen77 Either way it'll probably be starting around 7PM on Saturday, with a 30 minute Practice, 15 Minute Quali, and 15 or 20 lap race, all on the Nurburgring GP circuit. It'll either be in GT3 or slow Formula cars, I haven't decided yet
  14. Keen12a

    Racing Games

    If you have a PC and a wheel I highly recommend Raceroom. The base game is free too, most tracks and cars are DLC.
  15. Here we go, no changes from WCMA. NASA rules are the correct ones _______________________ "Good Morning, My name is Jared Keen, I race with the WSCC in Gimli and I was wondering if there is going to be any changes regarding classes and safety regs for this years ST classes. From my understanding WCMA is using the NASA rulebook, and will simply adopt the changes that NASA has made for the 2020 season but I would just like to clarify that before committing to any changes to my car. Thanks for your time, Jared Keen" _________________________ "Hi Jared, Yes, we use the exact ST classing rules from NASA for our racing. Any class changes from NASA for 2020 will be integrated with our rules. Regards, Doug Campbell WCMA Classing"
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