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  1. There is a story behind this car... My brother had a 240z in highschool (I had a junker) and now that he's older he wanted another one to relive his youth. When he was turning 40, I thought it would be an excellent surprise to find one and build it the same as he had. He just turned 50 a couple of weeks ago and the car is still not done after 10 years of this. Once this puppy is done, I'll kill him if he puts it on BAT.
  2. Gotta love this forum. Good news, I got a Builder for the 240z. You can close this thread, thanks for looking. Thanks to Demchenko for the good lead.
  3. Yessum.... BAT is showing big dough for clean 240's.
  4. And it is a professional commentator that is almost sober the entire time while commenting. It does make the race!!
  5. Hi Guys and Girls, I have a project 240z that I’m building and about ½ completed although I’ve fallen out of love with the building part and want it done. Anyone here intimate with 240z builds and want a sideline (paying) job? I have all the parts (I think) and just need it put back together. If you are seriously interested in putting this car back together in to full running order then PM me please. Rather than long posts here. Thanks.
  6. Hello all Ice Race Fans Today is epic and it is because we have a very young handsome new Ice Race Director that is primed and ready to take over; I would like to ask all of you to stand and remove your hats and help me welcome in the new Ice Race Director for 2021: Mike Demchenko I am very happy to have Mike stepping up as the official guy in the role PLUS he’s a racer which will benefit the other racers immensely. I wish I was handing him a fleet of 30 cars to take care of although he does have some good ideas and some good energy. Please welcome him to the role and help him o
  7. OOOoooOOOOoooo... Look at us, getting all high tech! Thanks for setting this up Jay. Some notes for the conference call; You'll need to figure out the console so that you can mute all callers then we'll need to either ask questions via the chat or have a way to put up our hand and you un-mute certain people. There will much too much background noise if you leave it wide open.
  8. That is one sweet Toyotahome. Looks friggen minty. Not sure if you've used it yet, I bet you will have much more fun than you thought you would. That is a cool unit and much better then sleeping on the ground, especially when it is raining. Don't change the interior at all, it will come back in style in about 20 years. I love it.
  9. chkdsk

    Racing Games

    Holy crap! Thank you for the input from all of you for hardware. I really appreciate it.
  10. chkdsk

    Racing Games

    Since it may be a while before I get behind the wheel on the track I have been looking at wheel/pedal combo. Did some googling and the Logi G920 looks good to me, anyone have any input on why it doesn't work well? Is there any point in getting the stick shift add-on?
  11. No problem. How soon do you need? I am currently on lock down for another 3 days.
  12. Got some Pyrotect sitting right beside me if you want. 2 cents OBO. Have extra frame/floor mounts if needed too.
  13. Mine will also be pull down, does that not work?
  14. We should have some if Gary doesn't.
  15. Need to get rid of the last stack of RTI tires. Most are siped, all are indoor climate control stored. I believe all are 13" and many have Honda Rims 4x100 on them. Make me an offer
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