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  1. I also camp at track. But buy my food and beverages once there. I can actually buy my beer that is brewed in Saskatoon for less there than at home. I will eat out at restaurant and also buy from grocery store for ice and snacks,it just easier. Also purchase fuel there all the time. Bruce
  2. Thanks, I have anew drivers book from her. Need a new car book. Hoping that someone in Winnipeg would have a car book that they bring to the race this weekend. Al? Or Scott?
  3. Who do I need to talk to to get a replacement car log book? Thanks. Bruce
  4. I voted no as I am on call that weekend. But I am hoping for the date in august to come and play, really need to get my racing fix. Bruce.
  5. Need a mini block brought from Dyrk’s to Track for George to bring back to Saskatoon. Block is just bare so should not be too heavy or unwieldy. Thanks Bruce
  6. I was told they were tossed out. I was trying to find information on an old car from region 4 body tag number 3. When I contacted the WCMA about it that is what I was told a few years ago. Bruce Houlden
  7. Did anyone happen to get a photo of the mini that George was running?
  8. Sandy, my daughter Paris just decided that she is going to come with me to the vintage weekend. I tried to buy one more ticket for her for the dinner on Saturday, but says that registration is closed. Is it to late now to add her? Let me know please. 

    Thanks Bruce in Saskatoon. 


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