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  1. What a great event! Thanks for pulling it together. Wonderful to see a full grids both days. Much rust, but it was a ton of fun. Looking forward to the next event Poor camera angle but ... My best run Sunday Curtis’s best run, Sunday
  2. Thanks Jordan! I’ll take’m. I’ll double the asking price if you left sweat stains. I’m sure passengers will appreciate less groping on my part (ya just gotta keep a hand down there with latch locks, eh) Gary thanks again for looking. I’m more likely to see Jordan first. cheers all!
  3. Thanks Gents. Pull down will absolutely work.
  4. Hi folks. Looking to see if anyone has an expired 5 point cam lock harness for my passenger seat. Pull up is ideal. Cheers and thanks Chris
  5. Ultra Tech fire and safety has donated to the silent auction. Thank you Glen!
  6. Classic Motor Works Has donated to the silent auction. Thank you Dirk!
  7. Speed Factor has made an donation. Shawn Wolk has made a donation Steinbach Credit Union has made a donation. Thank you all!
  8. Thanks to those who have graciously donated for the silent auction. It's not too late, to donate! Cheers Chris
  9. Hi All! The 2019 WSCC Year end Awards Banquet, is less than two weeks away on October 26, at the Clarion Hotel, 1445 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg Cocktails at 6:00, Dinner at 7:00, Shenanigans to follow. For those who haven't, registration ends Wednesday October 23. http://msreg.com/wsccbanquet2019 Hope to see you there! Cheers Chris
  10. Please let me know on this thread what silent auction prize you will be donating and what name/company you would like it under. Cheers and Thanks! Chris
  11. Hello all. Please see below the MSR link for the 2019 WSCC Banquet Attendance. As last year, this is for reservations only. Payment will be cash at the door. Price is still $40 ($20 For Kids meal up to 12). If you have any special dietary needs, let me know. Cheers Chris http://msreg.com/wsccbanquet2019
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