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Update on Don.

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Hi everyone. This is an email from Cheryl, Don's wife, with an update on his condition as of this morning. 

Nothing to new to report. Don is on surgical standby for ankles which means everyday they assess if Don is ready for surgery. 

This might go on for a few days before surgery actually occurs.  Back brace will be put on today if pain can be tolerated.  Once brace is on Don will hopefully be able to sit up a bit. 
Blood work is good, which means his body is doing the right things to heal.  Everyone says Don will recover but it will be a long tough road. Likely once he is stable, Don will be transferred to Calgary  rehab hospital (we hope) or possibly Vancouver. No idea on timeline yet.
Thanks Cheryl
Ps thank you, thank you to everyone for cards and cash.  Don was overwhelmed.  Don is calling the car club his support team.
I hadn't stopped to think what his rescue was like, til I met Jeff. Thanks isn't enough but thanks to all who were involved.
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Hi All,

Just a note to thank everyone who has been thinking about me! The last surgery has been completed, back brace is on, I have casts on both legs and one arm, so now I am on the long slow road to recovery. I expect to make a full recovery over the next year.

l expect to be a patient at HSC in Winnippeg for the next few weeks while I recover and rehabilitate. Then I will be sent back West for more recovery. As of today there is no exact plan for when I will be leaving HSC. In the meantime people have been asking if they can visit me. The best way to set up a time to visit is to text my wife Cheryl at 204.960.3601 ahead of time to check availability, and plan on keeping visits short. The Docs in this hospital are taking a lot of my time with tests etc but I would be happy to share some of my spare time with you.

A lot of people have been asking me when I will be racing next. I am not sure what the answer is. I will need to take a break from racing, and I am not sure how long I will be away.



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After the first month I am through the worst of it. But there will be many months of work ahead of me before i am walking around like normal. Thanks to all for your kind words and visits.

The safety equipment was literally a lifesaver in this crash, especially the hans device which saved my neck and the roll cage that kept the car from being crushed. I cant overstate the importance of making sure your safety equipment is good every time you drive on the track, even if the chance of a crash is unlikely. I would also recommend using a full face helmet instead of an open face. I was using an open face helmet but in retrospect that was a bad decision and it was only luck that allowed me to escape serious facial injuries in a violent crash.

Thanks again to the corner workers, paramedics, fire department, and stars who were organized and responded to my crisis. It is so important to be ready for a crash and they all did a great job.

My spirits are good as i continue my recovery. The staff at HSC is great and the support i have received from so many has been encouraging. Thank you all!


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I am finally out of the hospital and back home! I am nowhere near 100% yet but since I can hobble around on crutches a bit and generally look after myself the medical system decided to release me. There are still months of physio etc ahead of me before I achieve a (hopefully) full recovery.

I would like to thank all the Manitoba taxpayers who sponsored the first 3 months of my hospital stay ;) The last 10 days were spent in the Kelowna hospital. In comparing Manitoba hospital food to BC hospital food I would like to say... it's good to be home.

I would also like to thank everyone who stopped by to cheer me on. It was good to see you and your encouragement was much appreciated! 


- Don

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