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  1. Well folks, 2 weeks ago my Mom passed away and we are naturally dealing with a lot of details around here at the moment. Would still like to make a Gimli trip later this year just to visit the gang. We'll see what happens over the next few weeks. fyi
  2. here's a potential track car. lol https://driving.ca/auto-news/news/ssc-tuatara-fails-second-attempt-at-speed-record-due-to-heat-problem
  3. https://driving.ca/alfa-romeo/auto-news/news/heap-to-hero-diy-kit-transforms-miata-roadsters-into-vintage-alfa-romeos
  4. Tried running highpass filters using free audio software but it removes too much of the cars various sounds as well. Looks like it needs a foam box to sit inside. Here are a few of the ones filmed last weekend: https://youtu.be/hLsep8Hv4bk https://youtu.be/uE3OZamZ6CE https://youtu.be/PtyYtQj9mS4 https://youtu.be/tKfXStrPHoA
  5. Well there is a fair amount of video clips recorded but they are all severely affected by the wind noise. So much so that it's hard to hear the cars. It was a bit breezy through the weekend though. lol I'll work on these and see if I can find a way to filter it out somewhat. If that fails I'll have to use other background audio tracks just to cover it up. Stayed tuned. This will take awhile.
  6. When do we get to see it Greg? More importantly, when can I get a ride in it? lmao
  7. Any chance to connect by phone? Or getting a copy of the notes afterwards...
  8. Now that I'm "just" a corner worker, lol, I'll be bringing my GoPro along and setting it up on a special cone at marshalling stations to record live track action. Will bring it to race school and whatever other regular season events I can make it to. I'll be dumping each video batch onto my laptop, as it fills the card. If anyone wants copies at the end of HPDE, bring along a flash drive. If you don't get copies, some of the content will end up posted on YouTube anyway, and I will post the links for those as necessary. fyi
  9. You guys can't get rid of me that easily. lol It's like a family. I just got my Officials license 2 days ago, and I still plan to come out a few times per year and do some corner marshalling. (always a need for those) The good times after the racing, was just as much fun for me as the racing was. I don't plan on giving it up entirely. See you all at race school.
  10. Well folks, it is time to hang up the racing suit for awhile. Due to some physical medical issues I will not be racing (or wrenching) for the next few years, minimum. The car and parts, plus trailer and camper van, will all be going up for sale immediately. A sale is pending!!!
  11. Or how about a homemade mushroom and egg fried rice paired with a chicken and vegetable lo mein. Only instead of the crummy chicken most chinese places use, I opted for roasted chicken slices (that I diced) I had grabbed at a deli. Wait until next year. I'll bring a portable stove and everything I need. Challenge accepted.
  12. This one I called KGB, because it's Korean Ginger Beef and white rice. lol Very spicy.
  13. This one was my take on Fair Food. Miniature corn dogs. battered mushroom slices, and battered shrimp. (using a corn flour mix)
  14. Not afraid of my cooking, quite the opposite. But if I make anything here at home on Wednesday then it's 3 days old by the time you eat it at the track on Saturday. Next year I'll have to arrange to bring a portable stove where I can cook on site. I have reinvented spaghetti. Took it to a new level. No I'm not kidding. And you should try my homemade Chinese food. My kitchen Kung Fu is strong. First, this is homemade fried rice with battered shrimp.
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