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  1. I've been going to GMP since the the beginning 1974, I remember going to buy fuel in town with my dad or his mechanic then in 91 got my own thing going and still buy food or fuel in town or the airport. Why would anyone want to transport 40 plus liters of fuel, that's an accident waiting to happen, plus fuel is sometimes cheaper in Gimli. Just because Jen and I along with others camping at the track, mean we ignore the town . We go in town for supper on Saturdays and we always see club members eating at the same place or recognize other members vehicles at other restaurants or gas stations. The guys at Chudds know me from the track only. I will make sure that any business I shop in, will be notified that I'm from WSCC and I am supporting you because of GMP. See you at the track Cheers
  2. Hi, just to let everyone know know that Fier Tulleken passed away last night.
  3. Gilles Villeneuve at gimli picture and something else .
  4. Thanks Weebly! So here is the finished product. Thank you Mat and Interlake Yard Care for assembling this for us.
  5. Thank you Randy's Towing for delivering stacked tires twice, one unstacked batch of tires to my shop and bringing a donor car to GMP for extrication demonstration purposes this weekend. Cheers AL
  6. 2nd tire stack party. Thank you to in no particular order: Coach, Matter, Jim Eh, Helmut F, Wayne S, and Wayne J. Thank you to Winnipeg Truck Exhaust and Celco Controls for the strapping kits. Thank you to The Autumnwood Hotel for the huge tractor tires. We stacked around 120 tires on Monday eve, to be delivered today. Meanwhile Mat has been busy at GMP T3 and today's delivery will add to this. So, thanks again guys. Couldn't have done it without you. Cheers AL
  7. 70 tires will be delivered to my shop today plus the 20 from yesterday. We should have enough now. Thank you Randy's towing for delivering them and thank Rob from Ti Cat for supplying the tires. See you guys later today.
  8. Thank you to, in no particular order: Matt with the focus, Helmet F, Scott Mc, Ken Mac for helping strap 80 tires into stacks today. Took us about 2 hours. Thank you Murry B and Celco Controls for the strapping kit. We stacked 4 or 5 high with 3 straps each. Then piled them on some pallets so a forklift can put them on Randy's flat deck tow truck, to be delivered to GMP tomorrow. I also received 20 more tires today and hoping that tomorrow daytime we can get more tires delivered from whoever possible. We'll resume tomorrow after work 5 ish or whenever the strapping kit comes back. If anyone has or works somewhere with a strapping kit and would like to help stack tires, 2 strapping kits will go much faster than 1. Thanks again guys ! You guys kicked ass today. See whoever tomorrow. Contact me if interested in helping somehow. 204 291 7006 AL
  9. Hi everyone, WSCC needs about 10 volunteers to build tire stacks before vintage event. These are to be place in front of the burm on the outside of T3. Yes I know leveling the burm is the best solution but there's too much red tape atm . So the best solution for now is to pile tires in front of that burm. IMO we shouldn't race until this has been dealt with. We need about 150 200 tires. I have 80 and 20 more coming to my shop. So if you have any used tires please bring them to my shop or build a stack at home and bring them to GMP. With enough people we should have this done in no time. The plan is to build them at my shop, then bring them to GMP. OR if no one want to deal with it I'm going to hire some people, then we will all need to pay. If you want to help out contact me ASAP. 204 291 7006 AL
  10. Hi everyone. This is an email from Cheryl, Don's wife, with an update on his condition as of this morning. Nothing to new to report. Don is on surgical standby for ankles which means everyday they assess if Don is ready for surgery. This might go on for a few days before surgery actually occurs. Back brace will be put on today if pain can be tolerated. Once brace is on Don will hopefully be able to sit up a bit. Blood work is good, which means his body is doing the right things to heal. Everyone says Don will recover but it will be a long tough road. Likely once he is stable, Don will be transferred to Calgary rehab hospital (we hope) or possibly Vancouver. No idea on timeline yet. Thanks Cheryl Ps thank you, thank you to everyone for cards and cash. Don was overwhelmed. Don is calling the car club his support team. I hadn't stopped to think what his rescue was like, til I met Jeff. Thanks isn't enough but thanks to all who were involved.
  11. I've used super dot 3 for 25 years, zero brake fade. 17 bux for a liter at PS or CT. Even after a 30 min race. Hard pedal . I also crack my front bleeders for a couple seconds (gravity bleed) if i take wheels off just to make sure.
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