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  1. 40 views and no offers. People must know the market Bought a 7x14 v nose, thanks .
  2. Looking to buy something in the next week or two. Putting out there if someone had one they aren’t using. 14-18’ enclosed for moving and storage Thanks!
  3. Dial gives you more fine control from what I read. if it’s in the cabin you can make live adjustments based on track conditions, tires, etc but generally it’s a set and forget item. I’d make it somewhere in the cabin accessible but not in a place easily messed with or accidentally disturbed. I saw one install where they had a cover over it in the bottom of the dash console. I don’t track day so what do I know though....
  4. Let us know when you have listed it on BAT I truthfully hope to see it around being used to do what it was meant to....
  5. Unfortunately I believe if St Andrews Airport doesn’t speak up to the the RM to back us and the other users of the decommissioned runway (outside of MPR), the outcome likely won’t be in our favour at this point. I truly hope that the council in the RM that will be responsible for the land use/zoning bylaws will respect that we’ve been there for a decade without so much as a complaint, and have invested money in the site. The issue with MPR and dragsters is the peak sound levels in the burnout box and at full throttle. Top fuel dragsters can reach 150db, and the cars actively racin
  6. Awesome Adam. Looking forward to this build and crossing paths more often. What trim level was it? Lsd? At least covid gives time to build a car...
  7. Likely 141 Dodds Road if someone's looking. Nice property.
  8. The hole in the photo should have had a plug in it. The backside of the bolt is inside the chassis that you can likely access through that hole. Spray penetrating fluid deep in there as well if you haven’t already. That is a grade 12.9 bolt so it’ll be stupid strong and likely quite long. I have had to pull up carpet or panels to access the upper portion of the bolt.
  9. You should see the video of two guys in a gm dealer lot that gutted 50ish new trucks one night. What damage cordless sawsalls in the wrong hands can do in a remote dealer complex.... I figure as hardship will probably grow with covid, we will see more electrical wiring go missing in houses and commercial sites, and more thefts of CC’s.
  10. Jeff used to have an open dump on his integra back in the day. Was loud as hell at full boost. It’s a novelty that I think would wear off quickly as we age. Also as mentioned not legal, and we know the viu will nail us for that but leave rotten Structurally compromised cars on the road.
  11. I felt that way the first time I heard “ Gazoo Racing”. Then I saw this and my mind changed back to that this is more then a TRD package... https://toyotagazooracing.com/gr/yaris/
  12. That’s a win. As of late there hasn’t been enough of those and I have a feeling crime will only increase as more people end up in hard times..
  13. Cameras by themselves are useless. I install them for commercial clients. Proper lighting and coverage of key areas is critical but prevention is what’s needed. Supplied footage is archived or disregarded and no one gets charged. Jim is bang on about stamping initials and/or serial numbers into wheels. It just totally sucks. Also note most base homeowner policies only cover $2000-2500 in auto parts without a extension policy for auto parts.
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