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  1. Hi @BradlyW You are correct, this appears to fall into STS based on your modifications. Just a heads up, all ST classes are subject to maximum wheel width and tire width. STS allows wheels up to 7" wide and tires up to 225.
  2. Another data point here on the RT660 vs Re71R size. I received my 215/45/17 RT660 and compared them to a new never used 225/45/17 RE71R. Mounted on the same 7" wheels side by side they are almost identical height less than 1/8" difference. If you have clearance issues or already run a pinched Re71R setup absolutely consider going down a size in width if available. And another not so apples to apples comparison. 245/40/15 RT660 are about 10.5" worth of tread from sidewall to sidewall where as a 245/40/17 RE71R mounted on a 8.5" wheel is under just under 10". In theory they should be the same width but based on brand, diameter, mounting they are not. Again not a good comparison but just shows the RT660's appear to run wide.
  3. The supercharger would make the the car go to SSM on street tires SSM-S.
  4. @rjames The correct class would be CAM-T under the WSCC mixed devision. I checked and the classes are available in MSR for registrationat the very bottom of the list. Use CAMT "traditional" since it looks like the other CAMT is a typo for CAMC contemporary. Since this is a C1500 1/2 truck just a reminder it must be wider than it is tall. (The width must be measured with the track width) Also, Internal engine modifications like a cam are not allowed under Street Prepared rules.
  5. Asking for a tire to last a full season of autocross, (all or most?) open lapping and 300km a week is not likely for most cars. RE-71R was the easy answer for most Winnipeg autocrossers for years however Bridgestone has discontinued the tire and the replacement RE-71RS is not available in North America. further complicating things there's been a few new tire options available in the last 2 years each with their strengths and drawbacks. No clear tire choice at the moment, it will depend heavily on your cars characteristics, tire size option and your needs. If you want long lasting that can hold up to lapping and are willing to give up some lap time maybe a Hankook RS-4 would be worth considering if they come in your size.
  6. Chris Magne, Membership #5976 Renewing #47 Thank you for taking on this task @helix
  7. All the mods except the cat converter appear to be legal for ST. As stated above if your catalytic converter is located mote then 6" further along the exhaust than stock it will not be legal for ST. If the cat is within 6" it's legal for STH. Those tires are also not legal for use in ST. The minimum tire in street and ST is 200 UTQG. If you use these tires the car would be classed is ASP-R under the mixed group. The ASP-S class is grouped under the modified group and is meant to allow ASP cars to run on 200 UTQG tires. I see a Legacy 2.5 GT is listed under ESP. I assume this is the NA version, since your car is the turbo version it would fall under ASP.
  8. SCCA solo classing doesn't use a points based approach for classing. I believe a points based system is used by NASA and was adopted by WSCC road racing classing a few years ago. For solo/autox rules you can do as many or all of the allowed modifications in the class as you want.
  9. Could you clarify the helmet requirement, will other helmet certification be allowed? Is there anything information available on which rule set this discipline will be following? WMCA does not list rally cross or dirt related solo events. However The only available resource appears to be the SCCA Rallycross rulebook found here: https://www.scca.com/downloads/53337-2021-scca-rally-cross-rules/download and the WCMA auto slalom rule book, found here is very similar: http://wcma.ca/new/soloregs/2020_Canadian_National_Autoslalom_Regulations.pdf Both of these resources provide a comprehensive list of acceptable helmets such as this list from the rallycros rules: Snell SA2020, SA2015, SAH2015, SA2010, SAH2010, SA2005, M2020D, M2020R, M2015, M2010, M2005, K2020, K2015, K2010, K2005, EA2016 SFI 31.1 (2015, 2010, 2005), 41.1 (2015, 2010, 2005), 24.1 (2020, 2015, 2010 2005) British spec BS6658‐85 types A and A/FR; ECE 22.05, R22.05; FIA 8860‐2018, 8860‐2018‐ABP, 8859‐2015, 8860‐2010, 8860‐2004 Thank you for those involved in creating this new discipline!
  10. I know the 2020 season has been unprecedented with the on the fly schedule changes so we were not able to lock down the minimum at the beginning of the year, so maybe that's why its still showing 8 from 2019. (14 point events ÷ 2 +1 = 8) Sorry for raising a stink guys. Thanks Matt for all the hard work this year on points and timing.
  11. Technically we ran 11 points events, this season (#3 had no timed runs). That would make the season qualification 11÷2 =6 rounded up. On even number event years we would add +1 to the 1/2 counted events. My understanding is we kept the annually championship 1 extra event over half of total events ran to prevent someone from taking multiple classes wins in the same year. 8 for the season of 11 appears excessively high bar for the casual racer to participate in a season championship. Maybe for next year we can review this? I'd need to find the supplemental regulations, thought this was covered in there.
  12. We are also still missing some classes, STH, SSC, and new 2020 classes like XS-A, XS-B and EV.
  13. Loving your Camaro Ryan, looks like a blast to drive.
  14. You looked right at home in the Miata, nice run. Looking to get into a RWD now?
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