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  1. I saw that the schedule was posted on FB (but not this forum or the WSCC website). Right now restrictions mean 25 people max at outdoor gathering, so how does that work for having an autocross meet? As I interpret the current restrictions (updated yesterday) an autocross meet would be banned or at least not really possible due to the extremely low number of racers that could be permitted. And I have a bad feeling the increasing lockdowns in other provinces are coming here. Just a couple of weeks to flatten the curve!
  2. VP Fuel C85 should work. This is E85 by the barrel or can. But I don't know where to source it yet or how much it will cost (probably a lot). I think this would cost 3-4x as much per litre as 94 pump.
  3. I looked into track dat insurance at one point and it was $300-400 a day. Along with other entry fees, gasoline and wear and tear, it made a track day preposterously expensive.
  4. I had a friend contact me over the weekend in a panic saying that Husky stations had replaced 92 and 94 octane gas with 89 and 91. He talked to someone inside the store and they confirmed the change across all stations. I drove by my station on Waverley today and I can confirm, Husky 92 and 94 gas pumps plastered over with 89 and 91 stickers.
  5. Everything you said equally applies to any infectious disease, including influenza. The flu killed 29 people in MB 2019/2020 season and hospitalized 400 as per our Government's own record keeping. For some reason, it never caused any alarm or curtailing of day to day life. Perhaps we should cancel September and October racing dates because that is the start of flu season. Can't be too careful! There is nothing rational or scientific about the advice we are receiving from the Government. They are so invested in their response to COVID that they have to keep pretending that they didn't
  6. Why would autocross be delayed or cancelled because of COVID? It's outdoors and no one is required to come close to each other. Not to mention that MB's "outbreak" is currently on life support with something like 30 active cases in the entire province. If people can go golfing, they can go autocrossing.
  7. It was my first real event on the Gimli skidpad and it was great to have that large area to incorporate some different elements in to the course design. As far as format, I would have been satisfied with 5 runs with one change over.
  8. http://live.axti.me/live/55126306d4db9e0e00a12aa1/5d501cd5acd177101dd3254f
  9. I think the OEM tires on my RS3 have thrown in the towel. Pirelli junk! Other than that, it was a fun day with great weather.
  10. The results start with 2nd place, there's no first. Maybe we don't even need any runs, 1st place will be awarded to the best course walker. You're fast in 2 runs? I was fast during the course walk!
  11. Sounds like a fun guy to have around.
  12. I'm in favor of 5 runs. The biggest issue I have with autocross is the amount of time spent relative to the amount of racing you get to do. Even adding one run helps justify the outing for those of us with a scarcity of time. Fun runs aren't quite the same, certainly with respect to the level of seriousness employed. I'd like to suggest that 3 runs at SCCA Nationals is a practical move to get through the massive number of cars racing.
  13. When I go to Chevy Canada right now and choose 2019 Corvette Grand sport it gives me a $76,895 MSRP before adding any options. You can easily upgrade to $90k plus if you add in performance packages and different wheel sets. So the new mid-engine is going to be cheaper? That's a tough pill to swallow. We shall see. The exterior looks great, like a Ferrari crossed with a Ford GT, but the interior is the typical sore spot. It appears the driver is walled off from the passenger by a bulkhead containing a row of 25 buttons and the steering wheel is aesthetically dreadful. There will cert
  14. What about the lot for the horse race track? It is massive, no curbs. https://www.google.com/maps/@49.8878951,-97.3295146,3a,51.7y,63.61h,85.13t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-OnJH4MxSBUdkJK39EHVjQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  15. Why at Gimli with so much space are the course starts still 90 degree turns? Let's have some cars launch hard, generate some smoke and excitement like the old days. These kinked starts are such a buzzkill.
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