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  1. You can try contacting Stoneridge Specialty who provides motorsport coverage http://stoneridgespecialty.ca/programs/motorsports/
  2. Hi, Your membership number is available on your MSR profile page. Feel free to contact membership.wscc@gmail.com for further assistance if needed.
  3. Looking to sell a lightly used OMP First Evo racing suit and matching One Evo gloves Less than a full season of use, in very good condition with no rips or tears. Dark grey with black breathable sections and highlighter green accents on both suit and gloves. This suit is quite comfortable and breathes well on hot days. FIA 8856-2000 rated. Size 52 which should fit most people around the 6 foot mark in a range of 170-220lbs by my estimation. Gloves are a size large. I also have OMP/Sabelt nomex undergarments with light/no use if interested. Asking $500 for the suit and glove
  4. We look forward to all of our valued out of province participants joining us again once the province of MB has relaxed their quarantine requirements
  5. You don't have a case. End of story. You aren't even a club member based on your MSR history. Why do you think you have any say in how the club operates when you haven't even supported the WSCC with a membership? I encourage you to look up the definition of self isolation - here's a link to get you started
  6. Just because some individuals are violating the public health order does not mean the WSCC will follow suit. The club will not put itself at risk of fines, penalties and bad publicity by violating the public health order. We want to spend that money in improving our facility, not paying fines. Until the public health order is lifted, this is the situation we find ourselves in and we will continue to structure our events in accordance with the provincial government's requirements.
  7. Phase 3 is, I believe, targeted for July 1. There is no mention of relaxing the out of province quarantine within phase 3.
  8. I renewed a batch of memberships this morning and will be doing another this evening Get your memberships in today!
  9. Nhil

    Racing Games

    G27 and Assetto Corsa for me, also play Forza 7 on PC with an xbox controller. Wouldn't buy a wheel without the stick shift even if it doesn't feel great. Still a lot more fun than slapping paddles.
  10. 2020 registration now open!
  11. Brad, can you send me details on this? Thanks,
  12. Keep in mind the autopac positions in brokerages are usually very entry level and can be staffed by people fresh to insurance. I'd recommend calling MPI directly with any questions.
  13. Not an MPI rep but this is correct that a vehicle with wheels on the ground needs a plate if being on a tow dolly or flat towed. If on temp insurance it should be "safety-able" but they don't really enforce this from what I've seen.
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