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I'm new to the club but even after one year of HPDE, Time Attack, and hot lapping I'm hooked! And I'm always thinking what I can do to my car to improve performance (i know: improving the driver is the most important upgrade to do). Nevertheless its fun to dream of upgrading my car. The I start wondering if I should save my money and buy a more capable car. Its a vicious circle!

I found this video of a guy with a bit of experience buying and racing different cars in the pursuit of finding the perfect ride for the track. It seems it may be difficult to find the perfect car but more important to know what experience you want to get from the track, in your budget and realize that each car has pros and cons.


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Thanks for the video link. I’m new too, first track experience was HPDE last year.

I looked at some of the same cars mentioned in the video, Miata (didn’t pass the broom stick test with a helmet), BRZ/FRS/GT68 (felt too underpowered).

I lucked into a very low mileage 2008 350Z NISMO. Been having a blast except for overheating brakes. Putting on a BBK, but I think it will be a number of years before I’m able to develop enough skill to need a different car. 

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14 hours ago, David Klassen said:

I lucked into a very low mileage 2008 350Z NISMO. Been having a blast except for overheating brakes. 

Seems to be a common thing on those cars.

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370Z, stock pads, failure after hot lapping, duh!

But, yeah, over heated brakes are not unknown with tracking 350Z’s.

- the first time @ the track, I had improved the pads, Motul 650 fluid & stainless steel braided hoses. No problems, cool weather.

- first hot weather, fluid boiled after 7 hot laps, pedal went to the floor into turn 3, thankfully no damages, bleed the brakes, ran reduced durations

- next step is the big brake kit (larger, 2 piece, slotted, well ventilated rotors), race pads pads & titanium pad shims

- if I need them, I’ve got a line on ducting

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One of the things C&D notes was that a NISMO spec’d 370Z had inadequate brakes. That doesn’t surprise me, the NISMO brand, IMHO, has been diluted, and doesn’t really mean very much on the Nisan road vehicles.
350Z NISMO: same drive train as all other 350Z; same Brembo brakes as the ‘Performance’ trim level. Improved exhaust, suspension, body bracing and seam welded chassis; aero package that actually results in some downforce.
370Z NISMO: ECU mods & exhaust improves HP by 18; stiffer suspension, sport brakes, & small aero improvement.

What I consider as the biggest NISMO brand dilutions are the NISMO badged Juke & Sentra

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