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  1. Finally another Aficionado! Check out our Season Wrap-Up Edition Enjoy! Aficionado 2022-3 Online.pdf
  2. Great discussion, thank you Mat for facilitating this conversation and committing to moving TA forward this year! I don’t have experience with the other classing systems so I’m glad other members do. Here are my thoughts: 1. I agree with many of you that we don’t need an overall champion and that the best in each class should be recognized. This year and in past years, the funnest weekends were when I raced against similar cars in my class. 2. Our current PAX system penalizes modifications heavily – so it almost always makes sense to run stock but that is not appealing to most car people. Simple tweaks and upgrades can make most cars much more enjoyable on the track but likely not as competitive - So I like the idea of having classes that allow both stock cars and encourage modifications – then people that want, can build their dream race cars and be competitive. 3. Related (to above), if you’re a rookie and your car is already modified (most change something) then you’re going to have an uphill battle right out of the gate and may lose interest in competing - So I like to idea of a Novice/Rookie Class to hook new racers. 4. We need to convert more Race School students into TA registrants. The classes of 2020 and 2021 did not create many TA racers and the 2022 class had only a couple come out this year so I don’t have high hopes for their attendance next year. A second or abbreviated school might help. 5. Although I don’t know what the solution is - Ideally the TA system we go with will attract new local members to the track now, and will be more compatible or more easily compatible with other systems to attack racers from other jurisdictions the future. Thanks. Looking forward to next season! Brad
  3. Thanks for getting the times up and to all the volunteers this weekend! We had a small group of Time Attackers out there but we couldn't have gone ahead without all the volunteers. Whether we have one car or 40 we need the same support. Thank you very much!
  4. 18 INCH VW AUDI WHEELS FOR SALE Used on my GTI and Audi S3…which I’ve sold. All wheels are 18inch in diameter by 5x112 and light ~20lbs 2 - MOTEGI MR140 - $200(for two) 8.5x18 ET45 Black finish in very good condition 4 - RIVA MX7 – $200(for four) SOLD 8.5x18 ET35 HyperSilver finish currently black PlastiDip , VW centre caps 2 - NASCAR Branded - $50(for two) 7.5X18 ET45 One powder coated black, one PlastiDip black I have more pictures and should have hub centric adapter rings for each wheel
  5. If you need something to do while it keeps snowing...Here is the latest Aficionado to curl up with in front of the fire! Thanks to all those that submitted articles and especially @Boreal for all the great ice racing photos! Aficionado 2022-2 Digital.pdf
  6. If you are stuck inside this January - Stay warm and stay healthy, curled up reading the digital version of our first Aficionado of the Year. Printed copies will be available at our next event. WSCC Aficionado 2022-1.pdf
  7. There is only one PAX factor for each class so if you're in T2 it doesn't matter if you're at the low end or top end its the same (T2 54.9 I think?). Therefore its in your best interest to max out your mods while staying in the class you want. Back to your original post, its definitely exciting to scroll through web sites dreaming about modifying your car! I've wasted days doing it too. However, I've found its very difficult to find the right mods that actually improve your performance and your competitiveness. What you mentioned and others have said: Brakes and tires are the best way to improve both actual times without hurting your classification. After that it becomes very complex. Bottom line with each class you move up to you need to cut off almost 1.5 secs a lap to stay at the same score. Its easy to mod your car with coil overs, sway bars, wings, exhaust etc. but then you need to actually drop several seconds off your lap time to make them worth it. I wanted to drop the ride height and have some adjustability on my GTI. But coil overs are worth 6 PIPS at the least. So I installed adjustable shocks and incurred 2 PIPs. I don't think they had a noticeable effect over the decent stock shocks. It can get frustrating! Also although the class system is very detailed, unfortunately not every car starts in the same place from the factory. Basically you can spend a lot of money and incur a lot of PIPS trying to take a basic car and turn it into a competitor but still come up short on the track. You are often better to take your money and put it towards a car that is competitive already in its class. Of course its not easy to just buy a new car. But its easy to slowly blow hundreds or thousands on car mods with the click of a mouse. Search the CASC Database of cars and compare classes and what these cars cost used. There are a few hidden bargain Time Attack cars in the list that are faster than their rivals. When I felt my T1 GTI was at its limit I considered tuning and every other mod to make it faster. There were a few more seconds in it. But I realized it would never be competitive in the GT2-1 classes so I moved on before I spent a few thousand and ruined a decent car. Its fun to run and save scenarios on the CASC website to see what is the best combination is before you make any purchases or changes. Good luck. PS others will say just work on the driver and become a faster racer - but that's not as fun as buying new light weight wheels and tires!
  8. Its been a while since we've brought you an Aficionado! Finally here is the 2021 Season Wrap-Up issue. Thank you to everyone who contributed - we couldn't do it without your help! If you want a printed copy - Come to the WSCC Awards Banquet on November 20th. PS its best viewed in two-page mode. (VIEW, PAGE DISPLAY) WSCC Aficionado 2021-3.pdf
  9. Here is the April 2021 Aficionado. Enjoy. WSCC Aficionado 2021-2 online.pdf
  10. Those CR-1s look a lot like Yok A052s (what I'm running this year). The Nan AR-1s are great tires so these should be too. Let us know how they do...I'm sure they are cheaper than the competition. Thanks
  11. Here is the first Aficionado of 2021. Enjoy! WSCC Aficionado 2021-1 Jan 18.pdf
  12. Marshals, officials, and medical staff were honored this weekend by the FIA, celebrating "Volunteers Weekend" https://www.fia.com/news/marshals-officials-and-medical-staff-honoured-over-fia-volunteers-weekend The FIA know and we all know that we couldn't go racing without all the volunteers! Thank you! PS The volunteers, medical staff, marshals, and official were amazing today when Grosjean's F1 car exploded in Bahrain! He can thank all of them (and the car designers) that he walked away with minor injures!
  13. Here is the latest Aficionado, August 2020. Thank you to everyone that contributed pictures, stories and content. Please keep it coming! Aficionado 2020-08.pdf
  14. I just received the Tire Vote Email asking me to vote on changing the 2020 Time Attack rules due July 30th. What isn't clear in the email is whether this is will take effect next year or going forward this year or retroactively to the previous event. I want to ensure everyone voting understands how the tires they purchased under the current rules will be affected in the remaining season. Brooke and Ian can you confirm when the results of the vote will be enacted? Thank you
  15. Another Great Weekend! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  16. Brad Epp TA Hopefully both days! Thanks
  17. Thanks to all volunteers for hanging out in the cold and rain all weekend! Had a great time getting back out on the track finally. Looking forward to many more track days this year!
  18. Thanks. Great website! The results are so easy to review by Overall, Class, and PAX. I wonder if this software is just for AutoX or can other discipline use this system?
  19. The VIRTUAL 24 HOURS OF LE MANS 2020 is live now!. Its only a few hours in but there have been some crashes, pit delays and some cool racing! Porsches, Corvettes, Ferraris and Toyota prototypes. There are F1 drivers vs 24 hour racers vs Sim-racers. If I had 24 hours to watch TV I'd watch it all! The coverage and quality is really good. you can watch is on youtube, Discovery Veloctiy or at the Le Mans website: https://www.lemans.org/en/news/watch-the-virtual-24-hours-of-le-mans-live-now/53899
  20. I'm new to the club but even after one year of HPDE, Time Attack, and hot lapping I'm hooked! And I'm always thinking what I can do to my car to improve performance (i know: improving the driver is the most important upgrade to do). Nevertheless its fun to dream of upgrading my car. The I start wondering if I should save my money and buy a more capable car. Its a vicious circle! I found this video of a guy with a bit of experience buying and racing different cars in the pursuit of finding the perfect ride for the track. It seems it may be difficult to find the perfect car but more important to know what experience you want to get from the track, in your budget and realize that each car has pros and cons.
  21. If you find any pics please send them my way too so we can include them in next months Aficionado. Thanks
  22. That’s sucks! Those 18x9 were your new ones for this season? Everything needs to be double locked down these days!
  23. You must be getting busy now that the Texas race has been announced for June 6? Getting the car ready will be challenging with social distancing. Good luck.
  24. I was just running my car through the CASC ONTARIO TIME ATTACK site and see there are some new rules - Tire UTQG ratings - 250 seems to be the cut off now. Anything under 180 comes with some PIPs unless exempt? 5.1.A2 Other Modifications - Tires Rule Description PIPs Select Modification Notes 1 Installation of four street tires with a tread wear rating (UTQG) of 250 or greater. (“Enduro Tires”) -5.0 2 Installation of four “street tires” with a tread wear rating (UTQG) of 180 to 249, as well as GG compound Toyo brand tires, R888, R888R and RA-1, and Nitto NT01, but excluding Kumho Ecsta V720 ACR, which are classified as non-premium R compound tires, notwithstanding their UTQG rating (see rule 0.0 3 Installation of “non-premium” R compound tires, defined as DOT Legal competition tires that have a moulded tread pattern with non-circumferential siping, including Kumho Ecsta V720 ACR. 5.0 4 Installation of “premium” race compound tires defined as tires that only have circumferential moulded grooves but also includes Continental Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) Hoosier Grand AM Cup, foreign market Yokohama A048R and full wet weather race tires. 10.0 5 Installation of four Race Slicks 15.0
  25. These are great guys! Thanks for sharing. Wow 21 cars by 21 - I've got to get buying! Maybe if people keep sharing we can fill the next Aficionado with members and their cars?
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