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  1. budget rear suspension for 300hp?

    Should be close. If you get real energetic, you can swap out the 4.10 pumpkin for a 97-ish Kia Sportage front third member and upgrade to 4.71's I have a complete rear IRS from the supra already out of the car, and two others still in cars. The one you took the shocks/trans out of has the adjustable spring perches in it. Shoot me a text and we can discuss further. It won't be much.
  2. budget rear suspension for 300hp?

    A solid axle will be your best bet on a budget...both in dollars and time. A first gen RX7 rear axle would also be a Good swap with LSD and 4:10's out of the box. Correct bolt pattern too! (GSL-SE) For IRS, I'd suggest a MK2 supra rear setup. It's a simple mount and should be close in width. 4:30's and LSD standard equip on P-Type manuals. Not to mention I know where you can find both of those!
  3. BN 255-40-17 Tires and 17x9 Wheels

    added rims to the thread...
  4. BN 255-40-17 Tires and 17x9 Wheels

    four brand new, never mounted tires. 255-40-17 Nankang NSII-R (120tw) Purchased June 2017. $550 takes all four tires! Changed rim sizes and these won’t work for me anymore. Speaking of rims... Four brand new never used/mounted Konig Integram Wheels. Three of the four are still factory sealed. 17x9 +42 5x100 $650 for all four wheels.
  5. BN 255-40-17 Tires and 17x9 Wheels

    Well, you could have them on your shelf in case that miracle happens!
  6. Looking for 13B

    I have a decent 6-port "keg" and a fully built, never fired, 4-port "keg". PM me if interested.
  7. YES! That's right. The 2018 HPDE registration is now OPEN! Here is the link if you know of someone who's interested: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-hpde-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-229884 We've had an overwhelming amount of requests to open registration early so...we have! Lets see where this goes. I will be posting a workers/instructors registration form as well in the coming months. Let me know if you have any suggestions for this years school. Always looking for improvements. We must be on the right path as the response has been great and is increasing in demand! ***edit*** 20% sold! (11/16/17) 30% sold! (11/22/17) 4 spots left! (03/09/18) Sold out! (03/13/18)
  8. Update: The school is now sold out and a waitlist has started!
  9. Hi Everyone, As usual, we are looking for instructors and track workers for the 2018 HPDE. If you wish to help out, please make your way to the volunteer registration page. We need at a minimum: 22 instructors, 16 track workers. So, we will be using the MSR page as record on who is coming to help out. The assumption is that if you are not on the MSR list, you aren't coming. There will be a meeting for all volunteers April 11, 2018 at Aaltos 826 Regent Ave. to discuss the 2018 changes and make any tweaks as necessary with the current program. Agenda to follow. Notes for instructors: When registering as an instructor, please ensure you provide your shirt size. We hope that with 22 instructors, that every instructor will have 2 students with a 25min break in between. All instructors: please apply for your instructor license on WCMA's official license page on MSR. If you are looking to instruct and have not done so in the past, please contact hpde@wscc.mb.ca to find out more info. If anyone has questions or comments, please don't hesitate to pass them on. We need your comments from last year to steer the 2018 HPDE in a better direction! You can either post your comments here, or email them to HPDE. Thank you! The HPDE Team
  10. Volunteers Needed for 2018 HPDE

    Just a reminder for folks that we need workers and instructors for this year's school. If you know of someone who wants to come and help but haven't signed up yet or doesn't know where to, please pass the link along and have them register! Instructors: we will most surely sell out and we still need a few more instructors to fill the quota. We also need instructors to sign up prior to end of March so we can order shirts!!
  11. Updated spots remaining! (4)
  12. Helmet

    Yes, and Speed factor is a club sponsor as well.
  13. 2018 Ice Racing Registration Links

    Just a reminder that events 4 and 5 are up for registration!
  14. Event 1 @ Lake Shirley Event 2 @ Lake Shirley Event 3 @ Lake Shirley Event 4 @ Crescent Lake (Double Header) Event 5 @ Gimli Winter Festival (Double Header)
  15. #17 RaceTrix was/is a PTF car as built. No changes required. This decision should work out nicely for others who want to join in.
  16. 2018 Ice Racing Registration Links

    Event 2 and 3 are up on MSR for your registration pleasure.
  17. Lighter...not always. In my case, carbon bits were/are the only answer. Cheapest way to get your lap times down is seat time! Your comment adds to the suggestion of why not a PTF class rather than PTE? Get your cage, seat and switch and come racing! Look forward to seeing you out there.
  18. I take my previous post back. My car is posted somewhere on here in another thread. I think in the spotlight forum. Perhaps you might understand why it's not easy for it to fit in. Ultimately, the result of the vote will make me decide to continue in PTE or not, and I know I'm not the only one.
  19. The question and answer to it is irrelevant for the purposes of this thread. But yes, I will be racing next year! **EDIT** It's irrelevant because it doesn't (or shouldn't) matter what car we each have but that we all are racing together...
  20. Exactly my point. I can’t, and others might not either. I can’t buy parts that doesn’t exist. It has to be fair competition, available for everyone. By the way, how far along is your build Derrick?
  21. If there was a smaller factory brake package available for my car that would allow me to run pizza cutters, then that might be an option. However that is counter productive in itself. This ruleset ya’ll want should be all inclusive and not require folks to go out and buy specialized parts right? Asking me to replace my RPF1’s with another set of rims at $1,200USD just to “fit in” is what you all have stated as improper.
  22. Mainly because the leading brand of discussion doesn’t offer appropriate sizes. I also like to tinker with various parts to find the best match, working within the given points allotment ads to the challenge. I still don’t get the “costs under control” comment. Work within your budget. There’s always going to be a better driver, faster car, someone with deeper pockets or has the lastest shiny part. It’s inevitable, however the points ruleset is for everyone. They have to work within the points to have that fancy, expensive, shiny part. This shiny part might just be Nitto NT-01’s.
  23. If PTE is too heavy on the pocket book, why not make it an open PTF class then? As a PTE racer, interested in fair racing with you folks, I can't be in agreement with your classing rules. Specifically regarding if the club class demands a spec tire . This just isn't feasible for me and brings back the point of being all inclusive. The PT rules allow for any car to compete in any class. The underlying fact here is that this is all simple math performance point calculations. Very simple, as in the spreadsheet already has the math done for you. Make it a 10pt (or whatever is agreed upon)threshold into PTE. If PTF car, that car gets all of the PTF points, up to "10" on the PTE side. If they are a PTD car, they have to add weight, change tire size, put the manifold back on in place of the header...whatever to bring the points down to mid PTE points. This covers weight, tires, "his cam is bigger than my cam", bla bla bla. Its black and white, and is posted publicly. Is there a runaway racer? Check the declaration, protest and ask for a tear-down. <-- Yes, Its in the rules! Whatever the course of action you folks take, this should be nailed down soon. Folks are waiting to see where this is headed. Cars need to be built and/or modified.
  24. 2018 Ice Racing Registration Links

    Small Grid for race 1... Only two entrants. Guaranteed a podium finish!
  25. 2018 Supp Regs

    Like this?: