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  1. Ok. see above points roster post event 1. Again, we apologize for the delay.
  2. Posting for Sarah... Home made unit. Used for a few seasons. 1 7/8" hitch. $300 obo (Rims/Tires NIC)
  3. Yes Jordan and lets not forget the sweeping of the entire track and related grounds. Excellent work Mat!
  4. Unfortunately No! Used for display purposes only...
  5. Fellow Time Attackers, The 2017 is upon us and we would like to hear from the group what they would like to see this season. Currently, we have 2017 Time Attack shaping up as follows: 2017 WSCC Memberships: $50 Get your 2017 WSCC membership here! (MSR) 2017 WCMA Time Attack Licenses: $20 Get your 2017 Time Attack licence here! (MSR) (You will need to have completed and passed a HPDE to be eligible to apply for a TA license) 2017 PAX Format One thing we will continue from 2015 is the PAX system. Trophies will be awarded for: Fastest Overall Lap Time Fastest PAX Lap Time PAX Points Championship 1st 2nd and 3rd Some of you already know what your PAX value is, however, if you need a refresher, please use the online form located here. If you are new to the Ontario Time Attack data base, you need to create a profile, find your car in their stock list (or at least the closest variety) and if you have mods, use thier handy checklists to do the calculations. You DO NOT need to submit the car to CCDB. Just go thru the exercise. If you need assistance, you can either ask former TA Director, Sarah (84TurboSupra), Myself, or one of the many veteran time attackers that have already completed theirs. Please make every attempt to class your wheels as it makes it more interesting for the rest of the competitors. If you do not class your car, you will receive a PAX factor of "Improved or 1.0". 5 events but scored on the 4 best! Your lowest score gets thrown out, so even if you miss an event, you still can be in the championship running. 2017 Time Attack Entry Fees: $120 Unfortunately with rising track rental/usage fees and the cost of vehicle transponders, we need to bump it up $20 per entry. It's been a long time coming. 2017 Schedule This will remain the same, Practice followed by 5 run groups of approximately 5 laps each. Max cars on track per run group will be 17 (Overall Max is 34 TA entrants) More than 10 registrations, grid will be split into 2 run groups. Online Registration: As with 2016, this year we ask that you pre-register online via MSR. All TA races will be under the "Road Race Event" schedule on MSR, select TimeAttack as your event fees. You will not need to pre-pay online, only register. Use code "TRACKPAY" to set your cart to $0 and register. Paying at the track will have a $20 surcharge. If you need a SNELL helmet, you can rent one at time of registration for $25 per event (Limited Number Available) Thanks, Road Race Management Team 2017 Event Links: (MSR) Event 1 Event 2 WCMA Run-Offs Event 3 Event 4 Vintage Race Weekend Sponsored by CMW Event 5
  6. 1987 Toyota Corolla SR5 AE85/6 HB (A/T) Last year for the RWD Corollas! It's time to say goodbye to an old friend. I've owned this car for 5yrs and it's time to let it go. It needs to go to an enthusiast who will love it as much as I do. I don't drive it as much as I'd like, and it needs to be enjoyed so it doesn't turn to dust like many of the AE86's before it. I only put 400kms on it last summer. I am the second owner of this Corolla. It's sock and mostly original with only a couple of things done to it. It has Tein lowering springs (on the original shocks) because the original springs were sagging. It has a Godspeed panhard bar and aluminum radiator. The old exhaust had seen better days so now it Sports a Takeda exhaust front to back sized for whatever 4cyl engine you'd like to use. I have all the OE wheels for it and comes with 14" Supra wheels wrapped in Falken Azenis RT615-K's. Small stone chips and small areas of surface rust. Floors and quarters rust free. Manitoba car. Has original owners manual in like new condition as well. Previous owner had AC and flip up sunroof installed. For the right customer, a 4AGE to W58 bellhousing and W58 transmission may be available. Manual pedal box also available. Had plans to swap a 20v 4AGE but just don't have the time. Asking $4,000 or best cash offer as-is where-is. SOLD SOLD SOLD It's not safetied. Last MB safety ran out in the fall when another potential customer backed out. The car has been re-saftied twice for tire kickers and I'm not interested in doing the safety over. Car is stored 30min outside the city.
  7. A quick internet search says that 18R-G's do mate to w-series transmissions but I have no personal experience.
  8. I have two still in reasonable working condition. shoot me a text and make me an offer!
  9. Updated original post to include the registration links to MSR. Events 1 and 2 are active and accepting registration!
  10. 2017 Event Links: (MSR) Event 1 Event 2 WCMA Run-Offs Event 3 Event 4 Vintage Race Weekend Sponsored by CMW Event 5
  11. Membership Renewals: First of the season preceding the HPDE: RR Event 1 RR Event 2
  12. Ahh ok!
  13. Is you car currently set up for steering box and drag link or a r&p? If for rack and pinion, out of curiosity, why not use the rack you have? Generally you can de-power them fairly easy and keep the quicker ratio a powered rack generally has. RX7 folks do it all the time as manual racks are few and far between.
  14. 1. The link above will direct you to the license you need 2. Yes
  15. Snell M2010 is ok for track use where you do not have factory or aftermarket roll protection. However, use of Snell SA series of helmets are always preferred/recommended. Yes, roll bars with 4 points are legal for track use. Agreed that most SCCA approved products should be ok for use at Gimli or other WCMA tracks. A Miata or similar vehicle is not permitted to run the track without roll over protection and as such, SA series of helmets are required for this type of vehicle.
  16. Yes it's really early! However, We had enough interest/requests already to open the event up for registration! If you know someone who's looking to register, here is the link: The classroom session will be held Wednesday May 3rd @ Aaltos "Annex" 826 Regent Ave. from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. Track sessions will be May 6 & 7, 8:00am to 4:00 pm both days. Jan 11: Registations are at 25% Sold! Feb 22: Registrations are at 50% Sold! March 04: Registrations are at 70% Sold! March 30: ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT for 2017!!! March 31: SOLD OUT!
  17. It says SNELL approved but to which Standard? The description doesn't specify. If you grab the miata, you will definitely need an snell SA helmet and a rollbar that has a minimum of 4pts. No real comment on which roll bar to get but hard dog products (m1/m2 model) are popular.
  18. We are SOLD OUT! Do not fret if you've missed this opportunity. You can still "register" but you will be marked on the waitlist. If someone cancels, you could slide into their spot! spots are filled based on who waitlisted first.
  19. HPDE 2017 is almost sold out. As of 10:30am today, we have only one spot left! If your thinking about it, get on it now before you get moved to the waitlist!
  20. They are a flange designations and doesn't necessarily mean that the T25/T28 is "smaller" than a T3 beyond the flange bolt pattern. The "AR" of the turbine housing dictates this. As an example, you can get a GT35 in a T3 flange with an AR of 0.63, and a GT30 in a T25/T28 flange with an AR of 0.72. The turbine housing on the GT35 is smaller and will create a faster spool in on equal engines. This is one of the turbos I have: GT3076R GT Garret Turbo 30 Turbine frame size and Inducer diameter 76 Compressor exducer diameter R Ball bearing I like this turbo for small displacement engines. Small frame (T25/T28), linear boost increase on lower displacement (~3500rpm to full boost), oil and water cooled, and has internal wastegate option. Chinese ones are new $200USD ea so if you burn one, just toss it and buy another. I have it on my Toyota 1.3L low compression 4EFTE ice racer. Worked very well. I am told, this is an upgrade for WRX/STI folks. One thing to keep in mind though is that a larger turbo at equal boost will make more HP due to larger volume of air and cooler charge. Think of a garden hose and a 2" pipe with equal pressure. One flows a lot more volume at equal pressure and duration. Make sure everything down the line of the turbo is able to take the abuse! But anyway, after all that, for a backyard build, find one, slap it on and let it eat!
  21. We've had some requests for one. We will see what the waitlist looks like this year.