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  1. 2017 Time Attack Championship Points

    Indeed! Nice to see so many people participating this year. Let's hope that the enthusiasm builds for 2018! Also, thanks to Sarah (@84TurboSupra) for completing the Championship Points roster for this year.
  2. I only saw one picture on my phone. Hmmm...whatever they used as a slideshow feature I can't see with my mobile.
  3. So you want to race on ICE?

    try this: 2017 Sup Regs (Ice) I will need to update it with the 2018 regs once they are released.
  4. ...posting for the ice race director: So you want to race on ICE? Excellent, let’s get you started… You will need the following: a) A realistic budget .b) WSCC Membership – Form (print) c) WCMA Ice Race License – MSR (online) d) Race Car e) Required safety gear Seems simple right? Well it is, but how about we have a closer look… If you haven’t already, come check out an event. It’s an excellent opportunity to see how the events are run, what kind of cars are on the track for each class and how they are built. You just might even score a ride! Now that you have decided that you want to give this a go and get your own set of wheels, you’ll have to decide what wheels you want and which class to run in. Some items to consider: a. Does your budget fit the class and ideal car choice? b. Is there a car already built and for sale by another racer that fits your taste and budget? c. If you’re building your own car do you have the means to do it correctly? d. Have you reviewed the pertinent regulations and documents? i. Supplemental Regulations ii. Roll Cage Specifications – WCMA Tech Regs “Appendix A” If you’ve answered all of those questions and have decided to move along with building your own, you’ll need to find one to build. Since you’ve read the supplemental regulations, you’ll know what type of car you need to find. Maybe it’s in your own back yard! Or a buddies back yard! MPI auctions are also an excellent source of inexpensive blank canvases that tick the boxes of ice racing. Wherever you locate your ice race machine, make sure it’s the cleanest, least rusty example that you can reasonably find. Avoid biases when choosing your machine. Choose a car that fits: your budget, the class you intend on racing and a car you can physically live with as a race car. The car should also tick the three boxes of grassroots motorsports: cheap to buy, cheap to maintain and ease of locating parts! Now that you have your wheels, there are a couple choices you will need to make… a) Do you dive with both feet into door to door competition? Or do you take advantage of the test and tune days on the Saturday prior to the race day? .b) Do you build your car for Rubber? Studs? Or both? “a)” is ultimately up to you. Practice makes perfect and utilizing the test and tune days to get a feel for the car and how it drives on ice prior to rushing door to door is always a good idea. You don’t want to try a new move and end up facing into the headlights of another racer! “b)” comes with a bit of restraint. Many new racers want to dive into the speed, grip and flare of studs but it takes less skill to master! Rubber is where we recommend that new racers start. It’s easier on the car, it’s easier on the pocketbook and definitely builds your skill level! If you intend to one day go to studs, then what mods you do to your car will change. For example, the differential in your transmission has 3 options: open, limited slip, or locked (welded or spool). For rubber, a limited slip or locked diff works well, where an open diff or limited slip works best for studs. Open or limited slip will work in both scenarios with obvious advantages over the other. A locked diff in studs eventually results in a tow due to either a broken trans or axles! Engine builds are much the same. Higher HP works for studs but makes rubber class driving a little more difficult. Find some middle ground to be able to do both classes. It would be a good idea to introduce yourself to the scrutineer for tech inspection to help you along with your build to make sure that it will meet the requirements before you weld or bolt something in and then you need to re-do it! Ok…Now that you’ve built your car using the specs listed above; you’ve built or bought a cage, installed the correct tires, met the requirements of the supplemental regulations and generally have the approval of the scruitineer…now what? You must show up with the car at the first test and tune day of the season. This is where you will get your car tech inspected. This is also the time where you will take the ice racing driving school to aid in your endeavor to throw your car into the corner on ice and at speed. Pay attention! Lots of information passed out here in a short amount of time. …now it’s time to drive! Get out there and get that all important seat time! Practice, learn, practice, but most important, have fun! A great resource of information is these forums. Please make use of them with any questions you have. Others will likely have the same ones. Saves people from having to answer it multiple times! Thank you from your Ice Race Management Team! Other basic info on the events: When you arrive to the track is you MUST find the Release Form and sign it right away including everyone in your crew and any spectators you bring with you OR may meet you there. When you arrive; ask around and someone will know where it is. This schedule is approximate and subject to change by the organizers 9:45am - Drivers Meeting. Do not be late for the meeting. Arrive at the track early so you are setup and ready. At this meeting; find out where registration is and get registered ASAP and pay the entrance fee. If you are new to Ice Racing, find Race Director (they will be at the meeting) and introduce yourself and fill him in on any racing background you may (or may not have) and what level you are at - he needs to hear this from you as he will be watching you on the track. He will also call you in a few times at the beginning (and if you screw up) with pointers and what you can work on. 10am - 11am Studded and Rubber Practice Session. 15min Studded first, then 15 min RTI, the studded then RTI. Use this entire session to play with different tire pressures on your car and play with different lines on the track. 11am-12noon – Lunch Break. A Tip: bring something to eat just in case you are working on your car over lunch break and aren't able to leave. 12:00pm Races start: Studded Race 1 (Time or laps will be decided during drivers meeting or prior. Usually 12 mins plus a lap) Rubber Race 1 (usually 10mins plus 1 lap) Studded Race 2 Rubber Race 2 Studded Race 3 Rubber Race 3 Plow break of 15 minutes. Studded Race 4 Rubber Race 4 Studded Race 5 Rubber Race 5 Studded Race 6 Rubber Race 6 Races over usually around 4pm
  5. Triple Track Showdown

    True, but we might be able to run the strip on a portion of Saturday and then the other events throughout the rest of the weekend depending on attendance.
  6. Gimli 2017 (Event #12)

    Just food for thought...Another inexpensive option for video with overlays could be to use something like harry's lap timer (or similar) with your smartphone. Newer software editions can incorporate OBD2/CANBUS data utilizing a BT OBD2 adaptor. I don't know how accurate the GPS will be with a narrow circuit. Perhaps others will chime in who have tried it with AS.
  7. Gimli 2017 (Event #12)

    @Shawn Try it with the focus of the Go-Pro is set to "spot". That should correct your over exposure issue. Worked for my HERO3+ anyway. Good luck!
  8. If you have the file, can you upload it to drop box? @Mustang-sandy could upload it to our FB page.
  9. Registration is already filling up! Only 10 8 transponders remaining. Register soon to before they are all reserved!
  10. Hi fellow time attackers! Please note that the August race event (Fri Aug 18 to Sun Aug 20) usually a very busy and action packed weekend and as such will be limiting the number of entrants (cars) to 18. The reason for this is that we have a limited number of transponders and need to retain a few spares for the Road Race crew. The August weekend usually draws a significant amount of cars from all over Canada and the US. With this in mind, there will be a specific place for Time Attack entrants to park/pit. Someone will direct you when you arrive at the track. If you are planning on attending the August weekend, please register early. Transponders are on a first come, first served basis. If you are late to the party and registration is already full, still put your name in so you can be placed on the transponder waitlist. Generally, we have a large Road Race grid so you should have a great show between TA events. Also note that there is a dinner planned for Saturday night. If you are interested, you can purchase your tickets on MSR when you register for Time Attack. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Darin W. Director, HPDE
  11. Hi, everyone!

  12. It has come to my attention that this post is confusing to some would-be open lappers... Open hot-laps are from 2:30pm onward. The private event has the track until 2:30. They are welcome to join us after their school so expect to see them intermingling with the regulars. Again, hot laps start at 2:30PM Friday! One session, and one fee! ($60) Please register online at wscc.motorsportreg.com "Road Race Event 3" Darin W. Director, HPDE
  13. 2017 Time Attack Championship Points

    Ok. see above points roster post event 1. Again, we apologize for the delay.
  14. Tire Trailer

    Posting for Sarah... Home made unit. Used for a few seasons. 1 7/8" hitch. $300 obo (Rims/Tires NIC)
  15. Buzz Cut

    Yes Jordan and lets not forget the sweeping of the entire track and related grounds. Excellent work Mat!
  16. Tire Trailer

    Unfortunately No! Used for display purposes only...
  17. Fellow Time Attackers, The 2017 is upon us and we would like to hear from the group what they would like to see this season. Currently, we have 2017 Time Attack shaping up as follows: 2017 WSCC Memberships: $50 Get your 2017 WSCC membership here! (MSR) 2017 WCMA Time Attack Licenses: $20 Get your 2017 Time Attack licence here! (MSR) (You will need to have completed and passed a HPDE to be eligible to apply for a TA license) 2017 PAX Format One thing we will continue from 2015 is the PAX system. Trophies will be awarded for: Fastest Overall Lap Time Fastest PAX Lap Time PAX Points Championship 1st 2nd and 3rd Some of you already know what your PAX value is, however, if you need a refresher, please use the online form located here. If you are new to the Ontario Time Attack data base, you need to create a profile, find your car in their stock list (or at least the closest variety) and if you have mods, use thier handy checklists to do the calculations. You DO NOT need to submit the car to CCDB. Just go thru the exercise. If you need assistance, you can either ask former TA Director, Sarah (84TurboSupra), Myself, or one of the many veteran time attackers that have already completed theirs. Please make every attempt to class your wheels as it makes it more interesting for the rest of the competitors. If you do not class your car, you will receive a PAX factor of "Improved or 1.0". 5 events but scored on the 4 best! Your lowest score gets thrown out, so even if you miss an event, you still can be in the championship running. 2017 Time Attack Entry Fees: $120 Unfortunately with rising track rental/usage fees and the cost of vehicle transponders, we need to bump it up $20 per entry. It's been a long time coming. 2017 Schedule This will remain the same, Practice followed by 5 run groups of approximately 5 laps each. Max cars on track per run group will be 17 (Overall Max is 34 TA entrants) More than 10 registrations, grid will be split into 2 run groups. Online Registration: As with 2016, this year we ask that you pre-register online via MSR. All TA races will be under the "Road Race Event" schedule on MSR, select TimeAttack as your event fees. You will not need to pre-pay online, only register. Use code "TRACKPAY" to set your cart to $0 and register. Paying at the track will have a $20 surcharge. If you need a SNELL helmet, you can rent one at time of registration for $25 per event (Limited Number Available) Thanks, Road Race Management Team 2017 Event Links: (MSR) Event 1 Event 2 WCMA Run-Offs Event 3 Event 4 Vintage Race Weekend Sponsored by CMW Event 5
  18. 1987 Toyota Corolla SR5 AE85/6 HB (A/T) Last year for the RWD Corollas! It's time to say goodbye to an old friend. I've owned this car for 5yrs and it's time to let it go. It needs to go to an enthusiast who will love it as much as I do. I don't drive it as much as I'd like, and it needs to be enjoyed so it doesn't turn to dust like many of the AE86's before it. I only put 400kms on it last summer. I am the second owner of this Corolla. It's sock and mostly original with only a couple of things done to it. It has Tein lowering springs (on the original shocks) because the original springs were sagging. It has a Godspeed panhard bar and aluminum radiator. The old exhaust had seen better days so now it Sports a Takeda exhaust front to back sized for whatever 4cyl engine you'd like to use. I have all the OE wheels for it and comes with 14" Supra wheels wrapped in Falken Azenis RT615-K's. Small stone chips and small areas of surface rust. Floors and quarters rust free. Manitoba car. Has original owners manual in like new condition as well. Previous owner had AC and flip up sunroof installed. For the right customer, a 4AGE to W58 bellhousing and W58 transmission may be available. Manual pedal box also available. Had plans to swap a 20v 4AGE but just don't have the time. Asking $4,000 or best cash offer as-is where-is. SOLD SOLD SOLD It's not safetied. Last MB safety ran out in the fall when another potential customer backed out. The car has been re-saftied twice for tire kickers and I'm not interested in doing the safety over. Car is stored 30min outside the city.
  19. 1987 Toyota Corolla SR5 AE85/6 HB (A/T) (SOLD!)

    A quick internet search says that 18R-G's do mate to w-series transmissions but I have no personal experience.
  20. 1987 Toyota Corolla SR5 AE85/6 HB (A/T) (SOLD!)

    I have two still in reasonable working condition. shoot me a text and make me an offer!
  21. Updated original post to include the registration links to MSR. Events 1 and 2 are active and accepting registration!
  22. 2017 Event Links: (MSR) Event 1 Event 2 WCMA Run-Offs Event 3 Event 4 Vintage Race Weekend Sponsored by CMW Event 5