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  1. SA helmets are required due to the roll protection. Style doesn't matter, its personal preference, however I do not recomend an open face helmet for same reasons already stated above.
  2. I am assuming that this is a brand new one? If so, they have roll hoops behind the headrests. This is considered OEM roll protection. Same as S2000 and Many others. This should be sufficient as the rules are written today, to be accepted into a open track day.
  3. Be sure to drag your brakes during a warm-up lap. They need a ton of heat to work properly. Good luck!
  4. There is likely three things that caused fire... Paint boiling off stock Pads caliper getting hot, slider boots melting, seals failing and sending fluid past the cylinder you have a pressure leak in the rubber lines @ the crimp locations Changing to DOT4 or 660 won't help the fire situation. All brake fluid will ignite if sprayed onto a hot rotor. I lit my wheels up last season with Motul 660 in the caliper. The rest is subjective but I will argue that EBC yellows are the best bang for the buck for all-round double duty use. Are there better track-day pads? yep! Are th
  5. nopistons

    Summer Series

    Agreed. Mid week sounds good to me.
  6. Hi Folks, It's that time of the year again! With 42 students, we will need a full complement of instructors for this season. I will be putting together another instructor briefing for 2021. Last time we had one was 2018 so I think we are due. Also, with restrictions likely still in place we will need to discuss how the practical curriculum will operate and how we will be monitoring student progress and then interacting with our students. If you haven't already, please head on over to wsccracing.com and register to instruct. Also don't forget to head to WCMA's msr page
  7. All of the above. I think the Roval would be fun. Mix of the two types of tracks. Oval would be too. Not sure if there are more interesting ovals out there to try than Daytona.
  8. For future...Daytona roval with the C7R, ferrari GT etc.
  9. Hi Folks, Lots of buzz around the school this year, and lots of requests to assist which is great to see! If you are interested in volunteering, please register at http://msreg.com/21clsvolunteer If you have any questions, please let us know by posting here. Friendly Reminders: Lunches and other concessions will only be provided to those who register. We are expecting limitations due to the pandemic and thus limiting volunteer registrations to specific tasks needed. Chief of Staff (Jordan S. @chkdsk or delegate) will be assigning volunteer positions. For instruct
  10. I'll set up a volunteer registration page on MSR in the next week or so. Cheers, Darin
  11. There will be a volunteer sign up page on MSR. It will go live same time as the student registration itself.
  12. what do the sidewalls look like? How far are you scrubbing? Have you played with air pressures? I would say stating that a specific camber degree "will work", isn't really helpful. It depends on many things including tires, brakes, suspension setup and most importantly, driving style. I would recommend getting a set of plates and do small adjustments at the track. As Roland suggested, for double duty street/track, going beyond -2 in the front may not be the best choice. This won't happen overnight and best to keep a log. that way if you move to the point where you don't like it,
  13. Thanks @SVOXR4STi. Yep seen "Jordan the welder" videos! Haha
  14. At least 1/2" inside and out, followed by acetone cleaning. Most definitely AC (70/30 Sine wave) I think the sugaring is actually the burning of the metal. Coarse grain structure.
  15. Hi Folks, Any experienced TIG welders in here? I am looking for help, advice or tips on welding thin wall aluminum intercooler piping. Anyone willing to show me what I am doing wrong? I know practice practice practice, but I can't get there to start. I have been wasting coupons and samples for months trying to figure this out. I am an experienced Stick and MIG welder (shamefully admitting over 30yrs worth) and TIG welding is kicking my butt. Haven't done any brazing since shop class in grade school! I looked at taking TIG classes at WT and RR, but it seems they require the MIG
  16. You can register for this event here! See you out there!
  17. Depends on how long ago you took the school. Things have changed a bunch in the past years and will change a bunch again in 2021.
  18. I have a lap video set up like that to be incorporated into the presentation for the next HPDE.
  19. I would integrate it. Open-air dumps have their own set of "challenges".
  20. This is a big issue for newcomers to our sport, and is one reason why i have a slide in my HPDE presentation that is dedicated to this exact scenario. Tune-in the loose nut behind the wheel, then figure out what to do next! I have no argument against it. There are many lessons learned to be found on this forum. @mcorrie is a regular reporter!
  21. Many "bolt-on" solutions make big changes and should be done incrementally. Many folks make two or three changes at once and can have a huge impact on the vehicle. Perhaps to the point where it's not drivable in it's new configuration. Now you need to work backwards to see what the culprit was.
  22. Yes! Basically 1mi flat-out! zoom-zoom. Watch the 130deg right-hander at the end!
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