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Looking for advice on AutoX setup/DD

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Hell there, so, I’m new in here but I’m not that new to autox or anything in that sense. Been out a few times, but I’m looking to see what people recommend for tires, arms, springs etc.


ill try to keep this short and simple. My set up is this:


2003 Ford Focus SVT. Already has outstanding handling and has really really great lift off oversteer that you can get quite fun with. It was supercharged but no longer. One day may be turbo, or 2.3 Duratec swapped from a 2005-07 Ford Focus USA ST. 

I have factory sway bars (21mm) front and rear.

Adjustable front sway bar end links by MASSIVE. Adjustable rear upper control arms by MASSIVE. Adjustable rear toe arms made by MASSIVE.            
brand new ford racing (factory) suspension so its back to stock height. 

so my question is, what else can I add for better times in AutoX? I’ll have a separate set of 17X7 SVT wheels for racing. Was thinking Potenza RE71R tires. Maybe lower it slightly and add eibach thicker sway bars? Looking for opinions. 

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Welcome Aaron,

Looks like you've got a decent setup for Autoslalom.  Where have you run previously?

The St. Andrew's course is not tabletop smooth, so I wouldn't recommend going too stiff on springs or sway bar settings.  The driving instructors who've driven my Focus have said not to use the stiffest settings.

You picked a good tire with the RE71R.  The Bridgestone comes highly recommended and was picked #1 overall in a poll we conducted last year. Check out the following link and drill down to the end of the Mar 29th posts.  @Magner does an excellent job of listing all the suitable tires and providing an unbiased evaluation.



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Prior to spending money on additional car modifications (aside from tires) I would suggest getting in more seat time. You can have the fastest car out there but if your driving skills aren't up to the task you will always post slow time. Attend more events and have the rookie instructor ride with you (great for feed back), attend the two schools that are offered throughout the year (tons of feedback and seat time) and you'll start noticing your time get faster and faster.  


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