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It was great to see you this weekend!

Rare Snake

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Hey Volunteers,

   I just want to say thank you for coming and helping out in Beausejour this past weekend. We started the season out on a cold one, but I feel like everything went really smoothly, so great job everyone! That was a really neat setup, I had never actually been out there before this event. We get back to normal at the next event without all the nice heated facilities, but it will be a lot of excitement as always.

   I will post up again before the next one, just to help everyone stay up to date on information. And as a quick heads up, I will be looking for more volunteers next time around as there will be more stations to be filled. If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to reply, and I will throw my phone number at the bottom if you would rather text me. Thanks again for donating your time!


See you on the ice,


Dason Wowk

Volunteer Director



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I had a great time in Beausejour this past weekend...it is a great track to get the season started on, for both drivers and volunteers! Lake Shirley is up next and I’m glad I had a chance to “warm up” at the Beausejour oval...Lake Shirley is going to be awesome!

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