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  1. Thank you. Noticed all events are postponed until June at this point.
  2. When are sign ups going to be available on Motorsport Reg for these Time Attack dates ?
  3. I'm happy to see discussion going on here and opinions being shared. I just joined the club and got my license which was a great event. I plan to be out for many more ! I've used GMP for many years being involved with drag racing. Few things need to happen to bring out people to participate. We have an untapped market in Winnipeg and Gimli would reap benefits and so would every other user or customer of the park. Track needs to be repaved and ear marked for expansion / multiple track setups. Grounds need to be modernized and setup for an attraction to draw in people. Ther
  4. Hi, I was reviewing the Track map on Motorsports.reg and noticed the Start/Finish area is near the start of the Front straight, a bit after Corner 8. Is this correct placement for timing ? I noticed flag station 1 is quite a ways back from this start line. How does this factor in when doing Time Attack. You get the Green at Corner 8 , and start up on the straight ?
  5. I also tried calling Esso but really didn't get anywhere (got bounced around). They have a higher Octane product in other provinces and I figured some other oil company would fill the void Husky leaves. It's not a huge market but for those of us with vehicles for 93 Octane tunes this isn't great news.
  6. I was going to ask, does someone have a recipe lying around. I'm sure taking 91 and blending it into E10 would be possible ?
  7. Just called husky main st , they confirmed 91 only.
  8. Hi, I signed up for a 2021 membership a week ago, haven't received my membership number yet. When will I get it ?
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