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  1. Hi Chris, I'm getting ready to sell the R32 and move into a more all-around more useful car this year. I am looking at a Mercedes B250 or pre-2016 BMW X1. Both these cars are just at or over the 1:1 height to track ratio, but with proper selection of tires and 6 mm wheel spacers, they will meet the tallness requirement for stock class. First question is how do I prove that for you? Second question is the classing of these two cars, as neither are listed in the SCCA Solo Rules. The Mercedes is to be expected, since it was never sold in the US, but the BMW surprises me as it fundamenta
  2. For starters, I would like to see the full results for Event 11. LIVE.AXTI.ME is missing results for mod and street, and no results for either Events 11 or 12 have been posted on wscc autoslalom season results page yet. Facebook page seems to make no reference to results either. Do we actually have all of the results for Event 11? After that, I would agree with Dale. It would be nice to see how the serious competitors faired in the final tally! Allan
  3. Sorry guys, but I think you missed the essence of my request. There was a suggestion to view the wsccautoslalom.com site, but it seems to be in conflict with the Motorsportreg.com site, particularly wrt event numbers and locations. Further, having information on Facebook or Instagram does me no good, as I am on neither. All I'm asking for is to provide current links to, and/or post our complete annual schedule (however tentative) on the WSCC site. If we want to be on multiple platforms, that's great, but lets have all of the platforms contain the same information. If our website isn't current,
  4. It's great that we have two events this weekend, but 2 weeks notice is not enough time to plan attendance. Can we please have a posted schedule for the balance of the year so that I can put it in my calendar (and at least have a chance to attend)? The forum has a results page but no schedule, the autoslalom home page is 1 to 2 years old with no reference to 2020 (except for the next two events). The autoslalom home page and forum have always been the go-to place for event information. I keep giving out the WSCC website to potential novices, but it does them no good if there is no information o
  5. Allan Ball Member 1704 renewing 71 please Thanks Helix
  6. Not sure what you guys are all talking about. Outlaw dogs had onions, relish, peppers AND bacon bits - yum. And, yes the BBQ sauce was good. However, their cart layout may have hidden those condiments from your view, as they kept closing the lid so it would stay fresh. I'm game for having them back a few more times.
  7. Allan Ball -1704. Keeping 71 please.
  8. Great stuff. Time to get new tires from Costco. FYI, they have a $70 cash card rebate on Bridgestone's that runs until mid April!
  9. I think this is a great idea. Recently, I've had a few opportunities to complement drivers on their cars (or wheels), and it would have been great to have a card to pass on to them with some info about autocross. While shopping the other day, I wrote down the webpage address for a new BRZ owner, but again, it would have been better to have pulled out a card and handed it to him. I will certainly take a bunch of cards!
  10. Another BMW - sigh. I see that I will need stronger coffee prior to driving this year. I've sourced Thom Bargen's which I'm sure has at least twice the caffeine as Starbucks! Contemplating KW coilovers, but haven't figured out how to tell my wife its that or a cruise. We are vacationing in Victoria soon and I do hope to get over to HPA motorsports to see some of their latest project cars, including their 720 HP Golf R. I'll see if they take trade-ins. But my biggest change this year will be in attitude - I plan to have a ton of fun! But, I will leave you backyard mechanics with a question
  11. Would definitely have come to accept an award (since this doesn't happen very often). I kept checking the forum for details on when and where it was, but never saw anything. Did I miss the memo? Would have enjoyed the company as well. Beau, send me a message. I'm happy to pick it up and get it out of your storage room.
  12. But, just to finish the thought, I think the idea of giving the recipient the choice of trophy vs certificate/GC is a pretty good compromise to satisfy all of the people all of the time.
  13. Well, from a traditional standpoint, I think that 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophies could still be valid. They are intrinsic mementos of recognition of performance, and if you hold onto them long enough you may be able to prove to your teenager that you were actually good at something (once upon a time). I'm not sure about differentiating between 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Ask any 3rd place Olympian if they would trade their Bronze Medallion for a GC, and I think you might know the answer. However, you shouldn't be going far out of the way to deliver them either, provided each "winner" knows that they have a t
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