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For some unknown reason, there was no notification (that I can see) letting us know that the new Aficinado was published. I just had the opportunity to read it right now here at the forum, and I am just blown away!

I know that I keep saying that the latest edition is the best one ever, but prove me wrong! Read the newest example, and tell me that you are not mesmerized by the information about Ice Racing, IceX and the summary of our Awards Ceremony! And when you got through this, you are will be faced by one of the best pieces ever: an interview with Frank Mancini, member #4 of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club! 

Anybody in attendance during the 2021 Award Ceremony realized the fine humour Frank is harnessing, and the Aficinado's interview showcases this in a very entertaining way! I want to commend Mia and Brad on this -once again!- best Aficinado ever!

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