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  1. Scott

    Summer Series

    I'd be interested in an MX5 cup series. Some of the most fun races we've had have been with that car. I'd prefer a weeknight and talking with the other racers after last night's race it seems that weeknights would be ideal as people are often busy on summer weekends going to cabins, etc.
  2. Scott Smith Member # 7060 I’d like to reserve #91 please.
  3. Anyone else having issues registering for the events? I can only register to be waitlisted for some reason.
  4. I also like the idea of alternating run groups to get more runs in. On another note I noticed there’s only 7 people signed up for the test and tune so far. Is there a minimum number of drivers for the event?
  5. Thanks for posting the link Max. Are we permitted to download the images?
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