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  1. Corey, #1455, just renewed membership. Keeping 93 please.
  2. There's also the possibility that the bolt is so seized that it will break after getting enough torque from that welded nut. Plan ahead for that. i.e. Don't drive the car to a buddy's and plan to drive home that evening. Might be fine, might not. Plan for the worst.
  3. So exhilarating! I couldn't quite stay in it as long as you did. Just wild to be full-throttle into a section like that!
  4. The autocross results page is all Matt @babyfod's hard work. During the events, you can see almost-live results at http://live.axti.me . Well, when it's working... Support has ended for that software, so it'll disappear someday.
  5. Here's Curtis' 4th run: (he tamed the beast!) My 4th: I had a moment that lead to panic at 0:27, still my fastest run!
  6. Hot tip: Disconnect the bar and remove the spring/bumpstop for fender clearance testing. Then it's stupidly simple to move through the full range of travel.
  7. I'm just going to interject: F###ing engineers!
  8. Steering spacer? That's not a slam! Autocross has a unique skillset that takes many years of experience to master. The lack of practice laps puts an extreme emphasis on reading the course in advance. An autocross lap is quite messy/imperfect in comparison to a lap of a road course you've done hundreds or thousands of times before. Some people love that, some people hate it. I'm impressed you did as well as you did.
  9. Mark, I very much recall those previous tensions within WSCC between disciplines. They're not present today. Three things: 1. Motion has spent a lot of time and money prepping the first 330' for optimal launch traction. 2. That stuff is hilariously slippery if/when it gets wet. 3. Respect. They asked us not to cross that first 330', so we didn't. I can't say I like it either, but it is the present situation. Not our land, not our rules.
  10. I love seeing the tach coming out of the 2nd hairpin! 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 7000
  11. One minor clarification: the major difference between an M (Motorcycle) and an SA (Special Application) helmet is a fire-resistant liner in the SA. SA helmets are required for road/ice racing. Along with a fire suit, HANS, etc. There is a larger eyeport requirement in the M. There's talk of a multiple-rollbar impact test in the SA, but I can't see any difference in the actual SNELL documents. This makes sense as a motorbike crash is rather unpredictable as well! If you do not plan on road/ice racing in the next 5 years, you can save money by getting an M helmet that's newer and will last longer before it ages out. If road/ice race is in your near future, get the SA now! Once the new standard comes out (2020 will probably be available later this year), then the M2010 helmets will be aged out and need to be replaced by 2021. So an M2015 will be good for another 6 years or so, M2020 for another 11.
  12. Hi! I told multiple people that the Neon is a seriously fun car. Most thought I was joking. I assured them I was not!
  13. 1st video: That mirror is annoying! I'll suggest he turn it. 2nd video: Oh, even better! Nice driving Jason!
  14. What an amazing start to our season! Great weather, great people, great competition, and great cars. Thanks to all that helped put these events together on short notice! Here's my best run from Saturday: https://youtu.be/xugqZzUixvQ Check out that slide through the chute at 0:43! Here's my best from Sunday: https://youtu.be/LDY0Hh8k7qY I'd love to see other's videos here too! See you back at St. Andrews airport on June 13 & 14!
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