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2024 Event #1

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We couldn’t thank them both enough on Saturday when the timing light came on just in time for qualifying! 

Much appreciated Doug, Hamish and Rocky 👍


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So, just to be clear, the link you posted above (ending in 9039760) is to be used as Session #4 (combined A&B groups) as the last session on Sunday.  The title on the screenshot you provided says "Solosprint Group B Practice, May 25th 2024". - which is obviously the source of the confusion.

I worked Grid on Saturday and was in constant communication with Hamish. He and Rocky did an awesome job keeping thing working under these trying conditions. 

We'll get the combined results report from you later and sort it all out, now that we know what happened. The times are accurate, and we just need to make sure the sessions line up properly. Thanks again, for getting us through the weekend!

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