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  1. Great to hear your interested in joining the door to door studded racing action this winter! The car you have in mind will fit in well with the current racing group. First off I would recommend reading the pinned post on this forum titled "WSCC Ice Racing - got questions?" In that post there is a link to the WSCC Supplemental Regulations which spells out our local rules, safety gear required, and general car preparation for our ice racing. You can find info regarding the requirements for an approved safety cage in the WCMA Technical Regulations (WCMA is our sanctioning body) and this can be found in Section 2 on page 58 of this document. A link to that document can be found here: http://www.wcma.ca/new/racing/racing-forms/ Regarding the tires - we still have a limited number of our new spec studded tires available for sale. Please contact me (PM or email) for more info or details regarding these if your interested. Regarding the license - yes for the studded door to door racing a competition race license is required. We plan on holding an ice racing licensing school as our first event weekend likely in early January. Keep an eye on our forums for more info and the dates regarding this as winter gets a bit closer. Feel free to post any other questions you might have or email directly. Cheers, and hopefully see you on the ice! Mike
  2. Much thanks to the timing/scoring volunteer staff! Without our great volunteers these events would not function and our organized racing would not be possible. Let us not forget that!
  3. I expect to be there Friday-Sunday…hopefully there’s a good turnout when the green flag drops. #88
  4. The 2021 Ice Racing Season is unfortunately canceled for this year. Please see the "2021 Covid/Racing Update" post in the Ice Race Announcements section for details regarding the cancellation.
  5. It is with heavy heart that I unfortunately am announcing the cancellation of our 2021 Ice Race season. We were optimistically awaiting the formal wording of the new Feb 12 health guideline restrictions and unfortunately they appear more restrictive than earlier anticipated with regards to holding a gathering such as one of our ice race events. Despite the fact that the racers are all individually isolated within a car, and we could prohibit spectators, it takes many more people and volunteers to host a racing event and with a maximum organized gathering of 5 people there is no way we can adhere to the current restrictions. The recent provincial health guidelines can be found here: https://manitoba.ca/asset_library/en/proactive/2020_2021/orders-soe-02112021.pdf Despite the cancellation I would like to thank several other people that helped try and make this years season happen - Steve and Mat (for their logistical support), CLD Excavating (for their sponsorship support), Greg (tire building support) and many others who prepared their cars and helped spread the word for this years potentially awesome season. Much thanks! Stay healthy and we will hopefully see everyone on the ice in 2022!
  6. Latest season poster was updated in the earlier post....please see additional post regarding schedule confirmation and info: http://forums.wscc.mb.ca/index.php?/topic/11990-2021-ice-racing-schedule-updatedagain/
  7. Schedule updated with clarification of the proposed GMP event.... Saturday will be hotlapping/practice for everyone and on Sunday there will be IceX groups running laps and caged cars racing door to door (on rubber tires). Stay tuned for confirmation!
  8. So the official changes to the restrictions were announced today...however unfortunately the language utilized is very ambiguous regarding hosting an ice racing event or outdoor sporting event. We are seeking confirmation and are optimistically still making plans for our potential season opener special event at the Gimli Motorsport Park on Feb 20/21. https://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?item=50678&posted=2021-02-09 Please stay tuned for confirmation in the next couple days!!!!
  9. The news is sounding good! Its important to note that this is not official yet however the "proposed" changes listed on the Province of Manitoba webpage notes a key change that sure sounds like racing to me. • allowing organized outdoor sports to resume for games or practices (no multi-team tournaments); https://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?item=50577&posted=2021-02-04&fbclid=IwAR1DzCDIkbEef1hGWY0LQy6pTHa6Je-tZgfjDuBMaw0NwaGH93CGiqCoxAk Stay tuned for confirmation.....
  10. Currently the older Honda civics are the most popular within our club and these weigh in around 2100-2300 lbs however as you point out the older small light hatchbacks are becoming more rare. The reality undoubtedly will involve more modern and heavier cars joining in as things evolve each year. For the door to door ice racing we have not had any caged and street legal licensed cars show up to race but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first.
  11. Hi Bradley, I am sure your Lancer Ralliart would be an awesome ice race car. Having said that, the bigger question might be how competitive you would like to be with the "pack" of other ice racers. Currently most of the other ice racers are running horsepower cars ranging from 110hp to 140hp your car would definitely be one of the higher horsepower cars. We have been trying to maintain a cap around 140hp to help with both reliability and competitiveness however it is also worth noting that most the other cars are a fair bit lighter (and older) than your Lancer so it could possibly end up being pretty close in the end. We definitely don't want to and won't turn away any new racers however just be aware that if it turns out your Lancer's performance is deemed significantly faster than the rest of the group be prepared for our race officials to mandate a weight penalty be added to your car (the additional of a specific amount of weight ballast bolted to the floor/firewall of the car). Cage it up and come racing!
  12. Schedule updated/changed due to recent Jan 22 restrictions announcement. (see edited info in above post)
  13. Please be aware that our race club is fully committed to providing both safe and respectful racing events that follow the provincial health guidelines and are aligned with the current restrictions as noted by the province of Manitoba. The current public health orders and restrictions can be viewed at the following link: https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/restartmb/prs/index.html#provinciallevel Effective Jan 22nd it was announced that current restrictions for recreational outdoor activities remain prohibited for at least the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately this prevents us from holding any kind of organized ice racing event at this time however we remain hopeful that come Feb 12th these restrictions will soften and we will be able to race. For our most current race schedule please reference the "2021 Ice Racing Schedule" post within this same forum and feel free to email ice@wscc.mb.ca if you have any questions.
  14. BAT also seems to create some bizarre bidding frenzy especially for the 240z. Case in point is the one that sold in January for $310,000!!!!
  15. School is canceled and the first event is moved to February 13th....hopefully.
  16. I'm happy to say that all the tires are now shaved and the WSCC tire shaving machine has been put away till next winter. The production line for bolting the tires is in operation however is still operating at a covid reduced capacity. lol Here's hoping things improve in Feb/March and we will be able to put these babies to use!
  17. Unfortunately with the ongoing forced cancellations of our racing plans due to covid restrictions we have decided to cancel plans for a ice racing school this year. If restrictions are softened to the point we are able to still race we are planning a hotlapping/test & tune day at the Winnipeg Ski Pond venue on Feb 13th and if any newcomers are looking for some complimentary coaching/feedback please feel free to reach out to any of the event coordinators and we will try to help coordinate some assistance for you.
  18. Shaving the tread flat provides a more stable base for the bolts which removes the flex which often causes the inner core to deteriorate and cause leaks or the bolts to tear out. The other advantage is it creates a consistent width of rubber so once the bolts are tightened they are the correct length sticking out which eliminates an ugly step of grinding down each bolt to the correct length. On ice the tread holds little grip anyways however the disadvantage of this process is the shaved tires will be a bit slippery in the snow. Something we will all need to be aware of...however it will be the same for everyone so becomes part of the racing.
  19. Here is a taste of the first couple studded tires that are rolling off the assembly line. For those that were planning on building their own or assisting with the building stay tuned for a planned work party in early/mid January pending lifting of restrictions....
  20. Here is the 3rd and hopefully final copy of our poster with the latest proposed dates and changes. - as with all things impacted by covid restrictions please check this site often for current info and/or changes to our schedule. First rubber tire event - Feb 20/21 at the GMP track! First studded tire event - Feb 27/28 at the Winnipeg Ski Pond! Also worth noting is the studded cars will be at the Beausejour CPTC track on March 6 & 7 as part of the Canadian National Snowmobile Championship weekend!
  21. The thing we noticed about the black rockets is the varying differ locations of the tread blocks, and that is we what we tried to copy to the proposed bolt pattern with 9 different line locations of bolts.
  22. Thanks Scott. Once I plot it out on a full tire template I’ll double check it. At a high level a 69” tire with 9 per foot allows for 51.75 bolts so I’m hoping our plan with 50 works okay. In the end, this will be our spec tire and each one will be the same for everybodY.
  23. I’m looking for feedback from members who have experience with building or running bolted tires in the past with regards to the bolt pattern. Our tire plan is to use 50 bolts per tire, and the tires shaved have a circumference of 69” and flat tread width if 5”. At first we were thinking a simple zigzag pattern however it was noted by one of of our expert ice racers that our pattern only had 3 “lines” of bolts. Attached is a picture of our revised bolt pattern. (Pattern is repeated 5 times per tire). Let me know if you think this is an appropriate pattern or if there are other optimal options...in the end we want to ensure everyone is using the exact same tire and design so we want the tire to please everyone (shouldn’t be tough should it? Lol)
  24. Thanks all. I was so looking forward to hosting a couple tire building work parties mixed with an assortment of Christmas cocktails for lubrication. Unfortunately I believe Covid has rained somewhat on that parade and I feel we need to put everyone’s health in front of a desired social gathering at this time. If this changes in the near future I will welcome having people in my garage again! cheers.
  25. Shaving tires is a lot more relaxing and less stressful than dealing with the administrative uncertainty of planning/scheduling right now! Given the correct amount of fluids it is almost pleasant...almost but not. lol.
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