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Looking for some really rare car pictures.

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Hey All, 

As some of you may know, I have been trying to get a book finished that I have written, so that I can be ready to send it to the publisher this Fall. It started on Facebook in 2021, I decided to tell some car stories, basically any cars that stood out to me in my life and my experiences with them. I posted every single day for the entire year, and it actually gained a fair amount of popularity with my limited audience. The trick is, I posted a picture of the car every day too. Many were my own, many were borrowed from friends, and way too many were ripped straight from Google images, for the closest examples I could find. Now that publishing is a possibility, those Google ones had to go, and I've been chasing cars like the neighborhood mutt all summer so far. I'm happy to say, I am down to just FOUR cars I need! But they're practically extinct today. So this is where I need your help! I'll post them at the bottom, and be warned, they are all oddballs. But if you had one, have one, crashed one, raced one, whatever your story, I'd love to see if you have any pictures of it! Even if it was a friend of a friend, let me know, I'm interested!

1988ish Pontiac LeMans

1987ish Nissan Pulsar NX

1987ish Pontiac Grand Am

1979ish Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon Fastback


These things are insanely hard to find these days! Just figured I'd take the chance here and give it one more try.

Let me know!


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Took one off the list!
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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a classic car guy, but I might have found your 1979 Oldsmobile Salon Fastback.

Judy and I were on a day trip out at Steep Rock Mb when she suddenly blurted out ... "There's Dason's car!"

Okay, so that leave's three more for us to find.

Oldsmobile Fastback.JPG

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