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The Almighty List of Time Attack Links for 2023


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Hey guys and gals! To make things easier for all of us we thought we would start a page full of every link you'll ever need. We'll do our best to update links as the become available. Enjoy!


Solosport General Competition Rules (GCR)

http://solosportcanada.ve1hul.ca/files/2022 National Solosport-GCR-EN.pdf


Time Attack Regulations 

Microsoft Word - 2023 ASN Time Attack Regulations.doc (ve1hul.ca)


WSCC Club Membership



WCMA Time Attack Licence



WCMA Time Attack Reserved Numbers

WCMA 2023 Car Classing & Number Reservation (motorsportreg.com)


Time Attack self tech form (must be filled out and brought to registry every race weekend)



Car Classing Website



WSCC Time Attack Supplementary Regulations

See attached PDF




Time Attack Supplementary Regulations V 3.0.pdf

Edited by Weebly
Updated links and added 2023 Supplementary Regulations and replace ASN regulations with current 2023 versiontions
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Just in case anyone is wondering if there is any impact to the 2023 ASN Time Attack Regulations, the answer is "maybe, but unlikely".

The 2023 ASN regulations were just released earlier this month. The changes were made to align the ASN regulations with the 2023 OTA regulations. So, if the OTA regulations for classing and PIP schedules had no effect on your car, then, likewise the 2023 ASN changes won't have an effect.

The OTA changes for 2023 are indicated on a revision index on page 6. The ASN changes for 2023 are shown in red font, which means you'll have to skim the entire document to find the changes.

I would remind everyone that we are sanctioned by WCMA and not CASC (under which OTA falls). Therefore, always refer to the ASN National Time Attack Regulations when interpreting the rules for WSCC Time Attack. The only reason we are using the OTA regulations and car classing database is to take advantage of the calculation feature for classing your car and creating a record of your PIP schedule. You can still class your car using manual calculations per the ASN National Time Attack Regulations, but it will not provide a printout of your PIP schedule.

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