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2024 Ice Race Championship Points

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Congratulations to Dylan Sabatini for winning the Studded Class Championship and to Bryce McDonald for winning both the Street Safe Class Championship and the 2024 Fire on Ice Season Points Championship. Some incredible racing throughout the season! 

Special recognition also needs to go out to all our new rookie racers and especially Ron Theriault and Mike Gordon who both finished every race of the season (which is more than I can say!). Not only did Mike drive his #999 Hyundai to the track and come in third place overall in the Street Safe Class, he also entered every Ice Drift event that was also occurring on race days. If my calculations are correct he removed and installed all 4 tires a total of 33 times for the 3 competition race and drift days. Total hardcore!




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Thanks Mike!!

Missing a couple of practice sessions I believe it's around 60+ times!! Worth every ache!

I'm all in helping grow the ICE side of the club. I can't help but think of the efforts of the volunteers. I put everything I have into a good show for them and the spectators as I'm sure everyone else does with hopes of more joining. 

I'm looking forward to street-safe next year and battling Ron with our dailys!! He's talented!! 

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